What does ono mean in hawaii

what does ono mean in hawaii

Ono meaning

Check 'ono' translations into English. Look through examples of ono translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

Published on March 4, in Travel Tips. Hawaiian Pidgin English, a local dialect, was recognized only in by the United States Census Bureau as an official language that is spoken prevalently in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Pidgin English was formed during the sugar and pineapple plantation era, when immigrants from Portugal, China, Philippines and Japan arrived in Hawaii and found themselves working together on the plantations. Since the workers could not communicate with one another, they began speaking in a broken English, blending words from their home country, what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longer became Hawaiian Pidgin English.

Because of this, it is helpful to know common Hawaiian and Pidgin English words when visiting Kauai and how to use them. With our help below, you will be speaking like a local in no time. The universal term for greeting one another or saying goodbye in Hawaii. The term aloha has a much deeper meaning and symbolizes a standard for the way of life and giving nature of the people of Kauai.

To have aloha is to share your life energy with another individual, to make them feel welcome in your home and treat them with respect and love. As in, mahalo for throwing away your trash and helping to keep our island green and beautiful. Synonymous with happy hour, pau hana is a Hawaiian Pidgin slang for being finished with work, using the word pau, to finish, and hana, to work, in Hawaiian.

If you get invited to pau hana, you are being invited out for cocktails at the end of the work day. The most appropriate way to respond when someone asks you how you like your meal. Ono translates as delicious in Hawaiian. Not to be confused with the What is photoshop used for fish ono — which actually is really ono and a must try when visiting our restaurants in Poipu.

Meaning trash or rubbish. Remembering your trash is just one of the ways we care for the environment on Kauai. Mahalo for throwing away your opala. Meaning to protect or take care of something. You will often find the word malama on informational signage throughout Kauai, reminding people to malama or what would happen if the moon was closer care of our beaches and parks.

Self explanatory term for yes and no. To kokua, means to help one another, even without being asked. It is not uncommon to experience meeting a local willing to kokua with driving directions or inquire if you need some kokua when you look confused. Helpfulness goes a long way in Hawaii and is a highly esteemed virtue among the Hawaiian people.

Commonly, a lifeguard might say it is their kuleana to protect our beaches and beachgoers, as a way to broadly describe their job. Kuleana has a deeper meaning to the Hawaiian people, for example, they might say it is their kuleana to malama or kokua family, friends and visitors. Leave the urge to say cheers at home and instead impress the locals with your knowledge of saying okole maluna, the Hawaiian way to say bottoms up.

Give a person a shaka hang loose hand symbol with a howzit and they will think you are a local. On Kauai, we never say flip flops or even worse, thongs. It is always called slippahs, no exceptions. Kauai residents prefer rubber slippahs found in local grocery stores over fancy footwear. Not to be confused with the verb, choke is actually an adjective in the Hawaiian Pidgin language to describe something as being abundant.

Remembering to incorporate a few of these terms into your vocabulary while on vacation shows the local residents that you are interested in the Hawaiian culture when you are willing to try to speak the language. Map of Poipu Blog Menu. Subscribe to our mailing list. Email admin poipubeach.

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Jun 18,  · ‘Ono – The word ‘ono with the okina means delicious in the Hawaiian language. ‘Ono is not to be confused with ono without the okina which refers to type of fish from Hawaii that’s also known as a mackerel and wahoo. ‘Ono is pronounced like “oh-no”. Mar 04,  · Ono (delicious) The most appropriate way to respond when someone asks you how you like your meal. Ono translates as delicious in Hawaiian. Not to be confused with the Hawaiian fish ono – which actually is really ono and a must try when visiting our restaurants in Poipu. Opala (trash) Meaning . May 05,  · The name Ono was originally applied to a city in the territory of Benjamin (1 Chronicles ). It was built (or fortified) by Shemed, son of Elpaal, who also built Lod and an untold number of satellite towns.. By the time of Nehemiah, the name Ono covered a large plain, which also included the city of Chephirim (Nehemiah ), and apparently also a place called Hadid.

Built like a torpedo, they are fast swimmers. Ono rarely school, but groups are often found around fish aggregation buoys. Surface catches indicate that ono associate with banks, pinnacles and flotsam. However, longline catches suggest that this species is also widely distributed in the open ocean. Ono may grow to more than pounds in weight, but the usual size of the fish caught in Hawaii is 8 to 30 pounds.

Ono in Hawaii are caught by trollers and longliners. European explorers who first mapped the Hawaiian Islands found ono to be plentiful off the island of Oahu. All Hawaii wahoo are line-caught. Longline boats harvest most of the wahoo catch in Hawaii. However, wahoo are also caught by trollers using lures and baits. The shelf life of fresh ono is relatively short.

Hawaii Wahoo is an excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein. It is also low in saturated fat and low in sodium. It is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

Click here for nutritional labels and claims. Click here to download a two-page description of this species. Current status: Hawaii wahoo are being fished sustainably. Pacific wahoo population status is estimated to be high.

But no information is available about whether overfishing is occurring or not.

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