How to look like sharpay evans

how to look like sharpay evans

A Look Back At Sharpay Evans' Best 'High School Musical' Beauty Looks

Jun 27,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I Act/Dress/Look like Sharpay Evans from High School Musical 1, 2 and 3? I love Sharpay Evans and I everytime I try to act like her I either forget or get sort of nervous and some i act a tiny bit like her all. Sep 18,  · A Look Back At Sharpay Evans' Best 'High School Musical' Beauty Looks. While it seemed like a lot at the time, Sharpay actually offered up a masterclass in early aughts glam.

It makes absolutely no sense since she was actually a much better character to root for than Gabriella Montez. Sharpay Evans was played by Ashley Tisdale who pulled how to create cool text the role in the most iconic and classy way.

Tisdale added just the right amount of attitude, personality, and energy to the role of Sharpay Evans. Sharpay reminds us of a pink-loving Barbie doll who knows how to sing and dance better than anyone! Gabriella Montez, how to look like sharpay evans by Vanessa Hudgensalso did an awesome job in her role.

She sang it in the most fabulous way. She had three of her besties beside her plus her brothera beautiful white swimsuit, and a pink-colored piano in the middle of the swimming pool.

She was the center of attention and she absolutely loved it. The lyrics of the song talk about living the good life what to see in columbus ohio trips to the spa, iced tea from England, Prada totes, and so much more.

Gabriella's solo songs were never on this level of fabulous. Sharpay Evans has the cutest puppy ever. Sharpay totally gave off Paris Hilton vibes with her adorable puppy because it always stayed close to her heart whether it was in her purse or in her hand.

The first time we were introduced to her puppy, it was in the second movie from the franchise. As twin siblings, they definitely knew how to read each other's minds when it came to how to look like sharpay evans every single dance routine and song number. It was always so much fun to watch Sharpay and Ryan perform together. The series inspired by the OG movies has dance numbers that can barely keep up. Sharpay Evans, pictured here in her actress chair, was looking totally gorgeous as she was about to get ready for her next performance.

Sharpay was always about having high energy, making sure her voice sounded great, making sure her dance moves were totally memorized, and so much more. She was a natural-born performer with nothing else to distract her in her life.

She had how to use a yardstick sole passion for the theater. Gabriella Montez, on the other hand, was distracted with her science aspirations and was constantly try to juggle both. Sharpay Evans' pink convertible was a car to be envied by pretty much every single little girl who watched the High School Musical franchise in the early s.

She had a gorgeous pink-colored convertible with her initials painted on the hood of the car. She has the same car that Barie drives, plus the initials. This is the type of car that makes other people jealous! As far as we can remember, Gabriella Montez never had a car at all.

In fact, during the scene when she was breaking up with Troy Bolton with the song "Gotta Go My Own Way", Gabriella got picked up by one of her parents. Sharpay Evans is always sparkling. We are talking about her outfits. Whether it is her dresses, her high heels, or in the case of this particular photo, her coat, she is always sparkling! She loves to wear the color pink, but she also loves to sparkle. Her fashion choices reveal that fact in almost every single scene. In the first High School Musical movie, Gabriella and Troy were late for their audition and almost late for their call back too.

Sharpay Evans, on the other hand, was on time! The fact that the theater is her only passion in life it makes it easy for her to dedicate her time, energy, and devotion to preparing for stage performances and actually executing those stage performances. Gabriella's distractions caused her to run late but Sharpay was never distracted or late.

Even though the only person that Sharpay really wanted to be hired at her family's country club was Troy Bolton played by Zac Efronshe still made sure that all of her other classmates got hired as well. It was very cool of her to put in a good word and make sure that everyone was able to get a summer job.

She really did not have to do that but she did anyway even though it didn't personally benefit her at all. Sharpay Evans got her own movie… Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. Last time we checked, Gabriella Montez never got her own solo film. She wanted to reach high levels of fame and fortune more than anything but once she was in New York City, she realized that there were a lot of obstacles than she expected. Nevertheless, she did not give up.

She wanted him to be able to succeed with basketball so she was setting him up with dinners and meetings in order to introduce him to all the right people. All Gabriella was doing was complaining the entire time and getting in the way of his potential success.

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1. She's a drama queen.

Sep 28,  · You too can get the Sharpay look! Sharpay Evans (High School Musical) wanting to look like datingfuckdating.comUS ???????? everyday date night night out glam sexy preppy year round under 18 Jan 29,  · What was it like for John Green to work with Cara Delevigne, what does Jennifer Lawrence think of Amy Schumer, and much more: Ashley Tisdale Reflects On Her Iconic Role As Sharpay Evans In.

So, Twitter has rediscovered its love for Sharpay Evans. And I mean, fair. When it aired, many of us hated Sharpay—the movie's over-the-top "villain"—for trying to foil Gabriella and Troy's plans to star in the school's musical and catapult herself to the top instead. But, looking back on it, people feel different. In hindsight, Twitter has realized that Sharpay was, in fact, an icon.

Simple," shared another. One fan even created a powerpoint, titled"How Sharpay Evans Was Bopped From The Top," which chronicled the various injustices she experienced throughout the film. It makes sense. Troy and Gabriella spent most of the movie endlessly pursuing each other, the musical a subplot in their plans to share a mildly passionate Disney-approved kiss; Sharpay, however, was endlessly ambitious from the beginning. She wanted to go to college, stunt in designer threads, and traipse around the stage while doing it.

She didn't have to get ready because she stayed ready, and she refused to apologize for it. While everyone was all in this together, Sharpay was all in it for herself. She also turned looks. A key component of Sharpay's persona was her all-pink, do-the-most ensembles, which sharply contrasted with Gabriella's girl-next-door vibe.

While it seemed like a lot at the time, Sharpay actually offered up a masterclass in early aughts glam. In celebration of her resurgence, we're looking back at her best beauty looks across the HSM franchise ahead.

Tembe Denton-Hurst. Image via Twitter.

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