How to make live streaming smoother

how to make live streaming smoother

FFmpeg Live Streaming – What Professional Broadcasters Need to Know

For live streaming with your phone: Match your framing, lighting, sound, and surroundings to your intended effect. For raw, “spur of the moment” broadcasts, hold your phone with your hand, use the built-in mic (or wear your headphones with a mic), and find an . Norstar IPTV is the best live tv streaming service provider of + live streaming local channels & + Video On Demand Movies and Tv shows in HD with no buffering. IPTV service with fast activation, no setup fees and affordable live internet TV packages; which includes local network, premium, movie, sports and PPV channels. Norstar works with all your day-to-day devices including.

Take down the competition with Fios Gigabit Connection — fast, fiber-optic internet that minimizes lag and buffering. Get started. Whether you play via your PC, console, or even a smart speaker, a powerful home broadband connection that can handle several devices at once is as crucial to success as your gaming skills. Better yet, most PC makers will let you choose the best processors and best graphics card how to update mysql version in xampp your needs.

Portability means getting in on the action from anywhere — during your commute, in your bed, by the pool — and then picking up where you left off using your main console. The latest home consoles now feature high-tech hardware with features like 4K Ultra-HD, high-dynamic range, and even 4K Blu-ray players. And no cables means no big, expensive computer mmake run them from.

For gamers, a TV with nice picture quality isn't enough. How to make live streaming smoother responsive television what documents are needed for crb checks low input lag can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Add kids gaming to the ever-growing list of uses for these popular devices. Smootner you can be sure that many more family-friendly games are on the way. When it comes to speed, power, and reliability, discover the difference fiber optics makes.

Fiber-optics: Unlike cable internet, where data travels over metallic lines and connectors that are more prone to corrosion from severe weather, fiber-optic networks deliver data by emitting light over hair-thin strands of optically-pure glass. For you, that means fast, more reliable gaming with less lag and lower latency. And upload speeds of up to Mbps make it ideal for multiplayer, first-person shooter games, where even the slightest ho in ping rate can be the difference between life and death.

Chatting with friends and enemies : Communicating with your team is almost as critical to good gaming as the game itself. With so much going on, make sure you have the bandwidth you want.

Play, stream, and chat with ease with Fios Gigabit Connection. Nothing will sink your win-loss ratio quicker than a slow ping rate. Smooth gameplay and sharp graphics require a reliable connection with low latency. Discover how gaming on Fios hoq the competition. Get Smootner. Cheer, chat, and chime in with live commentary for a unique gaming experience.

Gaming on demand lets you jump headfirst into the action without sitting through long installations and boring updates.

Dominate the competition with fiber-optic internet that can handle your favorite online gaming platforms. The adrenaline rush that comes from competitive gaming is second to none. Your internet should be, too. Discover the difference fiber optics make, and your rankings will thank you.

In the high-stakes world of online battle arena games like League of Legends, every millisecond counts. MOBA gamers know that ping is king. Using an Ethernet cord to connect your gaming console or computer directly to your router will reduce your vulnerability to radio-wave interference and Wi-Fi bandwidth hogs.

Latency the time it takes for your computer or console to communicate with the game server can actually have a bigger impact on game performance than download speed, particularly how to make live streaming smoother multiplayer fighting games.

A wired connection will significantly reduce variable ping times and jitter. What is a good internet speed for gaming? Typically, a download speed of 3 megabits per second Mbps and an upload speed of 1 Mbps is sufficient for one connected gaming device. Who is the best internet provider for gaming? The answer varies by individual and expert but ultimately, a livee fast internet connection is everything to serious gamers.

What is latency in gaming? What is ping in gaming? Makee internet speed affect ping? Learn more. Transform your viewing experience from ordinary to extraordinary with Fios TV. The best online gaming with Verizon Internet Take down the competition with Fios Gigabit Connection — fast, fiber-optic internet that minimizes lag and buffering.

Power multiple gaming devices in your home. Game faster with Fios Gigabit Connection. Stay ahead with less lag. Better internet for better engagement. Atreaming and play in seconds. Cloud gaming Gaming on demand lets you jump headfirst into the action without sitting through long installations and boring updates. Step up your internet speed and your gaming. Lead how to discipline a cat who bites team to victory.

Multiplayer gaming In the high-stakes world of online battle arena games like League of Legends, every millisecond counts. Wi-Fi vs Wired: Which is better for online gaming?

Answers to all of your gaming questions What is a good internet speed for gaming? Amazing ways to automate your home. Simplify your life with smart home devices and Verizon internet. Fios vs cable TV.


Apr 06,  · Live streaming online is a great way to spread your message, increase brand awareness, and cultivate relationships with fans and followers. For these reasons, an overwhelming amount of people stream videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram every day. Live Player is a professional streaming media player for your smartphone. Live Player will play most popular streaming protocols, including: http, https, hls, rtsp, mms, ums, rtmp. Aug 07,  · FFmpeg is a free, open-source command-line utility with tools for live streaming. In essence, FFmpeg is a program for converting, recording, splicing, editing, playing, encoding, muxing, demuxing, and streaming multimedia files. It works with audio, images, and video in basically any codec or format used in the past 20 years.

April 02, April 02, 18 Min Read. Max Wilbert is a passionate writer, live streaming practitioner, and has strong expertise in the video streaming industry. As a broadcaster, there are several tools you need for a successful live stream.

There are a variety of choices available, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Price points for streaming video software vary widely as well. Additionally, each application may run better on hardware compared to other apps.

Our goal here is to help you choose the best streaming solutions and broadcasting software for your needs. Throughout this post, we will talk about several specific features and how they are incorporated into three popular streaming video software encoders.

First up is OBS Studio. OBS is a free and open-source live streaming video software package. This gives our broadcasters an automated setup to start streaming live, including easy and secure video upload capabilities.

Wirecast is easier to use than OBS, but it adds significantly more functionality and power. It is a paid tool, however. OBS supports a slightly smaller range of sources compared to for-pay software options. These include:. Also, as mentioned above, Dacast broadcasters can access an easier and faster version of OBS setup right through your Dacast account.

Wirecast supports many input sources as well. One interesting video source is Wirecast Cam. This is a mobile app that allows you to stream wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad during a live broadcast. Wirecast also includes an image slideshow feature. These include video cameras via supported capture cards running at up to 4K resolutions.

Other sources include:. Multi-bitrate streaming is a feature that makes your video files available in a variety of sizes so that viewers can use the optimal size for their internet speed.

Paired with an adaptive video player, viewers are automatically served the best quality live stream possible. This can be a drawback for some streamers, depending on their chosen online video platform OVP. Wirecast and vMix both have native support for multi-bitrate streaming. This allows users to send out multiple simultaneous versions of a live stream, each at a different quality, at the same time. This process does use more bandwidth and processing power.

It also allows content to reach users with varying internet speeds and in various locations. OBS Studio and Wirecast both support as many simultaneous sources as you can connect for your broadcasts. With Wirecast, you can even stream multiple, separate live streams from the same machine. Generally, the limiting factor here is your hardware, rather than the software itself.

Once you start inputting a range of cameras, animations, and so on, the load to a computer becomes taxing. Each version supports a different number of inputs. Each camera, image, animation, audio source, or other input counts against that limit. The Basic HD version limits you to three. That should be more than enough for even the most complex live presentation. OBS, Wirecast, and vMix all support this technology.

To set up a title or transition, you have to set up these sources beforehand. Use the text source tool to enter text, or to select a text file as a source. The latter option is useful for situations such as news tickers or captions. This allows them to include a 3D animated title tool in their application. The free version included with Wirecast is somewhat basic.

This tool adds limited NDI support for pulling in animated titles from another computer on your network. Titles that you create in this tool can be animated using XAML, but this requires some basic programming knowledge. There are various tutorials available to help you through this process.

Integration with various online video platforms can simplify the process of setting up a new live stream. This saves you a few minutes of setup time by offering presets for commonly used services.

It may not sound like much, but in a production environment, any time saved is golden. Again, Dacast offers a version customized with the best OBS Studio settings to use with our online video platform.

Wirecast has direct integration with more than 30 services. Dacast is one of the many supported services. Many live streamers strive to interact with their audiences via social media during broadcasts. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase live social media comments on-screen during your stream. Each of the three streaming video software has the ability to streamline this process. However, it is possible to set up some powerful integrations using a free plugin called CLR Browser.

It requires some setup, but the result is a transparent, borderless, scalable, and auto-updating tweet overlay. You can learn more about the process on the OBS site.

Wirecast has direct Twitter integration, allowing you to pull feeds into your broadcasts. This features a slick look and simplifies interacting with your viewers. As a bonus, this is an integrated feature ready to go for every Wirecast user. This plugin is powerful, as it allows you to insert social media posts, feeds, and other content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any IRC chatroom. However, the native vMix method is smoother and less buggy.

Then, you can press a keyboard shortcut to save and then replay that content. Wirecast has a number of valuable sports features. These include customizable live scoreboards, instant replays, and more. Slow-motion is also supported. Selected clips can also be exported for showcasing on social media. Scoreboards are supported via templates or a build-your-own feature. In terms of ease of use, different streaming video software packages have advantages.

OBS, vMix, and Wirecast are all relatively complex. This is especially true compared to something like Facebook Live. However, each of these applications is possible to learn within a few hours. Wirecast may have a slight edge. OBS is free and open-source software.

You can download the application for free on as many devices as you like. You can also modify the code to create new features for your specific needs. Wirecast offers two packages : Studio and Pro. Pro adds a few additional features not included in the Studio version. Wirecast offers premium support for an additional yearly fee. Users of earlier versions of Wirecast can upgrade to the latest version at a reduced cost. They also offer a free trial version of their software that includes watermarks.

Each license does not expire and includes free upgrades to new versions for one year. Selecting the right streaming video software is an individual decision.

Our aim in this comparison has been to bring together important and up-to-date information on streaming video software.

We highly recommend downloading the trial versions of these software packages. That way, you can test them out to see which you prefer. If you prefer a simple solution for use with Dacast, we offer a themed version of each streaming video software for simple integration with our platform. You also have the option to stream live video on your website through our streaming platform. Streaming video software is highly complex. These applications are highly functional and complex so they do require some trial and error.

To that end, we hope this guide has helped you to make sense of some important features. Interested to try the Dacast live streaming and video hosting platform? Sign up today to enjoy free streaming and all our great features for 30 days no credit card required. Finally, we love to hear from our readers! If you have any questions or experiences to share about streaming video software, let us know in the comments.

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