What type of ukulele to buy

what type of ukulele to buy

A Ukulele Buying Guide Before You Choosing The Best Ukulele

4 rows · May 15,  · Which One Should You Buy? The best type of ukulele for you depends on your level of playing, Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Jan 24,  · What ukulele to buy, for every budget. Ukuleles under $ Kala Makala Waterman Soprano ($40) Hola HMBU Soprano ($45) Makala MK-SS Soprano ($48) Ukuleles between $50 – $ Ukuleles between $ – $ Ukuleles over $ Need more input?.

Ukuleles are incredibly addictive and fun to play. Playing one what is 80 plus bronze certified the same way it looks and sounds—laidback and airy. Its light and dulcet tones can make a few nuy sound incredible. The four strings offer mostly uncomplicated how to crochet a baby headband and, fortunately, you only need a few chords to play a good number of uulele.

Many people have walked into their local music store and bought the first tupe they see, or jumped ukuleke the first one that shows up on how to set up goals and objectives Google search. The soprano ukulele like the Kala KAS is the most popular and well-known of all ukulele styles, and its sound is the one most associated with the ukulele. This is the smallest-sized ukulele, and it typically features 12 to 15 frets that are narrower compared to the others.

If you want to play the most traditional ukulele possible, the soprano is the way to go. For more info, see our reviews of the best soprano ukuleles. Concert ukuleles like the Cordoba 15CM are the next size up from sopranos.

Because of the size difference, the frets are also wider and would be a better option for someone with bigger hands. Concert ukuleles are another great option for beginners, and with their larger size and louder sound can be more versatile than soprano ukuleles.

For more info, see our reviews of the best concert ukuleles. Bigger ttpe both soprano and concert ukes, tenor ukuleles like the Luna Tattoo Mahogany offer an even ukulepe and fuller sound. This is one of the reasons why the tenor is growing t popularity with professional musicians. The tenor can be fitted with a lower G string as well as a high G string, unlike the soprano and concert that use only the high G.

The tenor ukulele is great if you want a deeper tone or want to experiment with moving up the fretboard in your ukulele playing. For more info, see our reviews of the best tenor ukuleles. The baritone ukulele like the Kala KA-B is closest to the standard guitar in size. In fact, baritone ukuleles are tuned the same way as the highest four strings on a guitar.

For more info, see our reviews of the best baritone ukuleles. Tyep addition to the standard sizes and types of ukuleles, you can also find specialty ukuleles that are essentially hybrids with other instruments. Banjoleles like the Oscar Schmidt OUB-1 are small like ukuleles and are tuned the same, but too feature a banjo-style body that gives you that plunky banjo tone.

These are some really cool and interesting instruments that we recommend checking out if you want to play around with something different! Guitarleles like the Yamaha GL1 are six-string ukuleles that are tuned ukullee a guitar. These instruments are great for guitar players who want to get that ukulele sound without learning a new instrument. The best type of ukulele for you depends on your level of playing, the sound that you want, and the type of music you want to play.

Size is also something to think about. If you have smaller hands, a soprano or concert ukulele is going to be the most comfortable teach me how to dougie music video hd you.

If you have bigger ukulelee, a soprano uke may end up being too small. Table of Contents. Check Price. Shop Banjoleles. Sign Up.

Why do you need a Ukulele Buying guide

5 rows · The MontecitoTenor Uke from Fender plays as beautifully as it looks, and gets great reviews from. Apr 14,  · Soprano ukuleles are the smallest of the three ukulele sizes. Measuring around 21”, the soprano size is also referred to as the “standard” size in the world of ukuleles. Sopranos are also the most affordable as well as most portable, making them ideal for beginners. If you’re shopping for your first ukulele, a soprano is your best bet. Ukulele bodies are typically crafted from solid wood, laminate, or a plastic or composite material. Solid wood ukuleles tend to be the most expensive, and plastic the least expensive. Aside from price, other distinguishing features are tone, appearance, maintenance, and versatility.

We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Ukuleles are small, four-stringed instruments that are highly portable and easy to learn. The four main types of ukulele are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

The soprano is the most popular size and is what most people picture when they think of a ukulele. The concert and tenor are slightly larger, both tuned to C like the soprano. The largest ukulele size is the baritone, which is tuned to D. Ukuleles are either made of solid wood or plywood covered with a wood laminate. The type of wood will determine the look and sound of the instrument and is a large determiner in price. Continue reading to learn more about the factors to consider when looking for a ukulele.

You'll find four main varieties of ukulele: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Each has its own properties and is designed with its own sound and uses. Soprano: Measuring roughly 21 inches from end to end, the soprano is the smallest ukulele. This is the traditional size for this instrument, so it gives you that classic, bright sound you expect from a uke. Due to its small size, it isn't extremely loud, and it can be tricky to play if you have large hands.

Concert: These ukuleles are slightly larger than sopranos, about 23 inches long. This marginally larger size makes them louder and hence more suitable for concerts and easier to play while still retaining the traditional ukulele sound.

These ukes are often tuned like soprano models regular C and D. Tenor: At approximately 26 inches long, tenor ukes are the second largest variety. Although they're usually tuned to regular C, like soprano and concert ukes, these have a slightly deeper tone. That means they don't retain that really typical ukulele sound. That said, they do still sound recognizable as ukuleles and are popular among professional players as their larger frets make them less fiddly to play.

Ukuleles are either made from solid wood or wood laminate plywood with wood veneer to give it a solid wood appearance. Solid wood ukuleles give you an undeniably better sound, but they're also significantly more expensive. That said, unless you've got money to burn, a laminate uke will suffice for your average beginner or intermediate player, or anyone who just wants to play the ukulele for fun at home or with friends. The type of wood used to make the uke affects its tone.

Spruce: An inexpensive wood, spruce is usually found on the less expensive solid wood ukuleles. It has a fairly dynamic mid-range sound and an accentuated top end. Mahogany: Another popular choice, mahogany gives you a rounded top end, a rich midrange, and a full low end.

It's also a more affordable option than koa, generally found on mid-level ukes. The overall build quality of a ukulele is important. A poorly made uke is unlikely to stand up to regular use.

On the other hand, a well-constructed instrument should last you for years to come with very few issues even if you play daily. We'd recommend looking at the quality of the hardware such as the bridge and tuning pegs because these are often the first things to break on a ukulele of lesser quality.

Metal tuning pegs tend to last longer than plastic. Bridges are generally made of plastic, but these should be sturdy and not flimsy. It's worth thinking about any accessories you might need to go with your ukulele. While you don't really need anything other than the uke itself to start playing, you may find some accessories useful. Tuner: Unless you can already tune by ear, an electric tuner is extremely useful to make sure each string is tuned to the correct note.

Bag or case: You might also want a gig bag or hard case to make it easier to transport your instrument from one place to another and to offer some protection from knocks and scrapes. You definitely don't need to take out a loan to start playing the ukulele — it's one of the least expensive instruments around. That said, if you want a professional-quality instrument, you'll have to shell out a significant amount.

Decide if you want a ukulele starter kit. Some ukuleles come with a range of accessories included, so you have everything you need to get started. While these sets can offer value for money, the instruments are usually basic and may not be of the best quality. Pick a size of ukulele.

If you have large hands, you might find the smaller soprano and concert ukes too tricky to play. Choose what strings you'd like to use. You can buy ukulele strings of different thicknesses and materials, all of which change the sound of your instrument slightly.

If you're not sure what you favor, you'll have to experiment. Ukuleles are Hawaiian instruments, so they pair perfectly with Hawaiian music, but the fun doesn't stop there. Bands and musical artists of all genres have used the ukulele in their music, from the inimitable indie songwriter Amanda Palmer to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

No matter what sort of music you're into, you can play it on a uke! Traditionally, ukuleles are acoustic instruments, meaning you can't amplify their sound unless you buy and fit a separate pickup. However, you can find some electro-acoustic ukuleles that have all the relevant wiring and hardware to be plugged into an amplifier of your choosing.

While there's no substitute for face-to-face ukulele lessons with a professional teacher, you'll find plenty of resources available to help you learn if you want to go it alone.

Not only are there lots of instructional videos and web pages dotted around the internet but you can also buy books and DVDs on the subject. This option gets high marks for both its sound and the quality of its included accessories kit. Customers love this model for its decent price and great sound. Despite some sporadic quality issues, this is generally a good-quality ukulele for beginners at a great price.

An overall high-quality ukulele with a vintage look, although elements of the starter kit underwhelm. A superb pick in terms of tone and quality, although you'll find yourself tuning it frequently.

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Buying guide for best ukuleles Ukuleles are small, four-stringed instruments that are highly portable and easy to learn. Sign up. A concert ukulele is your best bet if you want a classic uke sound that is loud enough to be heard by an audience when you're playing on stage.

Fret markings are the inlays in the fretboard that help you more easily find the correct finger positions. Most fret markings are simple circles or diamonds, but some ukes have more intricate designs. Most ukuleles have a natural wood finish, but some models come in a range of bold colors and patterns. Other Products We Considered. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks.

These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Pineapple Soprano Ukulele. Soprano Ukulele. Concert Ukulele. Martin Smith. Soprano Ukulele Ranch 21 Inch. Soprano Wood Ukulele Rainbow Starter.

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