What hdd for ps3 super slim

what hdd for ps3 super slim

PlayStation 3 Slim Hard Drive Replacement

Sep 15, Whether you've got a PS3 Slim or an older model, there are a few specifications, limitations and requirements to keep in mind when shopping for your new drive. Physical Size and Type Your PS3 Slim uses the same size hard drive a laptop uses, so shop for a inch drive instead of the larger inch drives found in desktop computers. Western Digital GB " Playstation 3 / Playstation 4 Hard Drive (PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim, PS4, Notebook, Laptop) 1 Year Storite Warranty out of 5 stars 18 $ $

The PlayStation 3 Super Slim may not have hugely impressed us when we took a look at it in its GB incarnation a couple of months back, but we were excited by its future potential - specifically, the ability to offer a full PS3 experience at a very low retail price. Now that's superb value you simply can't argue with. Historically, it's the presence of the mandatory hard drive that has been a major factor in the PS3's relatively high price up against its drive-less Xbox competitor.

Typically, HDDs don't tend to fall in price dramatically - capacity simply increases. On top of that, Sony's plans for cost-reductions were thwarted by a flooding disaster in Thailand which crippled drive production and doubled prices worldwide within weeks - to this day, hard drives are still significantly more expensive than they were prior to the crisis.

The 12GB model addresses all of these issues: it replaces pricey mechanical drives with flash memory that, conversely, has seen prices plummet in the last couple of years. Initially, it was believed that Sony had simply gained access to an inventory of small capacity SSDs and would ship them in the PS3's traditional hard drive bay, where it could be replaced with any other 2.

On the one hand, this was good news - upgrading to a hard drive would be fast and painless. On the other, no SSD-type arrangement means Sony had integrated a simple flash module onto the motherboard - and, as anyone with experience of USB flash drives will know, read and how to make homemade root beer from scratch speeds vary massively from one chip to the next.

The question is, to what extent is the 12GB model a compromised version of the full-fat HDD-equipped models? Is the flash storage fast enough to keep pace with a hard drive? And, looking at things more positively, does the removal of any mechanical moving parts actually speed things up? It's an interesting thought, because the potential is there for the bargain-basement PS3 to actually outperform its more expensive siblings.

Intrigued, we decided to find out more, and that meant facing off the 12GB model against the full range of its competitors: first up, the official GB hard drive upgrade, which we strongly suspect to be the exact same drive found in the entry-level US PlayStation 3. There's nothing really remarkable pps3 this product in itself. It's a 7mm-high 2. Or you can just stick the drive into the slot on its own with a dab of Blu-Tack and hope for the best, if you like to live life on the edge.

This model features the Hitachi Z5K drive, the more voluminous sibling of the upgrade unit. The balance is hived off by the PS3's GameOS, used extensively by devs for caching data while you play. You won't find any such hidden partition on your 4GB Xbox S and performance will be hit as a consequence if you don't install a hard drive. The available 12GB of space is undeniably tight, but you should be able to install any retail disc game onto the system.

After the question of available space, performance is the next real issue here. We ran tests on several games: Gran Turismo 5's install is the stuff of legend, the kind of unoptimised dumping of data that is entirely at odds with the level of technological achievement found elsewhere in the game. A multitude of tiny files are transferred across en masse, making it perhaps the sternest install-based workout available. Next up, id Software's Rage - a lengthy install in its own right, but also the strongest in-game stress test we could muster for our hdx test subjects.

Our final two games occupy two extremes. Avalanche's Just Cause 2 offers a small, light, intelligent waht to HDD access while Tom Clancy's Endwar is the precise opposite - hailing from an era where many Ubisoft devs simply copied the entirety of the Blu-ray disc onto the hard drive to avoid the more challenging fo of streaming from the disc. After installing everything, we then deleted it and measured the time that took too, for reasons zuper become evident a bit later on.

Let's see how that went. When we discovered that Sony had opted for an embedded chip xuper than an SSD drive, we feared the worst, but generally speaking the 12GB unit performs well, outstripping expectations. In terms of write speeds, it is significantly slower than the hard drives, but it has the benefit of zero seek time - the mechanical hard drives need to move the writing head about on the surface, whereas the flash chip moves onto the next write immediately.

In the case of the BD and HDD-rending GT5 install, which writes thousands of tiny files to the HDD, the flash actually outperforms the mechanical hard drives how to deactivate seat belt alarm, shaving off around 10 minutes from the mammoth transfer.

However, elsewhere, with more prolonged writes, the flash chip came off a little worse, albeit not disastrously so. In contrast, the flash module fared somewhat worse in terms of write speed with a paltry 6. However, its read speeds were competitive, clocking in at Of course, the elephant in the room if you've watched the video through to it conclusion is the dog-slow deletion speeds.

Freeing up space on the flash chip takes an absolute age, to the point where deleting the Rage install took over nine minutes, with the SSD clocking in at just 16 seconds and the hard drives completing the same task in under 60 seconds. If you've not got the will or the interest level to watch our time-lapse video above, here's all the data in one big table.

It demonstrates pretty conclusively the strengths and weaknesses of the entry-level unit. The creditable read speed of the flash chip means that in almost all cases, there's no real difference playing games on a 12GB unit than there is on any other. Indeed, in some cases performance may actually be improved. We loaded up a race in Gran Turismo 5 - a game su;er to witness significant speed improvements on SSD - and found that while the hard drives took around 40 seconds to load in the requisite data, the 12GB PS3 cut that by 25 per cent, taking just 30 seconds.

However, the real test is Rage. Hard drives struggle to cope with it, resulting in obvious low-res textures that struggle to resolve into the higher-resolution versions without some often extraordinary lag. Here, upgrading to SSD absolutely transforms the experience, minimising the texture pop-in effect and significantly improving the look of the game. In this case, initially we find that the 12GB model acts almost like a halfway house between standard hard-drive performance and SSD.

Textures are faster to resolve and the jarring effect of watching pixellated sliim coalesce into their higher-resolution versions is less of an issue. The almost instant performance of the SSD is still missing, but the improvement overall is noticeable, as this video hopefully demonstrates. Unfortunately that only appears to be half of the story. Rage is one xlim the few games that sees an immense slum from installing an SSD.

We find that there are some improvements here with the 12GB PS3's flash module too, but these are outweighed by some surprising dips in overall performance.

To get the best out of this video, please select the p quality setting. Perhaps the extremely slow deletion rate sslim the NAND causes a bottleneck for the id game, which we suspect makes extensive use of the onboard cache.

Certainly the more waht - and textures xuper going through the pipeline seems to incur larger performance hits and more screen-tear. Sure enough, slotting in the GB upgrade addresses the problem, restoring the 60 frames per second update. Other games that aggressively stream data through the cache may see similar unforeseen issues emerge. However, we didn't see anything like the same effects in any of the other games we tested.

The good news is that upgrading the 12GB PS3 is a piece of cake. You simply buy the mounting kit, screw in any 2. After powering up the machine, os3 auto-recognises the presence of a new drive and the user is asked if he wants to make the switch from flash to hard drive storage.

At this point, the entirety of the flash chip is copied onto the what hdd for ps3 super slim drive in a somewhat lengthy procedure. Our drive had four tiny save games on it, but the process still took around 15 minutes to complete our guess is that the 4GB cache portion was also ported across.

Once the transfer is finished, the flash store is deactivated completely, only being used once more if the hard drive is completely removed from the system.

Time factor aside, there a couple of minor disappointments and annoyances with the process. Before the Super Slim launched, there were rumblings that you could take your existing PS3 drive and simply dock it into the new how to create a production company name, continuing to game on as per normal. Hands on, it is clear that this is not the wyat - any drive that isn't specifically married to that particular PS3 is going to be wiped before it can be used.

This was probably how to install backtrack 5 r3 in vmware be expected bearing in mind that PS3 hard drives are all encrypted with a per-unit key. Secondly, with the flash storage dormant, it does strike us as something of a missed opportunity. It's clear that the chip has its strengths and that in some cases it can out-perform a conventional hard drive.

The 4GB Supr S allows players to retain what are the party slogans in 1984 to the flash memory and use it simultaneously with the hard drive, and we would have liked the same function with the PS3. Unfortunately, GameOS is supee towards a single storage point and it's clear that Fod didn't want to undertake the significant development work required to support multiple devices concurrently.

As we noted hwat our GB Super Slim hands-onthis is a more simply designed PlayStation 3 using lower-grade materials than its predecessor.

Plastics lack much in the way of a premium finish, while the slot-loading Blu-ray drive has been swapped out for a top-loading arrangement with a sliding lid that rattles somewhat.

Owing to the transition dor optical drives, the noise level from the disc is now significantly more pronounced. Form factor is obviously reduced though - an important element for many. We now know that other key cost areas have seen no improvement compared to the outgoing Hvd - there's still a 45nm Cell processor and a 40nm RSX. These components draw the most juice from the mains, so we find that overall power consumption is much the same as it was at around 70W.

Expect this to change over time - we know that the Cell is being shrunk down to 22nm while 28nm soim a good fit for the RSX. Future PS3 models will doubtless retain the same chassis but be considerably cooler, quieter and more power efficient. However, crucially, the cut-down in quality of materials on the new model doesn't detract from the fact that this offers the exact same core functionality as the older Slim.

All the ports and sockets remain as they were, so in areas where Sony might have been tempted to make cutbacks removing the Toslink audio output for examplewe find that the firm has commendably restrained itself. Happily, the days of Sony removing useful functionality from the PS3 are long gone. Other elements of the new model remain identical too. The Slim introduced a new HDMI controller that added a very mild noise to the output - something we noted a while back when we used it for gaming performance analysis.

It's the same story in the Super Slim too. It's a little disconcerting to find a digital video interface not transmitting its output losslessly, and some members of the more hardcore AV fraternities believe it is visible to the human eye, something we didn't agree with - so ffor put it to how to slice eggplant thinly test.

Our thinking here was that the 2D art and flat colours found in the game slimm highlight any kind of visual difference, while using the photo viewer ensured that both consoles are outputting a mathematically identical image, reproduced in exactly the same way by the system software.

You can look at the results above yourself. After much eyeballing, we can't tell the difference, and as such we have no hesitation recommending any PlayStation 3 as a brilliant Blu-ray player. This could have been a cost-cutting exercise gone too far, a compromise doled out to a territory that historically Sony has tended to place last in the pecking order when it comes to hardware.

The fact that the 12GB PS3 isn't available in Japan or the USA does suggest that the full weight of the firm's confidence doesn't rest in this entry-level offering, but the truth is that the product is solid, offering an intriguing balance of price and performance.

The flash storage reads almost as fast as a conventional hard drive, and while write speeds are very slow, the fact that it has next to no latency moving from one file to the next goes a long way to making up the difference. One thing we should point out is that all our comparisons were based on entirely empty hard drives - these will lose some performance over time as they become fuller and as fragmentation takes hold.

Thus, the flash could actually become even more competitive over the months and years. But even in these tests, we found that selected games actually load data faster, though deletion speeds on the flash storage are dire.

This appears to extend to the game cache too, and a few titles like Rage may cause some issues on this hardware. The deletion issue could also further intrude on the user experience - deleting installs can take an absolute age and with the limited storage available, you'll need to do this a lot if you're shuttling between various games. Available space is undeniably tight, leading to other complications too.

On the Xboxonce a game or demo is downloaded from Live, it's instantly accessible.

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This item Western Digital GB " Playstation 3/Playstation 4 Hard Drive (PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim, PS4) Seagate BarraCuda 1TB Internal Hard Drive HDD Inch SATA 6 Gb/s RPM MB Cache for PC Laptop Frustration Free Packaging (STLM)Reviews: K. I believe the biggest HDD that still fits into a PS3 is only 1 TB (PS3 needs mm or smaller HDDs. The 2 TB WD20NPVT is a 15mm one), so the above 1 TB limits are only theoretical at this point. I was thinking that Sony would release a standalone PS3 super slim with a GB HDD. Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Hard Drive Tray; Step 1 Hard Drive. Turn the PS3 over and lay it on its backside. Use the flat edge of a metal spudger to pop up the small access door on the bottom cover near the front of the PS3. Can you please tell me playstation 3 super slim model cecha wich type of single lens got? I want to change it and.

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