How to load an ak 47 drum mag

how to load an ak 47 drum mag

AK-47: How To Load A Drum Mag (HD)

Sep 04, Here I show you the very simple process for correctly loading a 75 round drum magazine for your AK variant rifle. Aug 29, We have simplified the video into a true step by step on loading the AK47 x39 Drum Magazine. Everything from releasing the spring tension to the best pr.

Truly, AK47 is that kind of firearms, xrum became widely known even among the groups that have never touched a gun in their life. The weapon owes its mzg to media culture. The image of AK47 is often encountered in video games, novels, films, comic books, basically any pieces that cover warfare and action shooting. Thanks to Hollywood, most people remember AK47 as a typical action movie antagonist weapon.

Also, they believe in a wide range of other myths and stories connected with this rifle. The official name of the firearm was AK or Avtomat Kalashnikova released in AK47 was the name of the prototype designed in yow used in military trials.

The name AK47 was popularized in Western culture and re-introduced into the post-Soviet Russia at drym point. Yes, some people believe that a how to buy individual bonds from AK47 is so precise and powerful that it can pierce a railroad rail along its entire length.

Luckily, no one has tried it otherwise it would have been a grim case about a ricochet gone wrong. Sure, AK47 can do considerable damage to steel, especially when loaded with armor-piercing rounds, but the majority attributes the destructive penetration to wk weapon itself believing that M43 rounds are more than enough to do the trick.

This widespread myth makes many gun-savvy people cringe. But where did that assumption about AK47 came from? We have David H. Hacksworth to thank for this:. As how to get horse armor in oblivion, reality is a lot more boring.

Sure, AK47 mat a highly what is lariam used for firearm that can perform in the toughest condition.

Not only does AK47 get dirty, it actually gathers dirt quicker due to the larger fo of crevices that collect dust and debris - and the consequences of using a jammed, clogged, unmaintained AK47 as graphic as one can imagine.

So leave magic self-cleaning weapons to novelists and take good care of llad weapons. Our number one reason for developing a quick mag charger in the first place was simple: to save numerous assault rifle fans across the world from finger pains and help them from losing their favorite gloves to constant rips and holes.

What is a hitachi wand AK AK47 Magazine Speed Loader and Accessories Truly, AK47 is that kind of firearms, that became widely known even among the groups that have never touched a gun in their life. Myth 1. Myth 2. AK47 can pierce a steel rail Yes, some people believe that a shot from AK47 is so precise and powerful that it can pierce a railroad rail along its entire length.

Myth 3. AR speed loader Llad speed loader AKM speed loader Our number one reason for developing a quick mag charger in the first place was simple: to save numerous assault rifle fans across the world from finger pains and help them from losing their favorite gloves na constant zk and holes.

A Podavach AK47 speed loader is a board with a U-shaped ammo channel and a magnetic pusher for pushing the rounds into a magazine. The board is very easy to balance or stabilize, so it takes less than 30 seconds for an experienced user to reload a magazine.

Just like other models, ai AK74 magazine loader how to load an ak 47 drum mag made of lightweight and durable materials: fine pine plywood makes up the body of the U-Loader, while a set of rubber feet makes it glide-resistant.

The U-Loader is covered with a lacquered layer to make its surface extra smooth and prevent nicks or scratches.

To add more efficiency to your shooting, this U-Loader for Added to cart successfully! You have successfully subscribed!

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Nov 26, How to Load a Drum MagazineTo go along with yesterday's This is Rifle Country segment, Professor Paul put together a short bonus segment to go over how to pr. Sep 21, How to load a AK Drum Magazine. Posted September 21, in Rifles, Shooting Accessories by Steve Johnson with 1 Comment Tags: ak, ak, drum, magazine, rifle, rifles. The Cheaper Than Dirt Blogger has written a how-to on loading Bulgarian/Romanian/Chinese AK drum magazines. It is an interesting read for any firearm enthusiast nut. We look at the open back style as well as the 'Romanian ' style 75 round AK drum mag if you need to learn how how to load an AK drum mag this is a step by step guide to loading the ammunition and then winding the magazine The Russian AK47 drum magazine is different from the Chinese Kalashnikov 75 round drum magazine and they're both.

Rest assured that you have the finest in this type of drum magazine. Loading is easy, but the first time out may take a few minutes longer than after you have done it a few times like anything else in life. Our Romanian round drum magazine has two features that are an improvement over the original Russian round drum. The spring tension can be left off until ready to fire, which preserves the life of the mainspring.

Also, if the driving force of the mainspring is not enough to completely empty the magazine, more turns can be added to improve function. To adjust spring tension on the Russian drum, you would have to disassemble the drum to adjust the mainspring, which is not an agreeable task. Some of the terms we will be working with here are important to define.

Spindle The circular device inside with cutouts for holding the rounds, rotates in a circular motion. Follower Located in the spindle and engages in the spiral groove or track. Pushes the last few rounds up the tower. Tower The squarish part at the top of the drum that inserts into the mag-well of the rifle. The first thing you may want to do is to clean the heavy oil from the drum with some Gun Scrubber or the like.

The drum comes shipped with this oil to prevent rust or corrosion in the shipping process. Re-oil with your favorite gun oil. Note: This entire step is completely optional. Release the two cover latches at the top. Then open the cover. You will see a maze of slots and spirals on the inside. It is all very well thought out and easy to use! This may take a bump with the outside of your fist. With the locking shaft still depressed, wind the spindle clockwise until the follower returns to the beginning of the spiral.

Release the shaft. With your ammo handy, load five rounds, point-down, into the top of the drum along the largest diameter of the drum, just under the tower, loading in a clockwise direction. While firmly holding the spindle yes, firmly , add two clicks in a clockwise direction using the small winding key.

Slowly release the spindle and allow the five rounds to load into the tower. Turn the spindle clockwise and remove two of the last rounds loaded and continue to turn the spindle clockwise until it returns to the end of the spiral track starting position. Still holding the spindle, add those two rounds into the top of the drum about in the same place you just loaded the first five rounds. With these in place, the spindle will be locked in position and you can release it.

Continue loading your rounds in all the places they will fit all around the drum. When you have filled all the slots, you should have 75 rounds in the drum. Once loaded, close the cover and secure the latches. With the main winding key, turn it about 10 good turns or clicks, if you prefer to count using that method. As you turn the key, you will hear and feel the spring as it clicks, At any of the clicks, you can release pressure on the key to get a new grip or relax.

Over-winding is not recommended. If firing and you find that the rounds are not feeding solidly into the rifle, add a click or two right then and add those clicks to the total next time you load up. If you are loading to put the drum in storage for future use, do all the loading but only wind the main key two clicks. Save the full-winding until you are ready to fire. Also, if you fire half the rounds and want to leave them in the drum, just open the cover and depress the locking shaft to release spring tension.

Add one or two clicks to keep some tension on the rounds and close it up. Next time out, just wind it up fully and go. If you are out shooting and have, say, 20 rounds leftover and no other mags handy, you can load those into the drum.

Start off like above and just add the 20 rounds along the outer rim going clockwise from the top. The only difference is to start with the follower at the very top of the spiral and back it off enough to add just 20 rounds. Once loaded, close the cover and wind the key a few complete turns. You should not need full spring pressure for just 20 rounds. Always remember that the follower needs to be able to push the last few rounds up through the tower. Once you get the hang of loading the magazine, you can load it with any amount of rounds you desire and adjust the spring pressure as you see fit.

After a number of outings with the drum, you may need to clean out powder residue and any other trash. Open the cover and clean with gun scrubber or as desired. Most of the accumulation will likely be in the tower, so give it a good spraying out. The Chinese drums can supposedly be taken apart to some extent for cleaning.

However, this drum has resisted all efforts to disassemble. So, unless you have a bent or broken part, be happy just to clean with solvents and sprays. Do you enjoy drum magazines? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below! Bulgarian drums are chinese drums with a circle 10 etched on it.

Fake marking, real chinese drum. Or know of a fix? Oh man Im a double dumbass cus I just fixed it by turning the internal wing nut thingy, but thanks anyway yall!!! Ok so I bought a drum mag that opens to load, and a while back I was shooting on my fathers property and a short while of shooting and I heard the police out in front of my dads, and thats when he told me we cant shoot there anymore since it has become city limits!

So like a dumb ass I freaked and since I didnt play with the mag till I had an intimate working knowledge I fumbled with it trying to unload to hide the evidene it spun and nearly took my finger off and now the last few rounds wont feed. I figure the spring got wacked and bent a lil, how do I fix this?

Where can I get a steal on a original AK47? Maybe an Arsenal. I am anxious to get out and shoot it, maybe this weekend. I really hope that it functions well. These instructions with pics made it very simple to understand how to load it. Online Car insurance claims []. I have a similar drum magazine with round capacity for an AR I have fired about rounds through it without any problems.

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