What can you eat with cottage cheese

what can you eat with cottage cheese

18 Clever Ways to Eat Cottage Cheese

Mar 15,  · Blintz Pancakes Blending sour cream and cottage cheese, ingredients traditionally associated with blintzes, into the batter of these pancakes gives them old-fashioned flavor. Top these family favorites with berry syrup to turn an ordinary morning into an extraordinary day.—Dianna Digoy, San Diego, CaliforniaAuthor: Laurie Dixon. Substitutions for Cheese / Nutrition / Healthy Eating - FitDay.

We like cottage cheese. Hell, some of us even love it. That chewy, curd-y texture, the saltiness and the fatty mouthfeel We get it, though—it's got a reputation, and it's not a good one.

Here's how to eat cottage cheese without feeling like an 80's chedse dieter, including some dan ideas that Epi readers shared when my colleague Anya posted shared her cottage-cheese confessional. This might be the most common—albeit a little bit retro—way to eat cottage cheese, but it's got that salty-sweet thing going on that we really can't be mad at.

Here are some youu toppings to brighten up a creamy bowl of cottage cheese—feel free to mix and match. And remember, you can always go really old school and fill a halved peach or melon with cottage cheese for the ultimate "dieter's delight. It is cheese, after all. The cheese's texture lends itself cottagr to simple toppings, like a drizzle of olive oil, but textural pops like crunchy chips and juicy tomatoes work well as a fun change if you cheesee like you're stuck in a CC clttage. Other mix-in ideas from our readers included crumbled baconWitn olives, and salsa.

Worth a shot, right? Besides being a protein-rich snack, how to make ice cream and ingredients cheese can easily make its way into your dinner repertoire. You can use it in place of ricotta in lots of recipes, including salads, like this grilled kale and plum one, stuffed into fried squash blossomsand even used instead of ricotta in lasagna to add more protein plus, cottage cheese is typically cheaper than ricotta!

We also love these savory pancakes made with cottage cheese, and this herbaceous dip —pass the toast, stat. Try subbing some or all of the ricotta in this lasagna recipe We think it might change your mind about how to eat cottage cheese forever:. Make it sweet This might be the most common—albeit a little bit retro—way to eat cottage cheese, but it's got that salty-sweet thing going on that we really can't be mad at.

Banana Pancakes

Jun 19,  · And remember, you can always go really old school and fill a halved peach or melon with cottage cheese for the ultimate "dieter's delight." Hey, Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

People tend to find its curdy texture either delightful or appalling. But you know what they say: No time like a pandemic to explore the tremendous variety of delicious and creative cottage cheese recipes out there. Okay, seriously, though: Cottage cheese is an awesome ingredient to have on hand right now—full of nutrition and surprisingly versatile and therefore harder to get sick of.

These mild, protein-packed curds can be used to make so many different things, from pasta and pancakes to dips and desserts. Many of these cottage cheese recipes feature the ingredient prominently, while others cleverly camouflage it or transform its unusual texture altogether. Instead of stuffing chicken breasts with ricotta or mozzarella, try using cottage cheese. Get the recipe here. This dessert-like snack is sweetened with bananas.

You can eat it right after blending, or make a big batch and freeze individual servings to thaw whenever a craving strikes. Cottage cheese absolutely works in lasagna as a substitute for ricotta. This vegetarian recipe also has plenty of melty cheeses mozzarella and Parmesan for deliciousness, and fresh spinach and tomato sauce add a full serving of vegetables per piece.

This easy breakfast casserole is packed with bread the recipe calls for gluten-free, but you can absolutely use regular instead , cheese, broccoli, eggs, feta, and cottage cheese. A dollop of cottage cheese brings the cream-cheese-frosting flavor to this super-hearty bowl of oats. Perfect for meal prep, you can make a big batch of these muffins and have on-the-go breakfast ready for the whole week! Ham and cheddar are great fillings, but you can easily make them vegetarian by subbing a vegetable like cooked broccoli or carrots for the meat.

Want to shake up your overnight oat game? Try adding halved grapes to the mixture, before or after you let it sit overnight. Similar to the savory crepes, this pancake batter is a little bit thicker and made with just eggs, cottage cheese, and oats. You can sweeten it with a little bit of honey, syrup, or sugar if you want, or just top it with fruit to add some sweetness. A quick frozen treat that you can make with whatever berries or cherries you have in your freezer. The combination of tangy cottage cheese, sweet berries, and starchy oats makes for a breakfast that tastes just enough like dessert.

These super-delicious deviled eggs are higher in protein than the original version and absolutely a suitable option for your next potluck. The sweet-and-savory egg-noodle casserole is made with sour cream, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. This refreshing summer salad is packed with juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers and radishes. White vinegar and olive oil help the cottage cheese turn into a sort of vinaigrette.

Spaghetti squash is awesome, but not particularly filling without a substantial sauce. This creamy pesto, made with a mix of ricotta and cottage cheese, fits the bill. This vegetarian lasagna calls for a dairy double whammy of cottage cheese and fontina or mozzarella.

You can use canned or frozen artichoke hearts. This protein-packed salad can be made using shelf-stable ingredients like canned salmon, capers, and chickpeas. Serve on toasted bread for a fast, fancy lunch. Top with almond butter, berries, and maple syrup. A delicious bean dip that is not hummus! This one is made with white beans like cannellini or navy , cottage cheese, and two whole heads of roasted garlic.

So, these are kind of genius. Whipping cottage cheese in a food processor—along with honey, orange zest, and vanilla—creates a sweet and smooth pudding-like filling. This hearty salad is obviously inspired by everything bagels, which means cottage cheese is playing the role of cream cheese. Use store-bought everything bagel seasoning a worthy investment , or make your own. Putting cottage cheese in your egg mixture adds some lovely texture and extra protein with very little effort.

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Kevin Lynch via Closet Cooking. Claudia H. Rachel Gurk via Rachel Cooks. White vinegar and olive oil help the cottage cheese turn into a sort of vinaigrette Get the recipe here.

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