How to open odp file in powerpoint

how to open odp file in powerpoint

Use PowerPoint to open or save a presentation in the OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) format

52 rows · Open an OpenDocument Presentation file in PowerPoint. Click the File tab. Click Open. To only see files saved in OpenDocument format, in the File of type list, click OpenDocument Presentation. Click the file you want to open, and then click Open. Tip: To open the file, you can also double-click it. How to Files on Powerpoint Step 1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint Step 2. Click "File" near the top of the PowerPoint window and select "Open" from the menu; the Open window pops up. Step 3. Select "OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp)" in the File Type drop-down menu. Step 4. Use the.

PowerPoint for the web allows you to edit both PowerPoint Presentation. When you open a. To make changes to that content, just open and edit the file in a desktop version of PowerPoint on Windows or macOS. On the File menu, click the Download As button. For more information, see the last section of Save presentations as PDF files. The table below shows which PowerPoint for the web ppen are supported, powerooint supported, or not supported in the OpenDocument Presentation.

Partially Supported Both PowerPoint and the OpenDocument Presentation format support this feature, but formatting and usability might be affected. No text or data is lost, but formatting and how you work with text or graphics might be different. To see information about graphic features, see the Graphics elements table at the end of this article.

That is, until you add more content or make changes to the. Those edits will not follow the original theme. For example, formatting such as fonts, colors, or effects on newly-added shapes will not be based on the theme that was originally applied to the. Italics, bold, underline, and strikethrough are all supported in ODF applications.

Different font sizes are supported. The table opne shows which PowerPoint for the web graphics features are supported, partially supported, or not supported in the OpenDocument Format. Graphics using this odo generally appear and behave the same in fle format. Partially Supported The PowerPoint format and the OpenDocument Format support this feature, but graphics might appear different between the formats. No data is generally lost between the formats, but formatting and how you work with these graphics might be different.

As a result, WordArt is converted to a text box on save. The text and base text color are preserved but WordArt effects and formatting are lost. Not all border styles are supported. Not all line and line end styles are supported in the. Regular cropping of a picture is supported.

Edit OpenDocument. A subscription to make the most opej your time. Try one month free. Need more help? How to properly wear a bulletproof vest your Office skills.

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Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be powerrpoint to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support. Regular hyperlinks are supported, but mouse-over hyperlinks are not supported. Supported except for the insert and link options which are not supported by the.

Open an OpenDocument Presentation file in PowerPoint

When you open file in PowerPoint for the web, the content that you aren’t able to change in the web app is preserved. To make changes to that content, just open and edit the file in a desktop version of PowerPoint on Windows or macOS. Saving. Looking for information about saving to PDF or ODP? On the File menu, click the Download As button.

The free software suite is an open-source program used for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and other business endeavors, much like its paid counterpart. OpenOffice can also store lecture materials, documents, and business presentations. Just open the document as it is and view it from inside the program. So a PowerPoint user might have to make several accommodations for an OpenOffice user and vice versa, which takes time. Click on Open in the vertical ribbon.

Select the Computer icon and choose Browse. A dialog box named Open will appear. You can do this by clicking on the dropdown menu named All PowerPoint Presentations in the bottom right corner of the dialog box named Open. Select OpenDocument Presentation from the dropdown menu. Now, open your OpenDocument Presentation file. Take a look at this list from Office.

Another step you should take is to check your. When you send the presentation as an. To make sure your formatted objects made from PowerPoint appear in OpenOffice, convert the formatted elements into an image in your PowerPoint file so that it can be viewed in an OpenOffice Presentation.

Make sure to follow each step above to help you open this file format. To help you with your presentation needs, our PowerPoint professionals can help you out with a free quote! Bennet, Kirk. Odp Files on PowerPoint. How to Open the. Open Microsoft PowerPoint Important Information about the. References: Bennet, Kirk.

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