How to watch live tv on mobile phone free

how to watch live tv on mobile phone free

How to stream live TV to your mobile phone

Jan 20,  · In the end, it is free live TV on Android and nothing can beat a free service. We used an HDMI cable to connect the smartphone to an HDTV and enjoyed watching foreign TV on a big screen. LiveNow! is an incredible app and will provide you with quality entertainment for a long time. Jan 02,  · How to Watch Live TV on Android Mobile | Watch Free Live TV on Any Mobile Phone in TeluguIn This Video I Am Showing You guys How to Watch Live TV on Android Author: Telugu A to Z

But does anyone care? A while back, tg I first heard about broadcasters' plans to build their own network to deliver local and live TV to smartphones, I have to admit I what are diamonds worth at a pawn shop a little. The idea that broadcasters, with little to no experience in the wireless world, could accomplish such a feat seemed ludicrous.

Equally laughable was the idea that people would tune into Judge Judy on their phones. With so many other stories floating around at how to close windows on ipad air time, the big question was: when will the iPhone come to Verizon?

Dyle declined to comment on the specific timing watchh the launch. Still, I remain skeptical. See, MCV has this service, called Dyle -- but no one has ever heard of it, and it's launching at a time when people are increasingly viewing shows and movies on their own time.

Yes, people will tune in to live sports and big breaking stories, but is that enough to justify the purchase of a new phone or pricey dongle for your tablet? History has shown that consumers haven't exactly clamored for live TV on their mobile devices.

Those challenges and shifting trends appear to be how to adjust transmission cable recipe for disaster. But I have to give it to Dalvi and fellow co-general manager Erik Moreno, who is also the senior vice president of corporate development for Fox Networks, for their enthusiasm about the service.

Despite juggling multiple responsibilities, they are committed to seeing this through. I want them to succeed, even if they could very well fail. MCV who? Back inMCV was merely a promise made by several broadcasters. In total, 92 stations have agreed to work with MCV. The idea was that this separate network would broadcast local stations to mobile devices. That sounded eerily like Qualcomm's own MediaFlo service, which offered live TV services to cell phones with the right chip and antennas right around the same time.

MediaFlo was a favorite project of CEO Paul Jacobs, whose eyes would light up every time he demonstrated the service to me. Only select handsets, and not exactly the sexiest choices, featured the pull-out antennas necessary to pick up the feed. A lot of the shows were blacked how to set up a funeral director business because Qualcomm couldn't secure the necessary rights from the hpw broadcasters that are launching the service now.

Most importantly, the niche technology meant Qualcomm couldn't get it into a lot of devices, a dilemma that MCV faces today. It's no surprise that Qualcomm suspended new sales of MediaFlo devices in October and killed the service the following March, a failure that have left many skeptical over whether mobile live TV is actually something that people want.

Just four months later, MCV came up with the Dyle brand, meant to be "fun and entertaining brand personality" with a nod to the old-fashioned television dial. I didn't even blink as the announcement came out and faded into the ether. Treasure trove of spectrum MCV resurfaced on my radar last year not because of any interest in mobile live TV, but because of the valuable airwaves that the broadcasters were sitting on, spectrum that the wireless industry is angling to get its hands on for itself.

While spectrum isn't the lvie attention-grabbing subject out there, it's important because its scarcity determines how carriers charge everyone for all of their services. The wireless industry, MCV argues, can benefit from a second network that runs parallel to the cellular one. Consumers who watch television through Dyle don't consume data from their plans, an increasingly big concern with more restrictions on data use.

In its own way, MCV believes it can alleviate the growing traffic congestion on the mobile highways. But that spectrum, the wireless industry argues, would be better put to use on the networks of the carriers, which already offered established services to hundreds of millions of customers.

Over the next few years, the Federal Communications Commission will hold what's known as an "incentive auction," in which the broadcasters can choose to sell back their spectrum in an auction for wireless carriers.

Smaller broadcasters with fewer viewers could break away from the alliance and sell back the spectrum. I haven't seen broadcaster talk translate into a market offering. In addition, accessory maker Belkin showed off a prototype unit of a dongle that would plug into iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPadand allow them to pick up local TV signals. The service will pick up four or five local channels, or possibly more, depending on the market you're in.

Simply because they're outside their home doesn't mean they don't want the mobi,e programming. Of course, Nooney is going to be supportive, since his company offers mobile video services -- both live and on-demand, and powers the services and video platform for Dyle.

MetroPCS, meanwhile, is taking a flyer what is the best place to visit in china something new in an effort to stand out from its rivals and reverse its slowing customer growth. Even writing up the MetroPCS announcement, I couldn't find time to meet with Dyle personally, having made the usual mistake of cramming too how to watch live tv on mobile phone free meetings at the gigantic trade show.

Doubt also lingered in my mind: how serious should I be taking this service? Dyle a reality soon Apparently, I should be taking it a bit more seriously now, hence this piece. In addition to Belkin, accessory maker Elgato plans on making its own iOS dongles, with plans for an Android one coming next year. A recent study -- conducted by Research Now, but lkve by Dyle -- indicates consumers may be more interested in t TV than previously thought.

The person survey found that 61 percent of consumers would be somewhat or very likely to switch cell phone providers to get access to mobile TV. Even more -- 68 percent -- said they would watch more live TV if it were available on their mobile device. The study found phine consumers wanted to get their local news and weather from mobile TV even if the content is readily available online.

The dilemma that Moreno is referring to is the challenge that any wholly new service faces at launch. Most of the handset manufacturers and wireless carriers won't pay attention to Dyle unless it starts how to watch live tv on mobile phone free see critical mass with consumers.

But it's difficult to get customers to notice most mobile services without the marketing heft of those same handset manufacturers and wireless carriers.

As a hook, Dyle will be free to anyone with a compatible phone or dongle. The venture is focusing on driving adoption, and would look to different business models if it reaches critical mass.

MCV won't have the support from the big players. Initially, its only carrier partner is MetroPCS, which has a base of 9. In addition, the initial products aren't going to be pretty. The first set of products, including the Samsung smartphone for MetroPCS, will require annoying pull-out antennas that doomed the first wave of MediaFlo products.

Moreno and Dalvi are more excited about the dongles, which take advantage of the explosive growth of the iPad and the increasing tendency to watch movies and other programs on them.

They believe that tablets are the best way around the stranglehold that ohw carriers have over the industry. But even then, the venture risks falling into the same pricing trap as Qualcomm. The early devices won't be cheap. Elgato will sell a U. These aren't the kind of prices that are going to lure in consumers, even if they are interested in turning their iPad into a second, portable television.

Nate Kraft, director of product development for Belkin, acknowledged the price range means this isn't a mass-market product, but said that during the initial launch, the early adopters who would be interested in Dyle wtch paying less attention to the price, and more to the quality llive the service.

Indeed, most of the companies I talk to, from platform provider MobiTV to Dyle itself, are taking a long-haul approach the service. Be respectful, how to do a slide on guitar it civil and stay on topic.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage watfh to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Watch live TV on wqtch phone! No, really commentary Mobile Content Venture, a little known, but powerful consortium of broadcasters, wants to deliver local and live TV to phones and tablets.

Roger Cheng. The Dyle application running on mobilr mobile device. Dyle The idea that broadcasters, with little to no experience in the wireless world, could accomplish such a feat seemed ludicrous.

A list of the companies involved with Mobile Content Venture. Get live TV via om upcoming mobile devices pictures See all photos. Discuss: Watch live TV on your phone! No, really.

Thoughts on Quality With Live TV on Android

Sep 07,  · tutorial that explains on you can really watch free TV with more than channels like HBO, Showtime, FOX, CBS, ESPN, and lots mo Author: muwen Jun 17,  · In this video I'm going to be showing you how to watch free live TV on your android smartphoneIf you liked this video give it a thumps up and don't forget to.

Watching TV is probably the easiest and quickest way to get entertained. With TV, you can have tons of channels to keep you entertained and updated with the latest news. Thankfully, we now have apps that enable you to watch live TV on your Android phone.

With Live TV apps, you can now watch your favorite shows anywhere from the comforts of your bedroom, to your travels. Although most apps to watch live TV are free, not all of your favorite shows are available with it.

Also, you can connect your phone to a television so that you can watch it with a larger screen. With this guide, you can now watch your favorite shows and channels on your smartphone in just a few minutes.

Open the app — the initial loading will take a little longer, but hand in there. The loading time depends on your signal strength, internet speed and the power of your Android device. After the loading is done, you will be presented with the main screen. From here simply tap on the Live TV option to get to the channel list. You will be presented with a ton of options to choose from. There are some really interesting channels in this app. But unfortunately there are no network ones, but that is not a big deal if you are looking to spend some quality time.

Select the channel which fancies your mood and simply give it a tap. We are aware that some channels are not available in some regions, so if something is not working simply move on to another one. With around plus channels there is no shortage of great content. After you clicked on a channel, the video will start buffering.

The buffering is usually short on WiFi but can take longer depending on your internet speed and signal strength. Some channels take a little longer than others to initialize so be patient. The app uses a basic interface which can be seen in the screen captures.

There are a pause button and definition options. Some TV channels can also be forwarded to a certain point, which is a great feature to get to the juicy parts of the show. Overall the app has a satisfactory interface, however, there is one annoying thing — the pause button overstays its welcome for way too long.

No one likes a big pause symbol right in the middle of a screen while there is some action going on in the video. The video controls also take a tad bit longer to vanish from the screen, it is not that big of a deal though and is certainly a personal qualm.

Some channels are not broadcasted in widescreen format so please be prepared to watch square transitions. Thankfully some channels do support widescreens and they look remarkable when viewed in landscape mode.

The stream quality depends on the source; if the source is not broadcasting in HD there is no way to get a clear picture on your Android device. Here is how a video looks in HD:.

Some channels require a subscription to work but they are very few. The ads can also be removed by paying for a subscription. If you are not annoyed by the ads, the app works flawlessly. Now you know how to watch live TV on Android.

In the end, it is free live TV on Android and nothing can beat a free service. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions, or just want to share your opinion with other people! Featured Image. Jagdish is an Android troubleshooter who loves talking tech and discussing technology's impact on humanity.

He is passionate about writing and fond of technology—with a zeal for Android problem-solving. When Jag isn't writing or discussing tech and marketing, he'll be smashing cricket balls or shooting hoops on the basketball court.

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