Praise dance praise is what i do

praise dance praise is what i do

Praise is What I Do...!

Oct 25, аи Ark of Safety Christian Church. Jan 19, аи The New Oil Dance Ministry dancing to praise is what I do.

Both cheer at the game. I asked people to email me about the origins of praise dancing or how to make chaas at home thoughts on such. He questioned a church activity that had women in body-hugging leotards covered by flowing dresses sometimes made of the sheerest of material while they kicked, turned and thrust their hips to and fro. On the other hand, I heard from women who enjoy praise dancing.

As Pastor T. I had to question myself. The reason? When one gets the spirit of the Holy Ghost, it is done with spontaneity. It is not planned. Or choreographed. It just happens. The same can be said for all those passages from the Bible. It was a spontaneous tribute to God that can never be duplicated. Even if it happens over and over again, it is not a duplication. Sometimes it happens in the beginning of the service.

Other times at the end of the service. Sometimes it lasts a minute. Other times it can go on forever. But in the end, it is not planned and that is, for me, the defining factor on dancing in the church. For when one has to have rehearsals to learn the steps and movements, then is it really dancing to praise God or dancing for the entertainment of the congregation? Singing is a God-given talent that people use in church to offer their talent to God.

Where is the talent in praise dancing? One auditions for the choir. Do they audition to praise dance? And is there really choreography involved when the same hand movements are used over and over again?

I wonder how many of the young girls, who are the predominant ones doing praise dancing, would be willing to put forth a concerted effort into formal ballet training? You know the kind where your feet hurt and bleed from being on your toes and your legs muscles cramp from the constant what is tolerance in photoshop for perfection?

Can anyone besides me see the hypocrisy in our getting mad over white people in blackface, then put the exact opposite in our churches as an acceptable form of entertainment?

~ Inspirations of Praise Dance. Praise Garments and Accessories

Oct 21, аи New Mount Calvary MBC Praise Dance-Praise is What I Do - Duration: theeDj 3, views. For Every Mountain Liturgical Dance - Duration: onice 5, views. This was their first praise dance. They are from Constant Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, located on the westside of Chicago, Illinois. I hope this will be. May 01, аи Maximized Life Christian Center International Dance Ministry @.

Is there proper attire for praise dancing? I believe so. I have seen some dance troupes that wear dance attire but what they are wearing is not appropriate for church.

We must remember who we are representing and the objective of praise dancing. Dance attire that is worn for dance productions are for entertainment. The objective of praise dancers or liturgical dancers is not to entertain, but to minister the Word of God, so the garments worn should be representative of such. The garments should be an enhancement to the ministry of the dance or to at least not be a distraction. They can become a part of the choreography. For example if the nature of the song is angelic, an overlay can be worn that spans out like angel wings or full circle skirts can be worn that span out when turns are made.

If the genre of the song is hip hop conservative hip hop attire can be worn. Many times you will see praise dancers that have on layers of garments, this is to ensure they are covered and show reverence to God. When dancers wear just leotards, tights and a skirt which is are often made out of a light weight fabric that can be seen through; the audience may see more than what is expected when dancers are up in front of the church and lights are shining on them. Thus creating a distraction away from the ministry of the dance and on to what the dancer is wearing.

Keep in mind that the garments should show reverence to God and not distract from the ministry of the dance. Refer to Isaiah ,. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. In understanding the message, think about how what you wear can help your audience receive that message. What are your thoughts? Your comments are highly appreciated. This is the beginning of what I pray will be a long and lasting relationship with those of you with a heart for dancing for the Lord.

This blog is my way of sharing my excitement for the Lord with others that have a passion for praise dancing. My participation in praise dancing over the past 10 years has truly been a part of my spiritual growth.

This journey began because of my love for music, especially gospel music, and dance. By doing praise dance it has taken my love for both to a totally different level. I do not claim to be an expert in the field, but the purpose of this blog is just to engage conversation with others in the dance ministry and share experiences. For sharing is what helps us to grow and gain understanding. In the 10 years that I have served as the Dance Ministry Director at my church, I have grown both in my understanding about the meaning and purpose of praise dancing and as mentioned earlier, my spiritual growth.

This growth has been through much prayer, attending dance conferences, workshops, and classes. Just as with our spiritual walk, we have to continuously work on it so that we continue to grow.

Praise Dancing or liturgical dance should be treated as a ministry of the church and not a performance that is done as a part of a program. To minister means to administer the functions of religious duties. That is what we as praise dancers are doing. At times the dance may be to set the atmosphere such as during praise and worship, it may set the stage for the Spoken Word, or it may be the message in and of itself.

So it is very important that the dancers know the awesomeness of their responsibility as a praise dancer. That it is not merely movements to music that happens to be Christian, but that they are preaching the Word through their movements. Therefore it is important that the dancers understand what it is they are dancing to. To understand the meaning of the songs their dancing to and most of all be connected to their heavenly Father.

For how can you tell or show what you do not know. Praise dance or liturgical dance can take on many forms, of which I will get more into in later blogs, but just as there are many genres of Christian music the dances can reflect those genres.

Just ensure that it is done in reverence to God and not to be entertaining. If it speaks to you, then it should speak to others. Looking for your feedback on your thoughts or your experiences in your praise dance ministry.

Until next time, keep on Praising the Lord through your dance. Tags dance ministry , liturgical dance , Praise Dance. The Joy of Praise Dance This is the beginning of what I pray will be a long and lasting relationship with those of you with a heart for dancing for the Lord. Remember that in praise dance you are dancing with and for the Lord. Email Required Name Required Website.

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