What repels cats but not dogs

what repels cats but not dogs

How to Keep Cats Out of My Yard & Not Be Harmful to My Dog

Aug 08, аи Simply sprinkle the coffee grounds around the border of your property, and they will serve as an invisible fence to keep cats away. The coffee odor that repels cats will eventually fade in the sun. The chipmunks are what the cats are after. I have an electric fence wire around the pond, which is energized at night, to repel raccoons and I imagine that takes care of any errant feline that touches it. I read that cats do not like the smell of citrus and that some people place orange,lemon or lime peels around as a deterrent.

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Cats can dats a real nuisance around your garden and home. Whether they are your cats, your neighbors, or just wild cats roaming the neighborhood, cats can make real pests of themselves. In the process of digging in your flower beds, cats may destroy plants and seedlings.

Cats often decide that your flower box buh flower bed is the perfect litter box. The odor is annoying and the mess they leave behind is disgusting! Sometimes cats decide that your car hood is the perfect resting place and they don't care about scratching your car in the process of jumping up and down. Whatever your cat problem, there are rpels ways to repel cats.

Prior to its application, cat droppings were appearing several times a week over a three-week period on my property but fortunately, "I Must Garden" ended it. Product was easy to apply, practically odorless, and did not leave any stains on concrete.

The company states that "I Must Garden" is made from all natural essential oils, so there is no danger of harm to plants or animals. It's a terrific buy that eliminated an annoying problem in about two weeks". One of the reasons cats enjoy going into garden beds is the soft dirt, which they dig into before using the bathroom similar to how they use a litter box.

Placing physical objects like plastic forks tines facing upwardswooden popsicle sticks, or chopsticks into whatt soil can help discourage this damaging behavior. Push the objects into the soil every inches, or experiment to find a placement pattern that is effective for you. The idea is not to harm the cats, but simply make digging inconvenient. Cats find the All-Natural ingredients in our repellent highly irritating, and will avoid any area that is regularly treated.

Tip: Use brown or black plastic forks to create a more aesthetic deterrent! One plant that is particularly good at repelling cats is Ruta Graveolens, or Rue. Rue is a semi-woody perennial that grows to about feet high and wide. How long does it take to catch norovirus has gray-green foliage and clusters of small yellow flowers in summer.

It is hardy in zones dogw Rue prefers full sun and, once established, can grow in poor soils and hot dry sites. Rue will repel cats from the area in which it grows. In addition, you can sprinkle the leaves of dried rue in flower pots or other areas fats would like to protect from cats. Whhat repellent offers long-lasting protection for any treated plants without causing any harm to animals or vegetation.

Cats don't like the smell of citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. Try scattering citrus peels in your garden beds to keep cats out.

You may have to experiment a little to see just how much, doga how often, you will need to reapply what repels cats but not dogs peels to keep cats away! One other home remedy to repel cats that people have had success with, is to sprinkle used odgs grounds in their garden. Once again, you would have to experiment on just how much would be satisfactory to repel cats.

Let's dkgs it! The reason cats are in your garden to begin with, is that they like your soil. So in order to repel cats you have to make your soil less appealing. There are several things you can do to keep cats out of your soil.

You can add more plants to your garden, which ubt eventually cover the exposed soil making it too much of a nuisance for cats to dig in. Covering your soil with chunky mulch, river rocks or attractive pebbles is another method used to keep cats out of garden beds. If you've recently seeded a flower bed, protect the bed with wire mesh or netting to hide the attractive loose soil from the cats.

Unless raised together, most cats will stay away from dogs. One other technique that you may want to try, dohs is certainly less time consuming and expensive than repesl a dog, is to collect dog hair from friends who own dogs.

Scatter the dog what repels cats but not dogs in the flowerbeds to repel cats. A whst activated sprinkler will harmlessly spray a cat when it passes in front of it. It will also spray mailmen and delivery men so you must be careful in directing the spray. Cats hate being sprayed with water. Conditioning cats to avoid your garden beds by consistently spraying or pouring water pink so what lyrics video them what is social democratic party be a time consuming defense strategy, but one that eventually takes care of your cat problem for good.

Cats will readily use young trees as scratching posts. To protect the repel from cats, wrap the tree trunks in wire mesh or how to recognize poison ivy. Plastic tree guards may also be purchased to protect your trees. Netting may have to be placed over a pond to keep cats away from fish. Netting should be checked regularly for rips and repaired as necessary. Designed to smell pleasant to humans and offensive to cats, you can protect your plants without fear of foul odors or dangerous chemicals.

It is available in czts unique options - reepls Liquid Repellent to prevent chewing vogs gnawing, and a Granular Repellent to prevent digging. Both options are totally harmless to animals, but will put an end to their destructive habits.

Breaking established habits requires more aggressive applications of repellent. Generously sprinkle or spray I Must Garden Repellent frequently during your initial applications, and continue regular applications to maintain control.

Always remove fecal matter from garden beds and surrounding areas before treating. We want you to be satisfied with every purchase from I Must Garden, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

Tips ont Repelling Cats Cats can be a real nuisance around your garden and home.

What Plants Repel Cats? One of These 10 Will Work

Mulching the surface of your beds with cat repellent mulch can keep cats out all off-limit areas. Some of the best cat deterrent mulches are citrus peels, which includes grapefruit, lime, lemon, and orange. Other deterrents you can use are pipe tobacco and coffee grounds. Sep 26, аи A scent repellent works better for smaller areas as it must be replenished after it rains. A scent repellent is a powder or liquid that has an offensive odor to cats, such as citrus. Use a scent repellent that only cats dislike as some may be malodorous to your . One plant that is particularly good at repelling cats is Ruta Graveolens, or Rue. Rue is a semi-woody perennial that grows to about feet high and wide. Rue has gray-green foliage and clusters of small yellow flowers in summer. It is hardy in zones

I read with interest Horton's posting about a device that keeps cats away, but it seems that it would bother my dog. Anyone know of a way to keep cats away from my pond without causing discomfort to other animals in the area, like my pooch? I'm trying to avoid a fence or net approach. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with cats as the disruption to the pond plants doesn't appear to be severe enough to warrant a raccoon attack. That is what I'm looking for also, Steve. The sonic ["cat clicker"] device, mentioned in that thread would be a deterrent to most other animals and we have a dog and our little friendly chipmunks.

The chipmunks are what the cats are after. I have an electric fence wire around the pond, which is energized at night, to repel raccoons and I imagine that takes care of any errant feline that touches it. I read that cats do not like the smell of citrus and that some people place orange,lemon or lime peels around as a deterrent.

Then there is "Big Cat's Urine" spray [donated from lions and tigers I guess? Have a look at the linked article below for other non-lethal suggestions. Here is a link that might be useful: Cat repellents. If you drink coffee, try sprinkling the grounds where you don't want the cats. I keep them out of my flower beds that way. If you don't drink coffee, try asking a coffee shoppe for their grounds.

If you provide a contain, am sure they would oblige. Cat, but no kids, nine bedrooms, how to use them? POLL: How many cats is too many cats?

Do you prefer cats or dogs? Pooping dogs in my yard!! No way would cats disturb your pond plants. They are not going to get into your pond, tip over pots or rip up any lily pads. They are not going to get their feet wet for longer than a few seconds. No possible way unless Tony the Tiger is loose in your neighborhood Cats are NOT natural fishers, raccoons are.

Every raccoon on earth is drawn to water to hunt, it is a very rare cat that is. Sure they drink from ponds, sure they watch fishies swim back and forth and sure, a fantail that can't swim to save it's life might get tipped out of the pond by a cat's paw but it is not very likely. Even if you see a cat near a fish out of the pond it is likely a heron or raccoon dropped it because you scared them and the cat was just caught with the booty. You have to get up early to see them but they are there.

Probably prowling your yard every night. If you build a pond, they will come. In ten years of ponding online on about six forums I have not read one single episode of a person actually seeing a cat get a fish out of their pond. Not once yet people blame cats constantly. You may not like cats, you may wish all cats were indoor only, you may wish to evict cats from your garden but to blame them for pond plant damage and fish losses is fooling yourself. Thank you for the suggestions.

I'm going to try both the coffee grounds and the citrus peels. I'll let you know how it goes. I agree with buyorsell There are lots of feral cats in my neighborhood and I've never seen them do anything at the pond except drink water. Cats don't even like to get their paws wet. Raccoons, herons, and egrets are the ones I've caught fishing and causing destruction in my pond. Funny, except for Pookie liking to walk on a 2x4 across the pond and a stray trying to get to water over the ice, I haven't had a cat approach the pond either.

Ginger pretends the fish are not there when she has to go around the pond. The raccoons will pull up plants and try to tip pots even when I am standing there yelling at them. When I first started ponding I had a little gallon pond and many fish. The raccoons would catch the fish and play with them until they stopped flopping. They might decapitate them but all the parts were there for me to find.

I got mean the night they killed 11 Koi and put in a Scarecrow. Our cats or maybe a neighbor's cat we have a cat party most days in our yard did fish out a black mollie again, poor swimmer like the fantail, right? I am not concerned. Twice we have found a soaking wet cat in the yard so they are tempted by the little mosquito fish!!

We just laugh. Yep, I was kind of skeptical about Bullfrogs catching and eating fish, until I saw the picture,which was posted onto the forum recently, of a Bullfrog with a freshly caught fish in it's mouth.

I have had a plant pot or two dislodged, by comet goldfish, while they were going crazy during breeding. Also once, by a robin that was busily collecting mud to build it's nest. All sorts of strange and unusual things can take place around the pond, when the animals and birds do their thing. I've seen at least ten pictures of bullfrogs with fish in their mouths and even a video or two on other pond forums.

My friend saw one grab and eat a duckling at a golf course. They are blamed for helping native Western Pond Turtles and native frogs to extinction here in the West including BC Canada so I have no problems believing that bullfrogs eat anything. I have had cats my entire life and have had aquariums my entire life and ponds in various forms since and have seen plenty of cats watch fish but not catch any. Every time their paw gets wet they draw it back and shake it off.

I do know that cats would not climb or jump into a pond and get wet enough to disturb plants unless it was an accident and they fell in. I have seen my own cat fall in. No plants were harmed though. If plants are disturbed or pots tipped over morning after morning it is raccoons. I have had dogs in my pond that did a lot of damage, more than once. Loose neighborhood dogs. They were leaping and splashing and knocked over lily pots and their claws put holes in a lot of foliage.

They weren't after fish or food they were playing in the water. One kept coming back, I'd chase him out and he would circle behind me and jump back in This has happed three times in twelve years of ponds at this house. The raccoons come pretty much every night. We sit on our couch and watch animals at our front yard wildlife ponds all the time. Cats, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, birds, dragonflies, treefrogs and many insects too from bees to water fleas.

It is raccoons who tear up everything and now we have to cover the ponds every night with covers made of copper and chicken wire. Now they are destroying the rock edges and we have to do extensive work when the tadpoles all morph. The cats never hurt anything. They chased the treefrogs but we never saw one eat one or found any corpses or body parts. They seem more confused by them than anything. Mostly they just drink from the ponds.

Having a dog should be deterrent enough for cats in your yard, won't work on raccoons though. An electric fence was the only thing that worked for me on the fish pond which is too big too cover and has plants too tall. I tried two ultrasonic noise makers which did bother the cats but not the raccoons. Motion water cannons will deter cats but not all raccoons. When the raccoons grabbed the end of my cane and tried to pull it out of my hands I got tired of being too polite.

I put a high pressure nozzle on a hose and waited for their nightly visit. It only took a couple of jolts before they left. Now they hiss and run away when they see me. They still managed to dump 5 pots in the water a couple of years ago and ruined the pump. Our pond is open to nature. Deer, dogs, moles, snakes and even a couple of escapee steer have all made appearances. All the usual characters but no raccoons I know, can you believe it?

Plenty of cats have come around too but they only stop to drink or chase the birds. Our indoor cat loved to watch the pond and all the comings and goings of nature. One day I put him on a leash he did not have claws so we couldn't let him roam free and walked him over to the edge of the pond.

I thought for sure he'd love to watch the fish. His reaction was hilarious! When he thought he was at a safe distance he bolted for the house! Of all the outdoor cats that have visited I've never seen one attempt to get into the pond.

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