What channel is the mets game on directv

what channel is the mets game on directv

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Check our baseball schedule for the best MLB games available on MLB Extra Innings & DIRECTV. Don’t just watch TV. DIRECTV. MLB. April May June July August September Loading.

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Tennis Pro. Auto Racing. Formula 1: Portugal Grand Prix, Practice 1. Golf Pro. Formula 1: Portugal Grand Prix, Practice 2. Horse Racing. Hockey KHL. Soccer Portugal. Soccer Argentina Primera. Talleres RE vs. Argentino Q. Estudiantes BA vs. Soccer Liga MX Femenil. Softball NCAA. Baseball MLB. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates. Martial Arts. Basketball NBA. Atlanta Hawks at Philadelphia 76ers. Hockey NHL. Winnipeg Jets at Montreal Canadiens. Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees. Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals.

New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies. What did women wear in the 1950s Braves at Toronto Blue Jays. Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds. Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays. San Antonio Spurs at Boston Celtics. Washington Wizards at Cleveland Cavaliers. Minnesota Wild at St. Louis Blues. Portland Trail Blazers at Brooklyn Nets. Lucas Bastida vs. Orlando Magic at Memphis Grizzlies.

Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers. Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins. Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox. LA Dodgers at Milwaukee Brewers. Soccer Liga MX. Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls. San Jose Sharks at Colorado Avalanche. Baltimore Orioles at Oakland Athletics. Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks. Miguel Marriaga vs. Vegas Golden Knights at Arizona Coyotes. Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim Ducks. LA Angels at Seattle Mariners. Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers.

Football Australian. Collingwood Magpies at Gold Coast Suns.


48 rows · (Click title or channel for expanded channel details) Tennis (Pro) Center Court: Barcelona . Preview of the New York Mets game. d1xvdtpa; Submit search. Get DIRECTV My Account. Log in. Forgot email or Access ID? Forgot password? Create Account. Not a DIRECTV customer? Get DIRECTV. Watch DIRECTV ; Movies ; TV Shows ; Sports ; For Kids ; Networks ; Guide ; Playlist ; Mets Pregame. Share on: Share via Facebook; Share. New York's WPIX-TV (Channel 11), is the flagship station of The CW Television Network, and is seen in over 10 million homes through over-the-air and satellite distribution Founded in and owned by Tribune Broadcasting, a division of the Tribune Company, WPIX has long been regarded as a groundbreaking station in New York PIX11 has served as the over-the-air home of the New York .

Tue, Aug 4, AM. I am beside myself whenever I try to record a sports team season. I have called multiple times about this and am at my wits end. Will you ever fix it, or will you continue to aggravate your sports subscribers? Vikings on NFL Network. Tell me what I am doing wrong when "recording season" and I will fix it.

Maybe DirecTV needs to fix the choices when recording sports seasons. Hello sgelfond. In some cases, the name of the team is consistent with that guide data and can end up recording on other networks if you go through the option under the Menu-Discover- Sports option.

Setting up through the specific subscribed channel usually works best. Find the next game that's broadcast on that channel. Click the info in the guide to pull up the INFO from that broadcast. Under the Summary option on the left side of the screen, choose season record. From that point it will list both teams for that specific game. Choose the Met's. If there are any further problems or issues, let us know.

If there are any issues relating to the DVR software, at that point we would need to further investigate and potentially escalated to our set top box engineers for additional review and resolution. Based on that, the Vikings are certainly an out-of -market NFL team. If you have the NFL Sunday Ticket, the series option should find each game and record in the 's channel range each Sunday. Currently you're not going to be able to test that as the guide data is not that far out for the NFL season.

We appreciate you reaching out through our community forum. If you need real-time support and troubleshooting, use the following link for our contact information. We offer chat support as well and will always be glad to assist.

Still need help? Ask a question! Our 1. Followed your instructions, which is one of the methods that I had previously used. It is choosing to record that channel instead of SNY. I'm an electrical engineer with a master's degree. I study and correct bad algorithms. It simply finds the 1st hit, doesn't bother to see if the user is subscribed, and declares mission accomplished.

It should allow for the user to select the preferred network when there are multiple hits. It should warn the user if unsubscribed channels are selected. This is not hard. Not doing this is lazy. It is very tedious to undo ALL of the unwanted recordings and correct them for a game season.

Even the short 60 game season is cumbersome. These are the steps that need to be taken. But the DVR recording randomly chooses networks that to record that I don't have a subscription for. It is possible to individually select football games since there are only 16 in a season. The instructions provided were an offer for a 'work around" based on the trouble you have had.

It's unfortunate to hear that will not suffice for a resolution based on the same results. With your background and experience, it's assumed that you have attempted a red button reset of the Genie DVR to attempt correction of the issue. If not, please try that to determine any difference with recording results. Your reply relating to your experience and feedback is appreciated.

Software issues can occur and when they do, we will always look for ways to better the customer experience. Thankfully you can still set up a manual record and that works for you. Keep in mind if you find the process tedious, maybe scheduling through our mobile app will be a better experience for you. Keep in mind your options for iOS and Android devices. Regarding the ability to report this and have our engineers review, feel free to use the contact information provided in my previous post.

If you originally added the games using the search function rather than adding it at from the specific channel guide as described above you. May have a saved series in the series manager that is listed above your newly added series. You may need to do this in order to rectify.

TV Forum. Like Comment Follow Share. Inconvienently next to OFF button which is easily fat-fingered. The 1st channel gets recorded and the 2nd channel, which is in conflict, does not. Please don't tell me that this doesn't happen because it does, every time. Manually delete the unwanted channel by selecting the orange R button Continue to slowly scroll down and find channels that you don't want because DirecTV is too lazy to do this correctly.

This gets worse. August 7th has a game. It's not even selecting a channel. I then exit this menu and to to the guide. After in the guide, press fast-foward double arrow to move 12 hours ahead until near the time of the game on August 7th.

Press the right arrow to get to game time. Low and Behold, the game is on SNY, not selected to record. How about that folks! At least that works!

Goodness Gracious. Now press info and get confused. It says that it is already recording this team. But not this day. Nor the next. Nor the next? I've had this go wrong also. And have called multiple times. DirecTV either doesn't believe me or simply doesn't care. Hello sgelfond The instructions provided were an offer for a 'work around" based on the trouble you have had.

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