How to send credit soeasy cyprus

how to send credit soeasy cyprus

Send money to Cyprus

To top-up you have to: Call the short code (soeasy Automatic Operator) from your mobile phone (or from any other phone). Follow the pre-recorded instructions and Dial **16digit secret number# from your mobile phone. soeasy pay as you go; Some important features may not work with the current version of your browser. Please consider upgrading it. soeasy pay as you go order. Social. The Company. Corporate Information Send us an email. Call us at

Company Number: Send money to Cyprus. Transaction details. Recipient details. Enter transaction details Enter the amount you want to send or the amount you want your recipient to receive, choose a currency, payment and delivery method. Amount to send. Amount to receive. Promo Code. Delivery methods We can deliver by. Available currencies: EUR. Send money directly to the recipient's bank account, funds received between working days. Banks may charge to receive these payments.

Send money directly to the recipient's bank card, any Visa or MasterCard issued by any bank worldwide, money received from minutes to 3 working daysdepending on the recipient's bank processing times. Payment methods We accept payments by. Available currencies:. You can pay for your money transfer to Cyprus with a local Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit card or by other local alternative payment methods available in your country.

How to send money to Cyprus? To transfer money to Cyprus you need to follow the 3 easy steps below: 1. Tell us the transaction details Using the send money form above, tell us the amount you want to send or the amount you want your recipient to receive, choose a currency, payment and delivery method.

Our low fees and guaranteed exchange rates are clearly displayed. Confirm and pay Review your transfer details and make a payment, your money will be on its way.

You can track your transfer status and view details of your money transfer in the Transfers section of your account. Our growing customer base includes expats from Cyprus sending money to Cyprus to support their family and loved ones, pay off debt, buy homes as well as individuals paying for goods and services in Cyprus and small and medium-sized businesses making payments to Cyprus to their employees, agents and affiliates.

There are lots of reasons why our customers use SendMoney Need Help? Have a Question? Contact Us and we'll be delighted to help you with your Money Transfer to Cyprus. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies to support your experience. Learn more. Are you sure? Email verification required. We have sent you an email, please follow instructions to complete registration. Close window. Sign in Don't have an account?

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Enter transaction details

Use the soeasy Money Transfer service, to transfer money from your soeasy account to another soeasy account! Dial ##, select the amount you want to transfer (ˆ2 or ˆ3) and insert the soeasy account to which you want to transfer the money. Apr 24,  · Ok, works like that: Call “##”. Then you get asked how much credits you want to send 2ˆ, 3ˆ, 5ˆ or 10ˆ enter the amount and go to the next step. Then they ask for the mobile number of the receiver. Enter it and that’s it. Now the credits should be transferred to the other mobile. Calling Cyprus: Key in + for Cyprus Followed by the number you want to reach: Key in **+XXXXXXXX# Calling anywhere else: As above, but use the appropriate country code instead of + Key in **country code telephone number# Top-up **digit number# **digit number# Check Balance *# *# Emergency: Customer Care.

Cytamobile - Vodafone offers you a series of advanced, yet easy to use, services. These services are continuously improved to cover your mobile telecommunication needs both in a personal and professional level. When connecting with Cytamobile-Vodafone , you have automatic access to a wide spectrum of network services. With this facility, which allows you to forward your calls to your Voicebox or to any other phone mobile or fixed in Cyprus, you can be certain not to miss any incoming calls.

There is the capability of rejecting calls made from anonymous numbers via the Anonymous Call Reject service. With Selective Call Rejection you can specify up to 5 numbers and block all their incoming calls. Call Waiting - When you are already talking on the phone and there is a second call on the line, a characteristic tone and a message on your mobile phone display informs you of the second call:. Call Hold - When you are already talking, you can put the call on hold and answer or make a second call:.

In order to be in a position to use the service, you should activate it first:. The Conference Calls service enables you to communicate with up to 5 people simultaneously, via your mobile phone. This service will be of great use to professionals, since it eliminates the need for arranging meetings, therefore saving them valuable time.

The Voicebox is your personal answering machine on a hour basis. It may store up to 20 messages. The use of the Voicebox is straightforward as there are recorded instructions to guide you through. How to call your Voicebox to listen to your messages. How to call directly another Voicebox to leave a message. How do you know that you have new messages. A text message appears on your mobile phone display SMS notification.

If you do not hear your messages within the next 25 minutes, then you will receive up to two notification calls as a reminder: the first call 5 minutes after the text message and the second call 20 minutes following the first. Immediately after you hear the greeting message, following the recorded instructions, you can:.

With the service Video-Call service the all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers Pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go have the opportunity to communicate with sound and picture in real time.

That is to say, they can see the person they are talking to, live on the screen of their 3G mobile phone even if they are far apart. The service does not need to be activated. International Video-Calls The Video-Call service is available and to International destinations with which exists special agreement.

Charging is per second without a minimum charge. The charge is flat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Video-Calls Roaming When you travel abroad, the service is available for Pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go customers, in countries and networks with which exists an International Roaming Agreement for Video-Calls.

Video-Calls from abroad will be charged the same as voice calls. If the recipient is unreachable for more than 72 hours the message will be permanently deleted. Please note that the character length of the message depends on the coding scheme alphabet used by the phone. For example, to send lower case Greek character the phone must be set up to use Unicode and not the GSM alphabet in which case the message can be 70 characters and not The subscriber sends a message to a specific code Short code to obtain the desired information.

Services for which the subscriber is charged when receiving the message Subscription services. The barring facility is an access control mechanism to content services, offered via cybee or via the Third Party Premium Messaging service, available to Cytamobile-Vodafone customers. Barring is offered for free. Cyta and MTN continue to work on the further improvement of this Code of Conduct, taking into consideration the related industry developments in the European market.

Within the framework of this agreement, the telecommunications companies of Cyprus that operate mobile services have incorporated the European Memorandum to the existing local Code. Review the most recent edition of the Code. At Cyta, we carefully design and offer innovative and fully integrated solutions, to enable you to communicate, work and entertain yourself with ease flexibility and personal safety. We also offer solutions for you to deal with malicious or harassing calls and ensure the safety of your personal information.

Malicious or harassing calls identification. If you receive any malicious or harassing calls, on your mobile phone or fixed line, even if the caller has used the identification restriction, we are in a position, with the technical infrastructure available and in cooperation with the police, to investigate and resolve every incident involving these calls.

You can simply submit a complaint to the police and in person, present to a Cytashop the Complaint Form Confirmation , which will be given to you by the police, along with your identification card, and fill in the Malicious or Harassing Calls form. VAT , for investigating the calls. The procedure applies to all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go plans and Fixed telephony customers.

In no circumstances whatsoever are the details of the caller making the malicious calls given to the person that has submitted the complaint. A relevant procedure applies to situations involving malicious or harassing SMS messages. Calls received from abroad or other local calls whose number does not appear on the screen of your phone will not be rejected. The Monthly Usage Limit service provides you with the ability to set a monthly limit of use for your mobile pay monthly plan so that you can have better control of your bill.

The first time you request the service you must visit one of our cytashops in person, since the signing of an application form is required. To reconnect your pay monthly plan after a temporary disconnection, you will be charged with a reconnection fee. Note: Since the processing of call data for billing purposes is carried out periodically and not in real time, there is a possibility that the amount of your monthly bill may exceed the pre-set user limit.

Also, the Monthly User Limit does not usually include all charges incurred by the use of mobile phones when abroad, due to the delay by foreign networks in sending international roaming call information to Cyta for the relevant charges to be levied.

Use the soeasy Money Transfer service, to transfer money from your soeasy account to another soeasy account! After completing this process, you will receive a confirmation message that the transaction has successfully been completed. You may use the service up to 10 times a month.

The amount will be deducted from the soeasy account that transfers the money. The amount transferred is not regarded as a top-up and as result, it does not affect the validity period of the soeasy account to which the money has been transferred. Therefore, the validity period of the most recent top-up still applies. To extend your validity period you are advised to top-up your soeasy.

All you have to do is press If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and you wish to change your soeasy pay as you go plan into a pay monthly plan or vice versa you can do it easily and quickly without changing your number. All you have to do is visit any of our Sales Network shops having your passport or I.

Talk, text and surf on two devices at the same time You can call, text or go online with two mobile phones at the same time. All you need is a second SIM card which you will use in your second mobile phone. You will receive calls and text messages on only one of the two mobile phones which you can activate as follows:.

All you have to do is obtain up to three more SIM cards, in addition to your second one, exclusively for Mobile Internet usage. It is important that you keep all your SIM cards in your possession, since they can be used simultaneously. You may need to restart the devices in which they have been placed. By connecting your mobile phone to a portable computer you may send and receive fax messages.

For receiving fax messages you are given an additional telephone number. The above mentioned is the standard equipment which is required although it may vary according to the terminal equipment used. Speed The Fax service supports speeds of , and bps Asynchronous connection , depending on the capabilities of your equipment. When completing the application form, be sure to specify which speed you require. Additional Information The Fax services sending and receiving fax messages are available to all pay monthly customers.

For the soeasy pay as you go you can only send fax messages but not receive. Application forms are available from any of our cytashops. The minimum information required to process your application is the make and model of your mobile phone. Send us an email. Call us at Why Cyta? Just ask! Contact Us Social Media Apps for your mobile. Order Tracking Login. Mobile Additional Mobile Services. Some important features may not work with the current version of your browser. Please consider upgrading it.

Additional Mobile Services. Call Identification is possible in cases where the incoming call is from another mobile phone or from fixed phone within Cyprus and as long as the caller has not activated the Calling Line Identification Restriction CLIR. CLIR per call is offered to you without an application. All three versions of CLIR are free of charge. Call Barring enables you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls. How to use the service: Make or accept call. During the call put the other party on hold.

Make or accept another call. Put the calls in conference, using the appropriate function key on your mobile phone. Follow steps 2 to 4 for any additional person you wish to join the conference call. The Voicebox password appears in your letter. Whilst you hear one message you can skip it to move to the next message by pressing.

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