How to put an outboard motor on a boat

how to put an outboard motor on a boat

How Big an Outboard Will Fit on My Boat?

Mar 19,  · Born Again Boating Clothing! #OutboardMotor #MountingOutboard #InstallingOutboard Please Buy Your S. Jun 30,  · As it is right now, the motor's weight is trying to lever the aft mounting plate right off the box. I don't know if it's shown itself yet, but the motor will put some wicked twisting forces on the box whenever the thrust line isn't dead astern. A baffle or X-brace inside the box will help with that, so will making a box that's wider than it is.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in how to post cv in dubizzle browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Mounting a second outboard motor. Thread starter Diogenesusa Start date Aug 22, Diogenesusa Recruit.

Joined Aug 22, Messages 4. I apologize to Don S. This my first posting. I am seriously considering the purchase of a Suntracker 32' PartyHut pontoon boat. I plan on extended river trips, Texas Colorado, Brazos. My question is about mounting a second outboard motor on this type of boat, just in case the primary conks out, I want the capability to switch to the back-up motor. In viewing videos, I have not seen this configuration anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Joined Aug 7, Messages Re: Mounting a second outboard motor i have seen boats with a small kicker mounted on boats as a back up but not sure about your particular boat. Joined Aug 12, Messages 5, Re: Mounting a second outboard motor There is a reason you haven't seen any, the only place you can mount an engine is between the tubes and since thre is already one there room for another just doesn't exist.

You also need onn factor in weight, toons are normally pretty heavy in the transom already, onn another engine it will just make this worse and the added weight will take away speed. Make sure you have a cell phone and keep your engine in good condition and you will be fine but I really don't think you can add a second engine.

Rancherlee Chief Petty Officer. Joined Jun 6, Messages Re: Mounting a second outboard motor The part that gets me is "32 foot pontoon" and "River"! How fast is the current on the river? We carried a 6hp kicker with on my Grandpa's 30x8 work pontoon and have had to use it. We made a simple bracket out of 2 lengths of 1. I've built the same for my pontoon but haven't secured a hp long shaft 4 stroke yet so I haven't installed the bracket. BatDaddy Chief Petty Officer.

Joined Jan boqt, Messages Re: Mounting a second outboard motor I have an 8hp Mariner kicker mounted on the back of my boat. Here are some pics for inspiration. After some initial testing, I re-worked the mount to be flush with the bottom of the trim, so now it's mounted higher than is seen in the photos. Joined May 17, Messages 6, Re: Mounting a second outboard motor Biggest trolling motor you can get, mounted to the front of the pontoon.

Might not get you home, but will get you to a nearby dock - although you might need to head down river. Re: Mounting a second outboard motor BatDaddy said:. I have an 8hp Mariner kicker mounted on the ojtboard of my boat. Re: Mounting a second outboard motor To steer my kicker motor, if I were to use it, I have a 3 foot section of PVC ;ut that snugly fits over the tiller arm, thereby allowing me to steer manually and control the speed rotating the pipe from the captains chair.

Joined Mar 16, Messages Re: Mounting a second outboard motor There is a way. There this guy along book how to make friends and influence people Delaware River that took his 24 ft Pontoon boat and turned it into a crabbing boat. He cut a hole in the center of the boat and made a mounting system to raise and lower the kicker engine when needed.

He uses the Pkt to get him mottor in the deep waters then he uses the 9. He can do a with it. When he's not using the kicker he just covers it up with a wooden cover he made.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of it. You must log in or register to reply here.

Introduction: How to Mount an Outboard Motor to a Boat

Oct 12,  · Measure the distance on your kicker between the anti-ventilation plate and upper inside edge of the outboard clamp. Subtract 2 inches from this length, then add 15 1/2 inches (vertical travel for the model ). Cut a wooden stick to this length and tape it so the top is even with the top of the poly mounting board. Mar 30,  · A kicker engine can be mounted to the transon easily by using a bracket and you can goggle outboard motor brackets to see many of them. 25 hp is not so powerful that extensive bracing is needed. A single layer of 3/4" marine ply on the inside epoxied and tabed into the sides of the existing hull with some layers of fiberglass should do the job. Apr 14,  · However, drift boat owners have successfully fitted outboard trolling motors to their boats. The key to fitting an outboard motor to a drift boat is to keep the HP of the motor low. Drifts boats above 16? can be powered by a 10 HP electric outboard motor. Smaller drift boats should use 3 HP – 6 HP electric outboard motors.

Discussion in ' Powerboats ' started by Carvedoakfarm , Mar 30, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Adding an outboard motor to a boat with an inboard? Hi everyone. We have a 19' Bayliner Capri boat with an inboard motor. We recently purchased a seasonal campsite at a lake with horsepower restrictions. So, we are hoping to be able to mount an outboard motor to the boat.

The inboard is mounted to wooden block in the transom. The rest of the stern is fiberglass. Is it possible to mount directly to the fiberglass or do I need to add some wooden blocks for strength? The outboard is a 25hp. The fiberglass is in good shape. Carvedoakfarm , Mar 30, I'm assuming this is a second engine and the inboard will remain in the boat.

In almost all cases adding an outboard requires beefing up the transom with plywood and a knee brace. Pictures of the transom will be a great help. A kicker engine can be mounted to the transon easily by using a bracket and you can goggle outboard motor brackets to see many of them. Without pics and knowing the thickness of the existing transom all this is basically a guess on my part.

I'm familiar with the Bayliner Capri 19, I've worked on quite a few. This is the transom of a Capri, obviously without the drive.

This is the typical engine cover there are several styles and straddling seats. The deck cap shape makes access to an outboard difficult at best, but a heavy duty adjustable outboard bracket is possible. As Stan has mentioned, you will need to reinforce the inside of the transom skin with some plywood. This assumes you don't have the lounge deck option, which makes access even more difficult.

I'd recommend the outboard bracket on the starboard side, as there's less stuff in the way, compared to the port side, where the drive trim pump and hoses live. You'll lose the boarding ladder, though it could be swapped to the port side, with some minor modifications. There's two basic outboard brackets - a small one, designed for up to 15 HP kickers and often seen on sailboats and a second, heavier duty bracket, which can handle intermittent 25 HP use. Of course a 25 HP outboard isn't going to push this boat very fast, maybe 8 MPH will be about it and she'll be working pretty hard at this speed.

Once you remove the starboard seat and gain access to the transom, grind it clean with a 40 grit DA or whatever you have, insuring you have good "tooth" and the surface is well roughed up. Cut a piece of exterior grade not exposure 1, but true exterior to fit as large a area as the space will permit. Bond this to the inside of the transom with thickened epoxy no Liquid Nails doesn't cut it.

Once everything is dry, seal the plywood with straight epoxy and put the seat back together. Drill from the outside, for the bracket bolts and arrange for controls steering, throttle, shift, etc. If you're a novice at this sort of thing, you could get in over your head with all the hookups. Seek help from a local repair shop, for brackets, moving stuff and the like.

PAR , Mar 30, Thanks for the replies! Here are a few pictures: Please note, our boat is what is called a "handy man special" Ideally, we'd mount the motor on the left side. These pictures are all of the left side. Thanks guys!! That's one pitiful looking Capri.

If that's the drive I think it is, you might as well just toss it in the trash now. The port side looks clear, though you'll still need to beef up the skin with some plywood. This could be a perfect job fo a fibreglass bracket! So with all the surplus weight gone it could be a surprise and get up and plane with one person on board. Arnt the 35 hp and 25 hp cowlings the same just swap and then tune the 35!!

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