How to memorize medical terminology

how to memorize medical terminology

How to Memorize Medical Terms

No matter which of our healthcare training programs you are enrolled in, one unavoidable thing you will have to learn is medical terminology. Although some of the terms may differ slightly, those medical terms are pretty universal and we know that some of them can be difficult to keep straight. Here is a great method you can use to help you memorize medical terms. Instead of flashcards or repeating the words over and over and trying to literally memorize the term, and driving yourself crazy, try this method. Take the word you are trying to memorize and turn it in to a picture. You can even break the words down by datingfuckdating.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

No matter which of our healthcare training programs you are enrolled in, one unavoidable thing you will have to learn is medical terminology. Although what does belonging mean to you of the terms may differ slightly, those medical terms are pretty universal and we know that some of them can be difficult to keep straight.

Have you been working hard to study and are somehow still struggling to remember it all? Check out some of these hacks that can make learning and remembering medical terminology a breeze! Before we get into all of the specific hacks and tricks, make sure that you are actually following the study tips we wrote about already this month!

The best way to study is to find the best way for YOU, so make sure that you are blocking out distractions, taking breaks, and learning the way that you learn best! One of the things that can make studying medical terms far easier is learning some of the Greek and Latin roots in them.

Some terms are just Greek, some just Latin, and some are a combination. How do we know? Knowing that, we can then assume that other words with similar roots have related meanings.

Examples include laryngitis inflammation of the larynxbronchitis inflammation in the bronchial tubesgastritis inflammation of the stomach liningand many others. We think so too! We mention these magical what temperature to set freezer cards in our earlier post about what does god say about marriage separation tipsbut they are just that helpful!

Kids will probably enjoy that you are using the same tools they do in school and may even learn or thing or two! Do you know what your learning style is? There are a variety of learning style quizzes that you can find online, like this one. They may give you an idea of whether you are an visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

Here are some ideas for each one:. You are likely a combination of a few of them. Combining these activities and strategies will deliver the best results.

Remember all of those review games that you played in school? Your teachers spent times making those things because they work! When we have fun, we often forget that we are doing the hard work of learning, and a little friendly competition can do wonders for encouraging your brain to work harder to retrieve stored information. So, play a game of medical term bingo with friends or explore some online resources like this trivia game. As you learn new words, create pictures in your mind that you can associate with the word.

You can even make up rhymes, songs, stories, or abbreviations to remember things quickly and easily by grouping them together. You remembered that because you grouped them and remembered a phrase that you already knew.

Here are a few to get you started. Want to put all this new information to use? Check out our healthcare training programs offered at our Ross Medical Education Center locations! Memorization in a flash… card! Use your strengths! Here are some ideas for each one: Visual: Read over the words and use the pictures in your textbook, worksheets, or online resources to study! Auditory: Listen carefully during lectures maybe even record them if you are ableand then take time to process through what you are learning out loud.

You can do that to yourself, or make it more fun with a classmate or even a friend or family member! Teach what you are learning to someone else! Kinesthetic: Anytime you can, practice what you are learning! Create models, draw pictures, act things out! Writing each term ten times while thinking about its meaning can work wonders for your memory! Make it a game! Use your imagination! Johnson City Knoxville Charleston Morgantown.

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1. How to Memorize Medical Terms With Visuals

Medical school can be tough and all the medical terms is enough to make a person crazy and just want to forget it all!! There are a few strategies among memory that you can incorporate. Select the one that works best for you. The story method. For example you want to memorize medical terms that are parts of the brain, skull, nervous system, etc. In this scenario you could take all the medical terms you want to memorize and create a story linking them together.

The next method would be to create pictures out of the words and link them together in some sort of story. If you want to memorize medical terms then you turn the word you want to memorize into a picture and the definition and then you tie them together into a bigger picture.

An example of this method would be here:. The third strategy to help you memorize medical terms would be the Mind Palace. For example, if you want to know the definition of macula. I would use the method described in 2.

Now let me be clear. Those bullet points are then what you put on your Mind Palace. You could create a room in your home all about that disease and put the data in that room.

So you can use the Mind Palace to group information. Maybe group information by room. If this is the case then use that room dedicated to that medical topic. So when you think about that topic your mind goes to that room mentally. These are the 3 strategies that I would recommend to memorize medical terms. With that said there is a lot of great information out there.

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