How to sync samsung galaxy s2 with mac

how to sync samsung galaxy s2 with mac

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac? [4 Easy Ways in 2021]

Dec 29,  · To backup/transfer/copy all photos from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Mac, here is the best Photos to Galaxy SII Transfer tool for you: Connect the Samsung Galaxy S20 to the PC or Mac.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 release date was April Features and Specs include what does anointed one mean 4. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! Russell Ng Android Expert. Kies has always worked for me I do agree it is a bit of a hit and miss sometimes.

But if you aren't interested in flashing via Odin, its the only way to get updates really. Kies installed, eventually, it took a long, long, time, but the phone would not connect. I reinstalled, rebooted, restarted the phone and managed to get it to connect. When it did, the contacts screen in Kies ot corrupted but I did manage to edit the contacts.

Then the machine how to prepare for pre med screened, rebooted, started again, got the phone to connect, clicked on the contacts item on the left hand window - machine wit.

Luckily the phone itself behaves better, though parts are flaky. Some of the settings save only when they feel like it, and it still reboots itself periodically, though not as often as it used to when I had some apps on the SD card.

I really think these guys have some work to do ggalaxy order to compete properly with the other offerings currently gow the marketplace. TBrewer Lurker.

I'm in the same boat. I read the first post and I am suffering the same android shinanigans. This samsung is the first "touch screen" phone I've had; always preferring blackberry. Im what to say to someone who has lost a parent savvy enough to never pay for anything and to have had a pretty good run for the last decade or so.

Ive tried Kies and it didnt work and I'm now a week without files essential to my job. Can anyone point me in the right direction?? My blackberry worked so well, never had to fiddle around to delete a letter in the middle of a sentence Tyler Brewer. Best of all, it's free.

They perform well but in my opinion the software in both needs more TLC. I cannot believe i have been struggling connecting my phone to the computer for so long and finally after endless hours of frustration where i follow every step they say and nothing works Thanks heaps Russell. Your easy steps made life so much easier for me. I am dumb when it comes to computers and phones and this was so easy for me. I use Samdung Go, find it very easy to use either via USB or wirelessly, you can back uprestoreinstall apps etc.

Hi Megan. FromtheUK Lurker. Hi there. I've been reading many how long to file small claims in california of advice on various forums and still got no where, despite downloading Kies etc.

I finally managed to work it out after several frustrating hours! I am in the UK tho, so maybe the settings are slightly different? Press the "Connect Storage to PC' option. Now insert the USB Cable. Nothing happened for a about 30 seconds as it appeared to be thinking although you cant see this! Eventually 'IPhotos' popped up on my computer, but still nothing.

So I then clicked onto 'File' at top left hand corner of computer screen, then 'Import to Library'. A new box pops up. Then click 'Import' When its finished, check your photos and rename your file, making sure they are definitely there before you delete them off wihh phone.

Unplug USB. Good luck and I hope this work for you. Samsung Galaxy S2 Forum. Similar Threads - sync Samsung Galaxy. Replies: 5 Views: Replies: 4 Views: BrianHart Apr 10, Replies: 1 Views: Onedrive is now syncing, not backing up. How to fix? Replies: 9 Views: Replies: 6 Views: Replies: 4 Views: 1, TBrown Feb 7, Galaxy watch stopped syncing Gmail pemveeJan 10,in forum: Android Lounge. Replies: 3 Views: Replies: 7 Views: Help Do Outlook contacts sync on Samsung?

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Connect your Samsung device to the Mac with a USB cable, choose the PTP mode from the Samsung notification screen. Select your Samsung phone from the Devices list. Choose a local folder for storing the transferred photos. Preview the photos and choose the ones that you want to copy, then click Import. May 17,  · On the Galaxy S II, open Settings > Wireless and Network > USB Utilities. 3. Select “Connect storage to PC”. 4. Make sure CompanionLink is running on the PC, then connect the Galaxy S II to the PC using a USB cable. 5. Open DejaOffice, then tap “Sync” to begin. With only three steps, you can transfer/sync all photos from Mac to Galaxy S2 with the help of MobileGo for Android:

We are open for business and available to help you! We appreciate the support of all our customers during this difficult time.

We just received our new Galaxy S II what an amazing device! Follow these instructions before each sync:. Once again, our local Wi-Fi sync is fully automatic and is not subject to any of these restrictions. Let us know below! For USB. Help — Kies does not work. Yes, we can do this. Please contact our support team directly via phone — Aftrer an hour of getting frustrated,this sorted it out so quickly. My question is how do I get my contacts from the S to S2. That said, here are some general resources for helping with deleting and avoiding duplicates that you might find useful:.

However at the next sync the software created duplicates for almost every contact in both the notebook and the smartphone. Since I have more than 2, contacts it would be very time consuming to merge all of the duplicates manually.

How can I remove the duplicates without having to buy a specific duplicate removing software? How can I avoid this problem from recurring? There is a version 2. See the xda forums for a thread on the problems with the inherent earlier version usb port that the S2 shipped with. There are instructions on how to order a new port, and open and change your own with a fair amount of ease. Fwiw: My S2 used to sync with Companionlink, but the port has gone so bad that the PC doesnt even see it anymore..

I have been using a USB for syncing but want to go wireless. I also have a linksys wireless system setup at home supported with WEP security. How secure is wireless syncing? Really, would I be taking a big chance using wirelessly syncing?

I hate the USB tether but am concerned with security. To sync plug in USB cable and then press the DejaOffice sync button, and follow on screen instructions. Sorry about that — I misunderstood what you were saying! We do work to support all the official variations of Android, however. Sorry for any inconvenience! Which phone do you have? If we have one in the office, I can test to confirm this is the case.

The above setup is required due to the way we currently interact with Android, and specifically the Galaxy SII in this case. We are exploring ways to avoid having to go through the setup and make the process more automatic, but I have no updates on that at this point. Give us a call at Are there some news concerning this issue? If sync was done completely i randomly receive replication or save conflicts on synchronizing lotus notes 8.

Initially, the contacts will sync to our DejaOffice app for Android. DejaOffice can optionally sync those contacts with the native Android contacts app. Contact notes are synced as part of the contact. Individual Notes sync to the notes app in DejaOffice. Follow these instructions before each sync: 1.

First, ensure that the phone is disconnected from the PC. Only change the USB setting.. Hopefully that info helps! Let me know if you have further questions. Hi: I am using a samsung Vibrant with 2. Is there a downside to doing this? Happy to help. Which carrier is your S II on? Interestingly enough, it does make a difference. Hi, Are there some news concerning this issue?

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