What is transformers 3 going to be about

what is transformers 3 going to be about

Will There be a Transformers 7?

Paramount has given a date for a new live-action Transformers movie of June 24, The studio is in development on two different projects: one by Murder Mystery scribe James Vanderbilt and the other by John Wick Chapter 3 Ep and Army of the Dead scribe Joby datingfuckdating.com Vanderbilt project, from what we’ve heard, is based on Transformers spinoff Beast Wars which are robots that transform. May 02,  · The next installment of the live-action Transformers franchise got an official release date on Friday, according to The Hollywood datingfuckdating.com outlet learned that the next Transformers movie will be in theaters on June 24, So far, there is no title for the sci-fi-action movie. The Transformers release date is welcome news for fans, though it does not come with many details.

Those of us who are lucky, the Transformers were a big part of childhood days. Growing up, how to write email to client became one of the most famous and sensational action-packed series ever. For the same reason, Power Rangers also became iconic during our childhood.

So when in Paramount decided to cash in on the huge popularity of the beloved Transformers series, fans everywhere in the world were visibly excited. The possibility of Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting on the big screen had got us excited.

The studio already had a devoted fanbase and they just needed to deliver a faithful adaptation of the story on the big screen. For such a big franchise with high stakes, talks are always happening for future projects. But since the story generally follows a linear timeline, we need to talk about the previous ones as well. Now Bay is someone who has achieved cult status as a director, but not in a good way.

It tried to establish the basic tenets of Transformers, the eternal battle between the good Autobots and the bad Deceptions. For centuries, Cybertrons or Autobots, masked as vehicles, protected the family that held the map. Young Sam Witwicky buys a car that turns out to be Bumblebee. He meets other Autobots including the leader Optimus Prime as Deceptions surface.

It had a lot of military parallels of the contemporary years and the movie was received well enough to warrant a decade-spanning franchise. But he keeps seeing vague glyphs that makes him a person of interest for the Deceptions. Autobots try to protect him as his entire family and friends are in danger. But it charmed the box office as it went ahead to gross over 1. The movie tread almost the same ground as the previous two as the setting now involves the Moon.

Following this one, the original cast withdrew but box office collection meant that we were up for more in the future. The movie also managed to hit 1 billion mark as plots went from unbelievable to straight-up bonkers. Autobots fighting Robot dinosaurs, seriously? Another Michael Bay Transformers movie that stretched the plot too thin and also almost repeated previous tropes. The movie tanked badly — and for the first time, not only in front of critics but also in the box-office.

But the caveat lies elsewhere. Truth is, China loves the Transformers movies. The rest of the world? Not so much. People lost interest after the initial attempts but all the movies did big business in China. For a franchise that solely relied upon commercial success and that too mainly on one market, one hiccup in the collection could spell trouble for it. Its how to say marry christmas in german meant the franchise immediately needed a fresh direction, literally and in vision as well.

The prequel served a more grounded take on the franchise with nicely fleshed out lead characters. Not so surprisingly, this was the first movie in the post-Michael Bay era. The makers always wanted the G. Joes to cross path with the Transformers, so we may finally have some crossover films like that. The rumors about the next Transformers movie are all over the place.

The certainty regarding the movie is in shadows and so is the direction it will take. Amidst this, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint the cast. Until then, we can only hope that the series will take a turn for good so that our beloved characters get a movie they deserve. Will There be a Transformers 7? Biplab Mazumder. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email.

Transformers 6 Is Dead

Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films based on the Transformers franchise which began in the s. Michael Bay has directed the first five films: Transformers (), Revenge of the Fallen (), Dark of the Moon (), Age of Extinction (), and The Last Knight (). A spin-off film, Bumblebee, directed by Travis Knight and produced by Bay, was released on Directed by: Michael Bay (1–5), Travis Knight (Bumblebee). Jan 10,  · This is despite Transformers: The Last Knight - the first film made after the writer's room was formed - going to great lengths to set up a sequel; it revealed that Earth was actually Unicron in disguise and had a post-credits scene teasing Quintessa attempting to awake the planet-sized Transformer. It seems likely that this plot thread will be. Jan 20,  · Unfortunately, it looks like that movie isn't happening anytime soon, which is a shame because it was recently revealed that G.I. Joe 3 would have featured a crossover with the Transformers .

What is the future of the Transformers franchise after Bumblebee? What movies are on the way, will Hasbro reboot, and what about that G.

Joe crossover? We separate the truth from the speculation. The Transformers movies have been rolling out since , when Michael Bay applied his signature style to the nostalgic Robots in Disguise.

But after almost a decade of critic-audience divide over the movies, Paramount and Hasbro decided to shake it up. They put together a Transformers writer's room in that intended to create a shared universe of movies based on the characters with stronger narrative throughlines and appealed to a wider demographic. This saw Bay's last film, 's Transformers: The Last Knight , embrace some big-picture ideas for the franchise's future, and directly led to the making of 's surprise delight Bumblebee , a pseudo-prequel about the Volkswagen Beetle.

However, this plan hasn't been totally fruitful. The Last Knight struggled even in dependable China, while Bumblebee 's box office has been slow out of the gate despite fantastic reviews , trodden underfoot by an Aquaman-riding kraken.

With all that change-ups and rampant speculation about shared universe plans, it can be hard to keep track of Transformers ' future. Here, we're going to piece together the truth. When Michael Bay claimed that Transformers: The Last Knight was his final film in the series, few took him seriously; he'd said the same thing with Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction , always coming back for more.

This time, however, he really does seem done - and it looks like there won't be another entry in his timeline either. In May , Transformers 6 was removed from the Paramount slate. While there hasn't been any official cancelation, it appears that the project is dead.

This is despite Transformers: The Last Knight - the first film made after the writer's room was formed - going to great lengths to set up a sequel; it revealed that Earth was actually Unicron in disguise and had a post-credits scene teasing Quintessa attempting to awake the planet-sized Transformer. It seems likely that this plot thread will be dropped also. Where the future looked to be was in Bumblebee.

Originally announced as a direct prequel to the Michael Bay movies, that relationship appeared to weaken during development. While Megatron is absent due to the character being frozen in the Hoover Dam in and B turns into a Chevy Camaro at the end, it's incredibly removed from anything approaching Bayhem in style and tone, with G1 Transformers, a different mission to Earth for Bumblebee, and a post-credits scene that retcons the Transformers.

All of this chimes with it said that Bumblebee was retroactively intended to be a soft reboot of the Transformers franchise. As well as seeing the end of Transformers 6 , the financial struggles of The Last Knight reportedly led to the prequel being considered as a chance to reset the series for audiences and lead it in a new direction.

It's fair to say, on a purely artistic level, it's succeeded; what Transformers is in live-action is now very different and more in-line with the cartoons. So, what's next? There's been talk of several other movies. The cast of the film have discussed a direct Bumblebee 2 , while director Travis Knight has said he'd like a Cybertron-set sequel , and there's still a dozen of ideas from the writer's room to be plundered; they may not relate to Bumblebee directly, but they fit in with the new line of thinking about the Transformers series.

Of course, this entire enterprise hinged on Bumblebee being a financial success too. The film has strong legs with a low week-to-week drop, and has only just opened in China, but based on the numbers so far neither is going to make it a mega-smash. John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld told us they're not too worried about the film's box office performance, but it's low enough to call into question a direct continuation of this spinoff trend. Page 2 of 2: Upcoming Transformers Movies.

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