What can i offer in a relationship

what can i offer in a relationship

What Are You Supposed To Bring To A Relationship?

Dec 13,  · So to answer J.M’s question- What the heck are you supposed to bring to a relationship? A simple answer would be to “bring your lovely self,” “good credit” or “magical hands.”Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Dec 11,  · As a relationship progresses, it’s easy to focus on its problems. We can catalog all the negative patterns that have arisen or all the frustrating qualities a partner has.

In case you still believe that, I am here to tell you ladies some things you can offer in a relationship apart from sex. No man wants a girl with no sense of humor, some girls think a what can i use besides limewire is a one-sided affair, as long as he is making me laugh and happy am ok. It should also be the other way around. A sense of humor is a necessity in life and you should enjoy using it to its fullest extent.

You should be able to provide for your man as much as he provides for you because he deserves to feel safe and loved too. Strive to match his ambition, not stand on the sidelines while he does all of the work.

A woman should possess the humility needed to set aside her own needs and give support to her man. This can be as small as giving him control over the remote or as big as choosing what kind of car to buy.

Of course, you would have your preferences. You will voice your opinions. But overall, you know making your man happy will ultimately help you, and the relationship thrive. A man needs someone who has his back. A woman is great at this because she falls into the role of chief supporter. Women naturally encourage and support. They tell their men they are doing a great job, and that they are good at what they do.

When your man has issues with a co-worker, you should be able to help him understand how to deal with it. Give him the extra push he needs to take care of business. When he succeeds, you celebrate with him. You should be loyal to your man.

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Telisha is a relationship writer for Hello Beautiful and the author of a more personal blog, Goddess Intellect from the diverse city of Toronto. When Telisha is not crafting blog posts behind her laptop she is busy behind the scenes providing relationship consultations, hosting exciting events, and making trouble on Twitter. ThinkBeautiful A question from a Facebook friend on my timeline caught my attention the other day.

I could not get it out of my head, so naturally I started to do what I always do to express myself; blog about it. Some of us go through life with a blueprint that was created for us from conception and we stick to it, some of us glance at the blueprint every once in awhile and then proceed make other plans. Whatever the case may be, the last thing you want to do is work against yourself. So to answer J. Of course you will have your own wish list of attributes and preferences for the It Factor the lucky man or woman must have in order to win your heart, but let me tell you right now—when that special person sashays into your universe, your list will become obsolete and irrelevant.

Ok so the floor is open, what do you bring to a relationship or what do you want out of a relationship? Have you come close? Why or why not? All Rights Reserved. Telisha N Posted December 12, Love , relationships , sex. Your email will be shared with hellobeautiful. More From HelloBeautiful.

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