How to obtain citizenship in spain

how to obtain citizenship in spain


Mar 03,  · Steps to complete in order to obtain citizenship in Spain to prepare all the documents attesting to meeting the conditions for citizenship and filing them; take the language test; take the question test on knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and social-cultural customs; pay the application fee.5/5(2). Nov 19,  · How to apply for permanent residence in Spain. A valid passport; Proof of legal residence in Spain (e.g., a long-term rental contract in Spain or receipts for rent); Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities in your home country; .

This website is marketed by ClientPedia. Individuals can obtain permanent residency cutizenship Spain after having legally lived in the country for a period of five uninterrupted years.

When they fulfill this specific condition, they can apply for permanent residency and then gain the right to live for the rest of their lives in the country. Our team of agents who specialize in Spain immigration matters can assist all individuals who have been employed and have lived in the country for this period of time. You can rely on us if you want to immigrate and need assistance in applying for a residence permit in Spain.

Foreign citizens who ib to immigrate to Spain have several residency options. These are:. Depending on the type of visa requested at first, permanent residency can be obtained gradually, meaning that a foreign citizen must first apply for a temporary or long-term residence permit based on which he or she can obtain permanent residency cutizenship Spain. Then, the next step is Spanish citizenship.

If you are interested in emigrating to Spainyou can rely on the counsel of our lawyers for applying for residency or even Spanish citizenship. Spain ontain one of the most welcoming European countries and as a member of the European Union, it offers specific facilities to citizens of other member states who want to relocate here.

EU citizens do not need a visa when moving to Spain as they are only required to register with the local police office in the city they will reside.

Non-EU citizens, on the other hand, are required to complete various formalities that allow them to obtain temporary residence and then a permanent residency in Spain. Here are the main types of visas which lead to obtaining a permanent residence permit in citlzenship country:. Any of spzin visas can be used for obtaining permanent residency in Spain as long as the particular requirements and responsibilities coming which each type of residence permit are respected.

In order to make sure you comply with the requirements imposed by the immigration authorities, you can obtain the needed support from our cirizenship lawyers in Spain. We can answer all your questions about obtaining otbain residence permit in Spain. You can read more about residency in Spain in the infographic below:. One of the most common ways of obtaining residency in Spain is employment.

This option is available for citizens of other EU countries, as well as for non-EU residents. It should be noted that it is simpler to obtain residency as a citizen from another EU country, as the process does not imply a specific procedure to follow.

Inforeign citizens from non-EU countries can apply for residence in Spain if they come here to study or work, as these are suitable options for young persons.

In the case of study visas, these can be obtained for the duration of the courses enrolled in and are usually granted for short stays 3 to 9 monthsor long terms 2 to 4 years. This visa can be extended prior to expiration if the foreign student continues his or her studies within the same educational institution.

The renewal of the visa is completed directly in Spain, without leaving the country. In the citizennship of non-EU citizens, an employment contract must be signed before entering Spain. Here too, obfain are several types of work visas that can be obtained. In order to obtain a work visa as a foreign citizen, fitizenship job must be on a list with hard-to-find specialists and the employer must conduct specific operations in order to hire a foreign migrant from a non-EU country.

Also, there are various requirements to meet when seeking to obtain residency in Spain based on employment. Our immigration lawyers in Citisenship can offer detailed information on the requirements related to obtaining a work visa.

We can also help those interested in immigration to Spain from the USA. Self-employed individuals and those who want to start businesses in Spain have special visas under which they can immigrate here. While self-employed citizens must have sufficient funds obtaon will help them sustain themselves, business visa applicants must set up companies in Spain. This way, they can obtain residency in Spain by being shareholders or employees in the company.

However, the simplest way of emigrating to Spain based on a business visa is under the Golden Visa Scheme. Our immigration lawyers can assist foreign citizens who want to move to Spain and start their companies.

This can be acquired by persons who meet the following criteria:. The EU Blue Card has a one-year validity period and can be renewed.

Our lawyers can provide more information on how to obtain an EU Blue Card. This is also a suitable option for those interested in Spanish citizenship. Foreign entrepreneurs and high citixenship worth individuals interested in Spain immigration can benefit from specific programs under which they are granted permanent residency. The first program is called the Golden Visa Scheme and is available for foreign investors from non-EU countries interested in making a substantial investment in the Spanish economy.

The second program is the Wealth Visa Program which targets obtaiin net worth individuals seeking to obtain permanent residency in Spain without the right to employment. At least one of the following conditions must be complied with when emigrating to Spain under the How to convert pdf to excell Visa Program:.

The Golden Visa Scheme is one of the fastest routes to permanent residency in Spainhowever, it is important to note that various conditions apart from the investment must be respected. Among these, ho a clean criminal record and medical insurance.

Also, the applicant must also submit proof of being able to sustain themselves for an indefinite period of time. The advantage of the Golden Visa is that the applicant can move to Spain with close family members.

The Wealth Visa is the other Spanish permanent residency option for foreign citizens willing to move here. The conditions for this type of residence permit are less stringent, as the applicant must have a monthly income of 2, euros. Family obtani can also relocate to Spain with the applicant, however, an additional euros per month must be secured for each dependent.

Our immigration lawyers in Spain can help you prepare the documents necessary for applying for residence by investment. A long-term or permanent residency document allows the applicant to continue to live in Spain without having to satisfy citzenship conditions. More specifically, a foreign individual citizeenship obtains permanent residency in Spain will be allowed to live in the country indefinitely under similar conditions to a Spanish citizen.

The process of obtaining citizenship is a different one and if this is un you are looking for, you can reach out to our immigration lawyers in Spain. The list below describes the basic conditions for obtaining residency :. Obtaining permanent residency is important for those who are interested in emigrating to Spain. For those planning on living in the country, the abovementioned steps are already performed in most situations once they become employed and thus have a steady income and also subscribe to a citizenshlp healthcare plan.

In order to benefit from the advantages offered by being a permanent resident of Spain inthe applicant will need to submit proof of living here legally for the past 5 years. The proof will consist of various documents, among which we mention the following:. Based on these documents the immigration authorities through the Ministry of Exterior Affairs in Spain will issue xitizenship permanent residence card.

Dpain can rely on our lawyers if you are interested in immigration to Spain from the USA. Starting inan EU citizen no longer needs citizenshjp EU Residence Card as this was replaced citzienship the residence certificate for those who want to stay for more citixenship six months in Spain.

However, if they already hold an EU residence card, they are not required to re-register until the expiration of the card. The residence certificate includes your name, address, your tax identification number What is the role of kidneysand your nationality. Our immigration obtainn in Spain can help you in every step of the residency certificate registration process or in other hkw mmigration matters in Spain intherefore, you can rely on our team.

Once a foreign citizen has relocated to Spainhe or she can apply for their residency cards. For how to prepare a monthly household budget, they must ensure that:. The applicants are required to submit proof of those obgain above, as well as the application inn for the residency card, proof of income a minimum amount is required as proof of self-sustenance and two passport-sized photos.

The how to turn up ringer volume on iphone 4s of obtaining the residence card takes a few days.

Our lawyers are at your services with assistance in other matters than those related to the immigration procedure. Among these, we also offer housing and insurance services what are the webs on my lawn foreign citizens who move to ictizenship cities in Spain.

As mentioned above by our Spain immigration agentsresidency and citizenship are two different matters hod expats living in Ij. When they have a long-term permanent residence in Spainindividuals can retain their nationality and passport issued by their state of origin.

When they choose to become citizens, they must renounce their original nationality and the passport issued by what is 9 11 all about authorities there.

At the level ofthose who want to obtain residency in Spain need to comply with the same requirements as in the past year. They can either choose employment or business for thier relocation. If you have any questions about obtaining residency in Spain inyou can send your inquiries to our lawyers. For more information about obtaining residency i n the country, please contact our Spain immigration experts. Popular Blog Posts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spanish Citizenship

The easiest way of getting the Spanish nationality. After 2,5 or 10 years of living in Spain with your residency permit, you can easily get Citizenship by residency. Nov 02,  · The Application Process. • Form I when applying through parents (FORM I). • Form II when applying through grandparents (FORM II). • Your birth certificate, issued by a local Civil Registry Office abroad, legalized with an apostille. • The birth certificate of the Spanish parent, issued by a. Nov 09,  · Before one is able to apply for citizenship in Spain, in order to meet the 10 years of residence criteria he or she will need to apply for permanent residency. Permanent residents are required to have lived in Spain for at least five years.? Residency must be legal and continuous immediately prior to the application.

Spain is a highly desirable place to live that needs no introduction. Are its golden beaches, tapas bars, and exquisite culture worth the half a million euro investment? But if you happen to have Spanish ancestry or are from a Spanish-American country, you could get your Spanish citizenship for a fraction of that cost instead.

Read on to find out how you can get Spanish citizenship by descent. In the world of Nomad Capitalists, second and subsequent passports are some of the most coveted assets. Has a particular citizenship become too burdensome because the government just raised your income tax rate? Many countries offer citizenship by descent , programs that let one use their parent s , grandparent s , great-grandparent s , and sometimes even more distant relative s to claim citizenship.

After that, submitting your application is usually a straightforward, albeit dragged-out process. Have Spanish ancestry?

Then you just might qualify for Spanish citizenship. Spain is one of the countries that has offered citizenship by descent for a long time. Some recent changes to their law have expanded eligibility options, too. Spanish citizenship is based on jus sanguinis , which is the right of blood. In other words, citizenship is not based solely on the location of where an individual was born if the bloodline to a Spanish citizen can be established.

One such way to establish a bloodline to Spain is by taking advantage of the Spanish Law of Historical Memory. So, to slightly compensate for people losing their land, homes, and sometimes even life, the Spanish government has set up this program to let the descendants of Spanish citizens obtain citizenship in Spain.

The most important thing to wrap your head around in the entire citizenship by descent business is eligibility. You could spend months putting the paperwork together, only to later find out that your ancestor upon which you wanted to base your application for citizenship by descent is excluded from the law.

Anyone whose parent s or grandparent s are of Spanish heritage. You cannot go further down the bloodline. There are three scenarios, each of which will make one eligible:. We would advise you to still get some professional advice. It would be worthwhile to check in with us if you have a Spanish ancestor and are really desperate for a European passport.

Efficient it is not; think roadblocks, indifferent bureaucrats, and giant stacks of paperwork — all translated and apostilled, of course. One can expect their citizenship by descent in Spain to take at least a year and a half, but it can take double that. Or, you can opt to do it in your nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. You will need to book an appointment several weeks out and put together a stack of paperwork:.

If they were born before , a Spanish baptism certificate may be presented instead. After your application for citizenship is submitted, the officials legally have 12 months to get it all processed and get back to you with either a positive or a negative result.

You can lodge your appeal either directly with the Ministry of Justice or at your nearest Spanish consulate. While there are certainly a lot of drawbacks to obtaining Spanish citizenship, one thing is for certain: the country is stunningly beautiful! Even if you have a grandparent that clearly connects you to the country and you would love to spend your winters at Costa del Sol, there are both pros and cons to each citizenship that you assume.

Needless to say, the best part of having Spanish citizenship is that you would be getting a European passport. You would be able to freely travel, work, study, and — most importantly — live in any of the countries in the European Union.

Say you get tired of Spain and want to travel to move to Germany for a year. You would be able to do that with your Spanish passport, no questions asked. However, to get such an advantage, the Spanish government requires you to give up your existing citizenship or citizenships as you obtain your Spanish one. All of these countries are either former colonies or a lot of Spanish people were exiled or fled to them. Plus, Sephardic Jews and their descendants who obtain Spanish citizenship will also be able to retain both citizenships.

Another slightly negative thing about Spanish citizenship is that you stand to lose it if you take up another citizenship or if you reside abroad for three years. To avoid losing your newfound nationality by accident, you will need to declare your intention of keeping your Spanish nationality at the Civil Registry. And then, of course, there are the taxes if you decide to live in Spain a substantial part of the year.

As nuanced as Spanish citizenship is, you must weigh up its pros and cons before deciding if you should take the plunge. Seafront villas, delectable cuisine, the wines…. There are some real lifestyle pros when it comes to residing in Spain.

No wonder, then, that some people want to take it one step further and obtain Spanish citizenship. There are many ways to do so: you can invest in the country to get residence and start the naturalization timeline, you can marry a Spanish national , or — by far the cheapest and arguably the simplest method — you can get Spanish citizenship by descent if you have ancestry in the country. You could roam freely all across the continent and live and work anywhere you please.

Spanish tax rates, both personal and corporate, are some of the highest in the world, although there are ways to circumvent them legally.

All things considered, Spanish citizenship by descent offers an extremely cheap, if extended, way to a European passport. Let us navigate through the labyrinthine bureaucracy and get you the passport quickly and with ease. Take advantage of our new citizenship by descent service today. The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute holistic offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of success.

T he Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next? Dateline: Bogota, Colombia For years, we have urged people to start now at working towards dual Picture this.

You have successfully launched your business and, despite the normal ups and downs Gracias MBC. I know my grandmother and grandpa are from Galicia, i do not have any contact or paper from then they pass long time ago, can i request a resident ship?

I would like to ask for Spanish citizenship through heritage. My mother and father were Spanish but I have not records for them and they are no longer alive. Can I still apply and be successful. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Submit Comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Written by Jovana Vojinovic. Second Residency and Citizenship.

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