What is the size of an official pool table

what is the size of an official pool table

What Size Is a Professional Pool Table?

The minimum space for a table is the playing area plus the length of a cue (58?) plus about 6 inches for the back swing, more for comfort, on each side. Oct 22,  · The length of a "Regulation Standard 8ft" table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. A 9ft Regulation table play field measures inches long and 50 inches wide. Any size table can be considered as "Regulation" if the table is length and .

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Call Us Shopping Cart. My Account. Welcome to Legacy Billiards! Login Create Account. Many people ask: "What is a Regulation size billiard table?

The length of a "Regulation Standard 8ft" table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. A 9ft Regulation table play field measures inches long and 50 inches wide. Any size isze can be considered as "Regulation" if the table is length and width ratio is consistant with these measurements. Bar Size 7ft - Playfield: 39" X 78" commonly called Bar Size as this is common to most coin-operated tables played in pubs and bars. Ot 9ft - Playfield: 50" X " This is the full size the game of Billiards was invented on.

It is still used in professional tournaments today. Legacy's current lineup includes both 7 foot and 8 foot pool tables. Oct 22, Christian Gould. Comments 2.

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More Advice for Pool Tables

Fortunately, our website makes it easy to visualize — just select a size, and we can show you how much room you’ll need for various cue sizes. Generally speaking, eight-foot tables are considered ‘professional’ size, whereas seven-foot tables are considered ‘bar’ size. Playing pool at a bar, pool room or someone’s house with their own table, you’ll usually find these are 8? x 4? tables and with a standard pool cue size of 58”. In the UK, most pool tables found at pubs or in the home are 7? x 4? with a pool cue size of 58?. How Much Is a Pool Table For Home? Oct 18,  · What’s the official size of a pool table? October 18, The standard size of a pool table is 8-feet long, however, it’s the dimensions of the playing area that make it an official regulation size table. Typically on an 8-foot table, the playing area is 88 inches long and 44 inches wide.

Here we gathered all of that information in one place, so you get a good shopping guide and can choose only the best models on the market for your home! The Regulation Standard 8ft pool table needs to be 8 feet in length and 44 inches in width. The 9ft Regulation table has a playfield that is inches long and around 50 inches wide. Most of the eight-foot pool tables are considered professional sized pool tables, while the seven-foot tables are considered pool tables for a bar.

But if you have enough free space in your home, we recommend a larger sized pool table as it will provide you with much better playing experience. But if you have a smaller room, a seven-foot table can also be a great way to have some fun without taking up too much of the space. Since pool tables are quite big and heavy, we recommend ordering online so you can get it delivered right at your front door.

If you are looking for a specific brand we recommend looking into their webshop. On Amazon, you can filter the results and find many brand and model options in the category you have been searching for. The first model we would like to review for you in this article is by the brand Rack.

It is an 8-foot pool table that comes with premium K rubber bumpers, blue woolen blend felt, scratch-resistant rail coating, customized leg levelers, and many other great features.

You will also get free shipping and a lifetime warranty on this product. If you need some additional billiard cue or chalk you can get some for free if you contact the manufacturer. The dimensions are the regular size pool table dimensions which make this a regulation pool table perfect if you are a professional, but also great if you are just starting and need to practice your pool skills a little more.

Buy On Amazon. The next standard pool table for sale we would like to share with you is by the brand Carmelli. The mode comes with both styles, quality but also a lot of durabilities. This Newport reg size pool table has the cabinet and the legs covered in rich cherry melamine.

The legs have a pedestal style which makes it stable and secure once it was put in its place. With the included integral ball return system the re-racking is a breeze. With this pool table, there are a few accessories included in the package. You also get a day warranty which covers all of the defects. The entire table weighs around pounds. The dimensions it has to make it fall into the professional pool table category, but it is also a great model to have in your home to play with your friends and family.

It is an 8-feet professional pool table that comes with the playfield dimensions of 88 in. It comes in a dark brown color, with a blue cloth and chrome inserts on the four corners. If you have enough space in your home, we recommend this one as you will get the best pool experience.

It is ideal for entertaining friends in the evenings or spending some quality fun time with your family. Another benefit of this pool table is that it comes with all the accessories you need for playing, already included in the price.

There are 15 numbered balls with the cue ball, a table cover brush, cloth, and chalk included. You will also get the leg levelers you can adjust to get the flattest and straight surface. With the style, it also offers you great quality. This regulation pool table is made out of solid Douglas Fir and has the distressed Burnished Brown finish. It also comes with the restoration barn style touches all over. There is a lead dining top which you can also use to eat on after you are done playing.

Another great thing is that it comes with the enclosed wood corners that have genuine leather drop pockets. There are also K66 natural tournament cushions which allow for a percent accurate rebound. The overall dimensions of this pool table are x 58 x 32 inches and it weighs about pounds. It comes in three pieces which are easily assembled.

We recommend you get a professional to assemble it for you. With this regular pool table, you also get the accessories you need for playing. You will get the pool balls, 4 cue sticks, a brush for the table surface, and chalk. You can also choose the color of the felt you desire. It is a gorgeous table that can withstand event he harshest weather elements and perfect to place outside on your patio. It comes with the UV-resistant felt so it has protection against both the rain and the sun.

It has a tough, aluminum frame that offers long-lasting durability which also protects it from the rust and the corrosion. The regular pool table size makes it fall into the professional pool table category and allows you to use it on tournaments as well. Another benefit of this pool table is that it has a very sleek frame that is covered in a white, powder-coated gloss.

Therefore, the entire table looks more luxurious. It also combines this brisk-white look with the dazzling, electric-blue felt. With this regular size pool table, you will get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. In case your item arrives damaged, it will be fully replaced.

It also comes with a few accessories included in the package. They are the set of ABS drop pockets, two composite cues, one set of balls, chalk, plastic triangle, a brush, and a rip-resistant nylon cover. Picking the best regulation pool table out of the five we reviewed in this article was a hard task. That is why I chose two that I consider being equally amazing.

Both of them have the regular size pool table dimensions and can be used by professionals on tournaments or by amateurs. The Plank and Hide model has a very modern yet rustical design and comes in three pieces that need to be professionally assembled.

The Hathaway model is ideal for outdoor use and can withstand different weather conditions. It also has a very sleek frame covered in a white, powder-coated gloss, which gives it a more luxurious vibe. If you are interested in other pool tables, read my post about the most popular pool tables.

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Characteristics: 8-foot pool table customized leg levelers scratch-resistant rail coating accessories included regular size pool table dimensions. Characteristics: Accessories included regular pool table dimensions suitable for amateurs and professionals.

Characteristics: modern rustic design playing accessories included genuine leather drop pockets K66 natural tournament cushions comes in three pieces. Characteristics: Endures harshest weather elements one-year warranty UV-resistant felt K gum rubber cushions very sleek frame with powder-coated gloss.

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