How to make seo friendly website in php

how to make seo friendly website in php

Generate SEO Friendly URL from String in PHP

Oct 20,  · How to Create SEO Friendly URL with Dynamic Content Using PHP datingfuckdating.comss to Improve URLs. Remove File Extensions: Many websites have file extensions that produce unnecessary Rewriting Dynamic URLs. Dynamic URLs have no correspondence to the physical file structure of the server. Hence. Dec 15,  · – Now create a Page for Display the Posts with SEO Friendly datingfuckdating.comss – Now create an HTACCESS Rewrite Rule for Clean SEO Friendly URL Redirection = Normal URL – = SEO Friendly URL – .

When it comes to search engine optimization, URL structure plays an important role. If the URL structure of your website is easy to understand and it is readable then you have a good chance of getting more people engagement.

Also, it is not easily readable by users. Actually, when we develop a website, we don't expect users to remember URLs. But it is nice if users can get an idea when wfbsite read the URL. What about the following URL. Any how to get sponsors for your team who visits this page may understand that this blog post is about GDB. So guys without wasting any time let's get into the coding part.

Here is the code of router. It simply fetches the GET parameter called slug and prints it. Actually, before wegsite print it we encode all special characters to prevent XSS. So now our URL part is done. Let's say you write a post about GDB. Then you want to how to tie saltwater flies a unique URL slug something as debugging-binaries-with-gdb.

Then save it with the relevant post. So every post has a unique slug. When you receive a request to view a post first you should extract parameters and take the slug. Then check your database to websie if there a post relevant to the requested slug. If it is, then get that websire post and show it.

If there is no post, show a error. You can name your pages with slugs. For example, you may rename the about us page with about-us. So when a visited request yourdomain. Then you can include that page with PHP include function. But for added security, I suggest you keep an array of all exiting page slugs like the following. If it is not in the array just show a page.

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Jun 20,  · How to use SEO friendly URLs with PHP? RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}!-d RewriteRule ^.*)$$1 [L] Here is the code of It simply fetches the GET parameter called slug and prints it. Actually, before we print it we encode all special characters to prevent XSS. Mar 06,  · The generateSeoURL() function automatically create clean and SEO friendly URL slug from string. PHP function to create SEO Friendly URL. generateSeoURL() function takes a “title” string as input and creates a human-friendly URL string with a “-” string as the word separator. $string – Required. The string which you want to convert to the SEO friendly URL. $wordLimit – Optional. Restrict words . If you want to make SEO Friendly or Clean or Semantic Url for your site, so first you want to enable Apache re-write_module at your wamp server. By enabling Apache rewrite_module you can make clean SEO friendly url from your dynamic dirty url by writing few lines of PHP code datingfuckdating.comss file.

Good Post Sri.. Can u help me pls.. I can not see any changes in my site, is there any problum in. Thanks, Vishal [email protected]. Very nice. If have some this characters break the code.

Great job! Everything is working properly, there is only superfluous comma - in table creation at the end of "url TEXT" :. Great article : I appreciate your work. Below link is basic rewrite condition. Doesnt matter, php is not slow, it depends on how you create your structure. And how you optimize your query. Srinivas Tamada You don't need the http-equiv attributes. Browser's ignore them so all you need is charset. The URL should be unique.

Id you have 2 post with the title 'Test', it'll show the first 'Test' post only. Example: test Hello, I was just wondering if you can do a tutorial, about facebook like notification system? It would be really nice :D. Your blog it's great.

Hello Srinivas Hi great post, It's easy to create friendly urls with php and mysql. Keep up the good work! I can not see the point to do this with php. With article. I dont understand where I m wrong.. Thank you,. I tried it but didn't work. Can we fix it?? Srini, I am a regular lurker at your site but do not post much.

I really like your articles since they are very well written and, most importantly, love the baby steps.

Also on this topic of. Srinivas Great Article!!! Gracias y Saludos desde Mexico!! A lot of time i search for apache url rewrite on search engine but i cant find one like this. Related part:. Redirecting original URL 9lessons. But it is not redirecting. It is only the standard way to make seo friendly urls.

NOT for redirecting old dynamic urls to sef ones Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. This code is very useful but i want to something like this. Hello Sir, am unable to redirect the page can you please provide me.

I'm not that satisfied.. Great post, useful information. I used to use Underscores myself haha, but the dashes look a lot cleaner if i do say so myself. Hi Sir, i am working on your friendly url articles but i am facing problem.

Thank You So Much. I test your script in my local server. Hi Admin, Good work for this code, but i faced some problem in. Can you please let me know Admin. Valuable information and excellent post you got here!

I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post. Very informative tips. Hey i have many links Great article. Finally I can understand SEO work. Hi, I did all the changes properly but it is redirecting to my main site. It's not working please help me. Thanks its working. This is simple and use full article. Thanks Srinivas. Nice one, and can you give full details, or a breif tutorial about ". I am seriously in need of this kind of links Pretty component of content.

I simply stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to claim that I get in fact loved account your weblog posts. After a long search i came across your post. Your post has really worked me through the process of converting dynamic url to seo friendly url for my website. It is indeed a nice one. Thanx in advance! Not Working for the 2 links try for other link with url type ie: article.

In this case i can n't be able to use the. If i write like this in. Blocked scrolling. Please disable your ad blocker for 9lessons. Friendly URLs improves your site search engines ranking. Wednesday, April 06, Anonymous April 6, at AM. Mitu April 6, at AM. Bhargav Anadkat April 6, at AM. Beben Koben April 6, at AM. Srinivas Tamada April 6, at PM. Anonymous April 6, at PM. Anonymous April 7, at AM. Unknown April 7, at PM.

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