How to say happy new year in scottish gaelic

how to say happy new year in scottish gaelic

Scottish Meat Pies - box of 8

Samhain (/ ? s ?? w ? n, ? s a? ? n /; Irish: [?s??u?n?] Scottish Gaelic: [?s?au.??], Manx: Sauin) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or "darker half" of the the northern hemisphere, it is held on 1 November, but with celebrations beginning on the evening of 31 October, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset. Scottish perspective on news, sport, business, lifestyle, food and drink and more, from Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman.

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You've been patient while we found the best beef scotch pies worthy of the name Scottish Gourmet. Each pie is literally overfilled with tasty filling made with beef, onions and just the right spices. Precooked but shipped frozen so you can reheat and enjoy them whenever you please. Set of eight ounce pies. Packed two per plastic sleeve to protect the shells from drying out. Historically, the claymore and the basket-hilted broadsword are the two most celebrated Scottish and Celtic swords. The claymore was a big medieval sword that was used well into the Renaissance period; it was most effective when wielded with two hands. The basket-hilted broadsword was used from the 16th century onwards. Happy New Year friends I hope that all your dreams come true in I've had a lovely day exploring Mull. I met a pretty lady dog at Grasspoint (Mum said she was comical like a Fraggle). Mum and Dad spotted a Golden Eagle and were delighted even though they say eagles are old hat on Mull. Great start to friends, long may it continue.

This is a perishable food. If you are ordering perishable foods, or a combination of perishable and non-perishable products, our shipping charges are based on the value of your order and the type of products you are ordering.

Please use the Shipping Costs section of the shopping cart to get the correct value for shipping. For more detailed information. Our goal is to get your package delivered in the right time at the lowest possible cost to you. Higher charges will apply and you will be charged according to the USPS stated rates. We normally ship your order within one business day of your order.

Sep 13, Meaty, well seasoned, with a hearty still tender for a hot water crust crust. Each pie was enough to fill an adult, with soup or sides. Even the children, who were skeptical of a new variety of meat pie, cleaned their plates. Owner Response: Delighted that you all enjoyed them! The taste a little spicy than I like , but good. Mary Koogler Love these meat pies! Nov 5, Love Scottish meat pies,but had a hard time finding them until now!

Very tasty and easy to store and reheat. They are Very Good!!!! And would buy them again!!!!!! Dec 30, The Scotch pies were very good, tasty and as good as you find in any Greggs shop back in Scotland.

Not sure whether that was because it took a few days to arrive, or just that there was no barrier between the pies and the cardboard box. Nicole Scotch pies Mar 10, Pies were good but too expensive to have too often. They got high praise from a friend who grew up in Scotland. She said they were the best she's had since coming to the U. We will order them again. The Martens Temperature for warming pies! Mar 31, The instructions recommended 20 mins at in pre-heated oven. Wasn't nearly hot enough to heat them through.

Tasted great when they were heated properly though! Taste and textured were just as I remembered them from years past. Will definitely order again! Mark M. Meat pies Jun 6, You missed the mark completely in this. The pastry was crisp and even reducing the time by 5 minutes did not help. The filling was made by a fine grind of the beef and as a result resembled more a hockey puck..

I speak from a wide experience of eating meat pies. These were inedible.. Owner Response: Dear Joseph: Thank you for your feedback - and we have changed the pie recipe and the packaging. We sent you a new box and we love your letter approving our changes. Thank you! Joseph Newall Keep reordering Aug 12, This is out 3d or 4th reorder and will keep reordering.

Husband also shares with neighbors. Will sample the hand pies soon. Sandy customer Oct 20, love the meat pies M. Nessie Rideout Scots pies Nov 22, Awesome, reminds me of home. J Russell Meat pies Dec 4, My mom and I would like to thank you for the pies you sent us, that we didn't even order, She said they Lovely.

So we ordered more. I was very disappointed. The meat pie was spicy, but not much flavor. Ruth H. Taste just like getting in a pub meal I serve with Heinz Beans on top of course!! Will order again. Son who was born and raised in Scotland love it. Avril Hoffman Pat Jan 9, Had the first pies last night and they were wonderful. Cannot wait to try the next ones. Patricia J. Eyeington Delicious! Feb 13, Arrived fast and fresh. Very satisfied. I'll be back for more. Nancy G. Light, delicious, easy and quick to prepare.

Maybe not quite as good a the old Hasties pies from Cambuslang, but definitely an excellent substitute. Arrived in perfect condition. These were very good.

This is not the first time I have ordered them. They always come fresh. Mary Koogler delicious! Mar 15, Love the taste of these pies and how they come packaged in 2's for easy storing in freezer!

The Scotch pie is a food icon of Scotland! I put some Heinz beans in the crown of the pie and had with British chips and HP sauce. Just like being back home in Scotland! Alan FAB!!! Apr 3, The meat pies are wonderful and again the packaging was fantastic Lynnn Meat pies Apr 15, Was in much need of some pies, and as expected they were wonderful! Will definitely order more soon.

And shipping is so adorable! When I tried the first one, however, I was disappointed. They didn't taste like the ones I had at the Scottish Games. There was something missing - a spice or something. Although they were okay, they were bland. Barbara Russo Wonderful!

Jul 18, Excited to have found Scottish food online that is not only beautifully packaged, but reasonably priced, with shipping costs that don't break the bank or the online order. I have access to foods closer to home but your prices and shipping make it more economical to order through yiou gas, time. Will be back again and again! All of which had that same thing in common, i. Scottish Gourmet meat pies are filled to the brim with delicious tasting, lean meat and the pie crust is just amazing.

Great stuff!! They are excellent!!! I don't remember the tsp water on top but it made the top crust too soft and not nearly hot enough degrees for 20 min. I actually had to put them under the broiler for a few minutes to harden the top a little. The next 4 won't get the water and see how that works.

All in all a very pleasant surprise. Haven't tried the honey. I'll be back Owner Response: We know every oven is different and we are goal is to keep the crust from being too hard. High heat dries out the shell, and the freezing does the same, so that is why we suggest a slower oven and just a little water. Debby York great taste experience Sep 23, enjoyed, onions might have added flavor john l.

Very bland, little or no flavor. Ate 4 of them and enjoyed all of them. Owner Response: Glad you liked our pies! We did a major revamp last year and now most people think they are great.

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