How to recover old hotmail accounts

how to recover old hotmail accounts

Recover an old Hotmail account

Jul 02, Accounts that are not accessed for one year become inactive and all emails are deleted. Try sending an email to the Hotmail address. If you get a non-delivery notice, then you will know that the account recovery form is a waste of time. 6 people found this reply helpful. If you recently bought a new one, try to get the hardware ID from your old console. For more information about recovering accounts you use with an Xbox console, see Reset or recover your lost Microsoft account password. Passwords. Think about passwords that you use on other accounts that you may have used here. List old passwords you may have used.

Hotmail Windows Live Hotmail is one of the most popular free online email services, owned and administrated by Microsoft. You can use it from any web browser and from anywhere in the world with an active and stable internet connection. All you just need a username and password to access the Hotmail account anytime and anywhere. Contact account recovery customer service for quick help : Windows Live Hotmail service was renamed to Outlook. Since then whenever users try to reach www.

Hotmail was Founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in and was the first free web-based email service. Later Hotmail owned by Microsoft in And then, Microsoft revamped Hotmail and renamed the service as Outlook.

Hotmail provided free account with features spam filters and virus scanning and up to Mb storage. Later, when the Microsoft owned the Hotmail, users were also provided calendar and save contact list in the address book features.

Users could also choose to upgrade their Hotmail account by paying a subscription fee. And today, the Outlook. You can also connect your What is macros in ms word account to Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn, mobile access, built-in search and spam filtering.

Beside, you can also use Outlook to send and receive mail on Outlook. In order to access Hotmail services you must have a Hotmail account and to have a Hotmail account you will need to create it and to create it:. With the account recovery form tool you can provide additional information to your account so that Microsoft can make sure that you and only you gain access to your account.

Always keep two-step verification turned On as it prevent anyone from signing in without two forms of identification, no matter how much information they know about your account. See About two-step verification for more info. Keep a working email account near so you can access the information Hotmail sends you. For further information or inquiry related to your Hotmail account please visit Microsoft Support Page. The Microsoft technicians will assist you and provide you an effective solution to your old Hotmail Account related issues.

Then click View Account. The Hotmail recovery code generator will send you a code. Follow the steps given to resolve your issue. It may have been too long since you last used your email address and you are having trouble remembering the password. Regardless of the reason for resetting your Hotmail password, you can use Outlook. When you log in to the Outlook. You must use Outlook. Where do you contact Microsoft support if you have problems with Windows, Office or other Microsoft software or how to download movies on micro sd card Microsoft service?

This post lists some useful resource links, phone numbers, and email IDs that you can get help from Microsoft. Before you start, we would like to point out that this website is mine and is in no way affiliated with Microsoft. I have just listed the different ways you can contact Microsoft for help and support. You have to contact them directly. First of all, you can visit this page, specify your country and select the product for which you would like support.

Hereby, we disclaim any relationship, Authorization or sponsorship with any official company, brand, product or images that are used for the referral purpose.

Tech Service Us. Tech Service US. Hotmail account recovery solutions March 12, Ethan Dolan Off. What happened to Hotmail? How to Create a Hotmail. Now choose a username for your Outlook account and tap on Next if your chosen username is available. If not, then click on the drop-down arrow sign to choose a different username and then click on Next button.

Create a password and then re-enter the same password to confirm and then select Next. On the next screen, you will be prompt to enter your first name and last nameenter them both and click on the Next. Choose you country and select your birth date on the next page. Now you will see the a welcome screen on Hotmail or Outlook. Now you can access your Outlook account and set up manually.

To successfully recover your Hotmail account, follow these steps. Before you begin Keep a working email account near so you can access the information Hotmail sends you.

Fill out the recovery form Primarily, go to account. Provide an alternate email address so Microsoft can use to contact you about your request. Now a screen will show up asking to verify the alternative email address. Check your alternate email for a message, enter that code, then select Verify.

Once finished, select Submit. Microsoft will respond you within 24 hours. How to recover a deleted Hotmail account In case you want your deleted account back, there is a way to get your Hotmail account back. Enter your email address that you want to recover, and also add an alternative email address to be contacted with, and the characters you see on screen.

Please Note You can only recover a hotmail account within the first 30 days of the deletion. If you have what is the full form of pp verification activated on your account, you will have a recovery code sent over to your alternative email account.

Enter the code you receive and proceed by clicking Next. Now you can access your Hotmail account. Or fill out the account recovery page as shown below. Fill out the form of a device and location that we recognize, e. For example, a device that you recently logged into your account with and a place like your home or office where you typically use this device. Before you start, gather as much information about your Microsoft account and services as possible: If you are an Outlook. Ask friends and relatives with whom you correspond.

If you have an Xbox console, you will be asked to provide the hardware ID of a console that you have used frequently. Make sure you get the ID from a console that you use a lot. If you recently bought a new one, try getting the hardware ID from your old console. For Xboxuse the console ID. Skype customers will be asked for the SkypeID or the name of the contacts in their account. If you use Skype to call cell phones or landline phones, you will be asked for some of these phones, as well as details about a recent product purchased from Skype.

For more steps, go to the Microsoft Support Page. How to recover Hotmail account without code Go to the Hotmail login page. Click the Reset Password link on the Hotmail page see the above section of this article and follow on to how to call rome from usa further.

How do you recover my Hotmail account if I forgot my password? Enter your email address how to waterproof boots diy phone number and click the next one. Then get your verification code.

Enter your verification code and click Next. Now enter your new password twice and click on Change password. How do I recover my Hotmail password without resetting it? Hotmail account recovery phone number Where do you contact How to recover old hotmail accounts support if you have problems with Windows, Office or other Microsoft software or another Microsoft service? Microsoft Support Microsoft offers support to all customers who use its products in various forms.

Microsoft Customer Service and How to recover old hotmail accounts can help you with questions about Microsoft products and services. In this case, a Microsoft representative will help you find the right resource or team to answer questions.

This is in case you have general customer service questions Microsoft technical support provides support options and seeks the appropriate support team to resolve any technical support issues that you may encounter. This can include self-help support or assisted support. Previous Post Pogo live chat support news. Next Post How much does a fire stick cost on amazon news.


How to recover old Hotmail account - without access to backup email. Pin. Lock. 1 Recommended Answer 5 Replies 97 Upvotes. More than 15 years ago I created a hotmail account. I stopped using it as primary mail account about 11 years ago when I created Gmail account. Nov 01, How to fill out a Hotmail Recovery Form: Begin the process by visiting and enter the email address, phone number, or username for the account you are trying to access. Next, Author: Tom Fish. Nov 27, After you have attached another email address in case of forgetfulness, now you can attach a mobile device to the account. Now, if you lose, break, or stop having access to your mobile device (non-payment of services), you can still recover your account! Answer 2 / 2.

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they'll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Outlook is a radical refreshing of the Hotmail email platform.

But with people increasingly managing their lives with multiple email platforms, it can be difficult remembering account passwords and security information. Those who have misplaced their Microsoft account password can use the security information to recover their Hotmail account. But if their Hotmail account is especially old, these security questions may also have been forgotten. The Hotmail account Recovery Form is a tool used to provide additional information so Microsoft can ensure you and only you gain access to your account.

Remember, Hotmail account users who have disabled two-step verification will not be able to use the recovery form. Turning on two-step verification stops anyone from signing in without two forms of identification, no matter how much information they know about your account. You will need a working email account that you can access so Microsoft can send you information about your request.

Alternatively, those who do not have another email account that you can access, can create a temporary outlook. Begin the process by visiting account. You will then new asked to type in the characters you see on the screen to prove you're not a robot. A screen will pop up asking you to verify the contact email address. Check that email for a message from us with the security code, enter that code, then select Verify.

Additionally, it also shows specific data such as the IP address and the operating system of the device that is being used to sign in to your account helping you determine whether someone is accessing your emails without your permission. Gmail: How to improve the security of your account. How to access your Hotmail account: Those who have misplaced their Microsoft account password can use the security information to recover their Hotmail account.

Hotmail login: Many manage their lives with multiple email platforms Image: Getty. Hotmail login: It can be difficult remembering multiple account passwords Image: Getty. Users can use any active email account, even one belonging to a friend or relative. Trying to get this offer could cost you. How to fill out a Hotmail Recovery Form: Begin the process by visiting account. Next, provide an email address that Microsoft can use to contact you concerning your request.

Select Submit when you are finished, and Microsoft should respond within 24 hours. Hotmail login: The email platform's successor Outlook offers ways to access last logins Image: Getty. How to check last login information in Outlook? Your Outlook email account has a Recent Activity page displaying relevant account activity.

The page lists the date, time and geographic location of each sign in and sign in attempt. And simply select View More Account Activity text link to view more activity entries. Time to ditch Chrome? Millions flock to new Microsoft browser Windows 10 gets another vital boost but it's not all positive news Windows 10 update has big issue that couldn't have come at worse time.

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