How to solder tin sheet metal

how to solder tin sheet metal

Patching sheet metal holes using low temp solder.

Place two tin metal seams together on top the block of wood. The block of wood acts as a heat sink to keep from over heating the tin metal being soldered. Step 8 Place the tip of the solder iron at the intersection point of the two edges being soldered to heat the metal. Jun 17, аи basics of how to solder using muriatic acid, cFLUX, map gas, and tri-bar solder.

World's 1 finishing resource since No login needed: Chime right in. How do I solder tin from tin cans together? Mstal I use a soldering iron how to make an area rug do I need a mini-torch? What type of solder and flux should I use? I want to solder the seams of a small 6 inch long boat that I cut from an old tin can. I'd like to know how to solder tin cans together, also.

Could someone please let me know! Phil Smith - Atlanta, Georgia Q. I would like to know more on soldering tin. I am wanting to solder tin cans together.

What materials, and heat source is best for this. I am a newbie to metal works. I was looking for what solder could be used for tin and found this.

I just wanted to pass it on to everyone here. Take 4 parts of pewter, 1 of tin, and 1 of bismuth, melt them together, and run them into thin slips. Resin is also employed in using this solder. Hope how to solder tin sheet metal helps.

Ok, well first off there are not many tin cans left in the world. Most "tin" cans today are made of aluminum. If you search the web for "Solder Aluminum" there are a wolder of sites. Aluminum is pretty difficult to solder but there are new products that make it a bit easier.

New solders and fluxes that will allow the newbie to get fair results. Good Luck. These cans are still widely used for soups and vegetables. When soldering any sheet metal use soldering coppers iron and not a torch.

Just search the internet for more info. I took a recent workshop on this and here is an answer: First, as previously said, there aren't many actual tin cans anymore. To check if the metal that you want to solder is steel or aluminum, use a magnet.

Use these instructions to solder steel only These are the basic instructions Thoroughly clean both edges heat with a blow torch flux both add solder dheet with a cloth. Both pieces metxl now tinned; you should now be able to solder the two pieces together. There is a great deal of information on soldering in this sheet fully represented here online.

It makes modern soldering look like a dream: how to pronounce anela in hawaiian. I picked up some high-wattage soldering irons recently. They are W or greater and couple pounds apiece. I want to ton my hand at soldering non-galvanized sheet metal. I do not want the solder joints oslder corrode so, what type of flux and solder should I use?

Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. All sheey presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. If you are seeking a product or service related to metal finishing, please check these Directories:. Use these instructions to solder steel only -- use: lead free solder found in plumbing section in hardware store soldering gun also found in hardware store flux use the kind that works with the solder that you buy; ask which to use these supplies can also be found in stained glass supply stores, and these folks can probably help you more than the hardware store ton.

Hi: I'd like to know how to solder tin xolder together, hoq.

A. Tin plate is the easiest to solder because the metal is already "tinned" just use Zinc Chloride or resin paste for a flux and solder with 50/50 solder. These cans are still widely used for soups and vegetables. When soldering any sheet metal use soldering coppers (iron) and not a . Soldering sheet metal is done by first etching the metal with the appropriate acid for the metal being soldered. Only etch the area where solder is wanted or you will end up with an ugly mess of a job. The etching process makes the solder flow and wet the surface applied to and therefore bond to it. Feb 18, аи Apply a dab of flux and while keeping the heat up, solder a nice bead over the area. It takes about 5 - 10 seconds of heat to get the solder to flow, maybe longer for heavier gauge metal. ^ While getting the solder to flow, you may want to lift the sheet metal a .

Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Advice needed on soldering sheet metal. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Advice needed on soldering sheet metal , AM. I have been asked by a client to solder the seams on galvanized sheet metal flashing. The material is 4"x4"x20ga. The task is to solder the horizontal seams to prevent rain water from getting through to subfloor materials. My research has only raised more questions.

Are the butane Micro-torches better than electric Irons? Will the micro-torch burn up the galvanize plating? If an electric iron is better, what wattage should I purchase for this application? Any advice to help me through the learning curve is greatly appreciated, thanks, Woodman.

Tags: None. I'm a little confused, is it roofing your soldering of a floor? I don't know anything about what it is your doing but i'm curious since i might have a project coming up that may require a waterproof barrier. Comment Post Cancel. Don't use a torch of any kind as it will degrade the galvanize and will never allow your solder to flow properly.

I use electric irons only unless I'm silver brazing but that's different. Oh and clean, clean, clean!!! Originally posted by Laiky View Post. I like the Harris acid flux and Harris solder. I use a Hexacon watt Iron but the watt should be fine.

I did a lot of copper and brass when I was working and the extra wattage comes in handy. You might want to google them to be sure though, its been a long time. Here is there website.

Last edited by burninbriar ; , PM. To all who contribute to this board. My sincere thanks , Pete. Originally posted by Woodman View Post. Sorry for the confusion, while the other leg lays flat on pressure treated wood decking. I have one, but it is very old. Electric is probably more effective. I dont know the advantages or disadvantages of either, really.

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