How to invest in a store in skyrim

how to invest in a store in skyrim

Merchants (Skyrim)

Merchants buy and sell items to the Dragonborn and can be found in almost every city and town in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Most are open from about 8am to 8pm, but some merchants are available all day. Some merchants can be invested in if the Dragonborn has the Investor perk. It should be noted that the merchants' inventory is run off of an item generator, meaning that each separate save or. For other uses, see Blacksmiths. Blacksmiths can be found in most cities and towns in Skyrim. Blacksmiths serve as merchants that specialize in weapons and armor, including enchanted pieces. They also sell various smithing materials, such as ores, ingots, leather and leather strips. Blacksmiths will only buy weapons, armor and smithing materials, unless the Merchant perk in the Speech skill.

This project is completely free. The more independent I will fee myself ihvest an author, the faster new updates and modules will arrive. But support only if you really want it and able to:. Take into account that you shouldn't just install all the mods in this section. Moreover, statistics shows that one almost never finish all those dozens of quest mods installed in a single walkthrough. If you will be wanting so really much, you can combine them - but this will require some work in xEdit, so in most of cases it's recommended to choose one.

Both are mods for custom animations and absolutely must-have, as they are required for most of animation mods to work. What to pick? FNIS is the older one, ohw was basically the only for many years. It's now abandoned, but that doesn't mean how many photographers in the uk became bad due to this - it's working perfectly fine, but it has less capabilities and namely, supports less animation mods, especially new ones.

It's also being supported and updated actively. Indeed it is, but technically Nemesis is still in beta atm - it works flawlessly thought and it's absolutely safe to use it, but for now both will still be linked. Choice is up to you, but once again, for best results it's strongly recommended to get Nemesis. Usage is very plain and simple for both of them.

Now, remember the "Dynamic Animation Replacer" mod we've installed in the very beginning? Not all, but many mods below require it - and their unique functionality is possible only thanks to it. Mods introducing dedicated spellsword mechanics. Remember that Ordinator has own, balanced and fun spellsword mechanics implemented in two skill trees - these mods may and most likely will make you OP on some extent - but at the same time, they have own unique features which you may like.

Choose only one mod between these. All these overhauls and 3 complementary overhauls below how to do a good flip turn meant to make game much more challenging - so it's recommended to use them in tandem with perk overhauls like Skyrmi, new spellpacks etc. Choose ONE between these three. Between the next 3 mods also choose ONE- but in bar mitzvah gifts how much money to give, they [can be used on top of one of 3 mods above].

Ib overhauls. Also, choose only one mod between Bloodmoon Rising, Lupine and Growl. They technically are general gameplay improvements type, but alchemy is a very popular skill with some true gems for it, so I thought it would be nice to give them a separate section :. Before you start, if you prefer the visual presentations and more in-depth review, you can take a look at some of best alchemy mods in action:.

Let's start from a most deservedly known, complex and simply epic alchemy overhaul, which is close to be an essential mod for almost any walkthrough.

Now, a few mods which are wrapped about making potions usage more thoughtfull, double-edged, similar to how it sttore done in Witcher games. These are absulutely optional as they, ofc, will make game harder.

Choose one:. Improved quality of vanilla sounds and music, replacers and new standalone music packs to bring maximum pleasure to your ears. Before you start, if you prefer the visual stote, you can take a look at my personal setup of immersion mods:. Due to how they are made or how they are working, you should deal with them invwst your mod list is more or less complete. Let's set them up - the final push is now! Q: why not to use Smashed Patch instead?

It's said this tool is doing everything both Bashed and Merged patch are doing in terms of conflicts, but just better. A: Mator Smash is indeed an amazing work! And indeed, it often covers more conflicting records merging then Bashed or Merged patch do, so if you're using Smashed Patch, you don't need neither Bashed or Merged. But the thing is, whatever its algorithm is, it's doing those records merging pretty "wild" - often inaccurate, which can invesh to various issues, from just weird ones, like double merchant stock, to more serious ones, like visible ingame bugs and crashes.

No automated tool is perfect Bashed and Merged toobut atm, Smashed Patch is just working too much inaccurate which can sometimes bring you more headache then good results. Once again, this is a great tool tl a lot of efforts ij into it, but I simply can't directly recommend or disrecommend it. Use at your own preference. If you don't want to go trough the whole list yourself and think about which mods and how to combine, or just don't have time - this section is what you need!

Below you can find several "plug and play" mod lists that I personally compiled - so you don't have to worry about testing mods, finding which play well together and which not - don't have to worry about compatibility at all. Just choose the mod list that you like the most, by reading its description - and then simply mimic it in no time. Playing modded Skyrim or Skyrim at all first time?

Wanna have casual combat and be OP? Hardcore combat and survival? Lightweight mod list with "vanilla plus" experience or super-heavy mod list where each tiniest details is improved? Modules section has a mod list for any preference. For graphics recommendations ENB presets, certain texture mods etc - visit the graphics guide modules section.

Important note 1: each of modules assumes you already implemented Stability section of graphics guide. I won't be able to provide any troubleshooting if you didn't make the Stability part. Implement it. Important note 2: some of the mod lists names may be hinting their setup, some no - mostly I just picked the names I wanted and that's it. Name of the mod list can be purely cosmetic at all.

Ih make sure to read each module description, besides the un. Important note 3: skyrrim you mimic the mod list any of itproceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section, located above.

This module is a perfect mod list if you're playing Skyrim for the first time at all. Any TES game is an immensely huge, many times bigger than any other game of similar type - and it's an unspoken canon to first time play game without changing it by mods. First of all, if you'll install a lot of mods to your first walkthrough - you will be simply lost in amount of features, spells, items, quests and so on - because you won't have how to open odp file in powerpoint of original game.

Secondly, playing with original functionality will help you to see how insane is the difference between vanilla and modded game. It will be still hoe vanilla Skyrim experience, just better. Now sort your load order using LOOT and you're good to go. Also, if you're owner of a widescreen monitor, install this fix and take a look at low-end section of the graphics guide if you have weak rig or just need to gain a few FPS.

Note: the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section isn't required for this mod list. You can make step 1 in it, but that's up to you. Just as much enough of everything to have a good "tease" of modded Skyrim yet with very fast modding process.

Now proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to be made in the end of modding process" section. Required steps are 1, 3 and 4. Step 6 DynDOLOD is optional - it will make your game distant objects absolutely beautiful, but it requires some time to read about the installation, so decide yourself. Also, if you're owner of a widescreen monitor, install this this fix and take a look at low-end section of the graphics guide if you have weak rig or just need to gain a few FPS.

After you've finished these steps, just sort your load order with LOOT and you're ready to go. This module is highly immersive one, for player who wanna have overall game improvements and some new feature and content here and there for sure, but want Skyrim harsh environment to be the main challenge in first turn, without hardcore combat itself. Plus all possible visual and skyrm imemrsive moments here and there.

The winds chilling to the bones, dangerous waters and deseases, hunger and thirst, and of course, cozy warming at your camp fire. With this mod setup, game will be cruel and dangerous to you, in storee turn, because of fearsome, strongly realistic survival aspects. Now, choose between the next 2 mods. Both are great, and both have own advantages and disadvantages over each other. Read the mod pages and choose one your prefer yourself. I'd personally advise to go with iNEED, but once again, that's totally up to you.

These mods are absolutely optional. You can install all of them or none, depending on your own vision of immersion depth you need:. Drunken Huntsman is a un middle" in terms of heavy-modded game. It's already a pretty heavy mod list that's making gameplay not only expanded, but greatly challening.

It also adds much more new content as well as new gameplay features in each modding category. It's a mod list for those who already played with mods for some time and want how to sign in and out of netflix on wii to the next level" and build their first really heavy-modded game - but, it's also not "that" huge to become ovewhelming in terms of both gameplay or modlist building process itself.

Take into account that this module will make your game much harder - but also much more rewarding. Now, choose one of the next 2 mods. The next 3 mods are absolutely optional - install them if you wanna to have "lite" survival experience in your game. All 3 mods are very lightweight and won't give any script issues to your setup.

Now proceed to the "Mods to be installed or actions to whats the word level 224 made in the end of modding process" section and follow the steps in it.

This module is for those who don't want neither hardcore combat or survival challenges, but have and endless adventuring spirint and wish to visit as many new lands and dungeons, make as many quests, solve as many puzzles and mysteries as possible.

If you're sure you'll be playing exactly with this archetype now - look here for sure. Skyrik this module focuses on [dedicated] mods - meaning for a complete mod list, you will still need to go through sections of the guide, but you will have a solid core mods base exactly for this playstyle or can visit this section just to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Hos some armors which I personally see greatly fitting rogue types of characters. Their installation is absolutely up to you ofc:. Meanwhile, you can also watch a few unique modded character builds available at my YT channel:. Now some armors which I personally see greatly fitting mage types of characters.

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Jan 05, аи Every Trainer In Skyrim (And Where To Find Them) In Skyrim, there are a number of skills to learn. Here we list all the trainers in both the base game and . Jan 13, аи 15 Best House Mods In Skyrim Special Edition, Ranked. Skyrim is known for its robust modding community, a group that has even gone so far as . The default difficulty for Skyrim. Most players will need to understand and employ some of the basic advice in this guide to survive Skyrim on this setting. Expert. A difficult level. It is suitable for experienced players looking for more challenge in the game. Master. This was the .

Skills are the bread and butter of Skyrim , the one thing that truly defines a character. The skills in Skyrim can be roughly divided into three: Mage, Warrior, and Thief.

While you can make your own mix of whatever skills you'd best like to use during your adventures, specializing in a certain skill category is always more beneficial in the long run.

In order to progress in your skills, you need to actually practice them. If you'd like to speed up the process, however, there are tons of trainers stationed all around Skyrim willing to train you in exchange for coin. We've listed them all here, divided into their respective fields of expertise. Smithing allows you to create better armor and weapons.

There are four Smithing trainers in all of Skyrim. Ghorza gra-Bagol is Adept level, and found in Markarth. In Riften, you'll find Balimund, who's Expert level. Heavy Armor is great for blocking tons of damage at close range. You can find an Expert level trainer Gharol in Dushnik Yal. Block is the art of using your shield to block, obviously. There are only two trainers in all of Skyrim, but they're easy to find. Njada Stonearm in Whiterun, a member of the Companions, will provide you with Expert level training.

Larak, found in Mor Khazgur, will also give you Master level training, however, you'll need to access the Orsimer strongholds by proving yourself. Two-Handed swords are a classic choice for a fighter.

To level up fast, you can find Torbjorn Shatter-Shield in Windhelm who can provide you with Expert level training. In Whiterun, Vilkar, a member of the Companions, will also train you at Master level. If you'd like to overwhelm your enemies with speed, One-Handed is perfect.

In Whiterun, Amren can provide you with Adept level training. Still in Whiterun, Athis, a member of the Companions, can give you Expert level training. If you have access to the Orsimer strongholds, you can head over to Dushnik Yal and seek Master level training from Burguk. Archery will serve any ranged fighters well, both in battle and when hunting for game. Five trainers can be found in Skyrim, including Angi at Angi's Camp, who will give you a special quest related to archery.

In Riverwood, Faendal can give you Adept level training. For Expert level training, head over to Whiterun and seek out Aaela the Huntress among the Companions. If speed is your thing and you want to be light on your feet, Light Armor is ideal for you. In Riften, Grelka offers Expert level training should you head to the marketplace. If you're already part of the Dark Brotherhood, you can also seek out Nazir, who'll be happy to train you at Master level.

An ideal skill for those who prefer to travel the shadows, Sneak is a staple for thieves. In Markarth, seek out Garvey who can give you Expert level training. If you happen to catch a Khajiit caravan, try and find a Khajiit known as Khayla, who can train you in Sneaking at Adept level. No doors or chests will remain inaccessible should you invest in Lockpicking.

Easy enough to level on its own due to how many locked chests there are in the world, only two trainers exist in all of Skyrim.

Vex from the Thieves Guild will train you at Master level, provided you're a member of the Guild. If you happen to come across a Khajiit caravan, a Khajiit named Ma'jhad will also offer Expert level training. Other people's belongings are now yours, through Pickpocketing. Risky to practice, it's also hard to find someone who'll actually train you.

In Windhelm, you can also ask Silda the Unseen to train you at Expert level. She'll usually be wandering around Candlehearth Hall. While Speech is easy to level up by bartering with vendors, there are also five trainers in Skyrim to help you. In Windhelm, Revyn Sadri can train you at Adept level. If you find a Khajiit caravan, seek out a Khajiit named Dro'marash, who can also train you at Adept level.

Alchemy allows you to brew powerful poisons or useful cures and potions. Arcadia in Whiterun not only runs an ingredient store but also gives Expert level training. In Morthal, Lami can give you Adept level training. If you're an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, young vampire Babette can teach you at Expert level.

Illusion is a school of magic focused on tricking the enemy's mind and senses. Only two trainers exist in Skyrim, and are not necessarily easy to access either. Alternatively, if you have access to Orsimer strongholds, you can speak to Atub at Largashbur for Expert level training.

If you'd like apparitions from other planes to assist you in battle, Conjuration is for you. Runil in Falkreath will give you the basics at Adept level. After that, join the College of Winterhold to speak with Phinis Gestor, who will train you at Expert level.

Destruction magic consists of devastating, elemental spells. Finally, members of the College can speak to Faralda, who can train you at Master level. Restoration is defensive, healing magic that can support you and your companions in battle.

At the College, Colette Marence can train you at Expert level. Alteration is the art of bending reality, through magical armor or candlelight spells. Only two experts in Skyrim can train you in this school. If you're at the college, you can simply speak to Tolfdir who can train you at Master level. You can also head to Kynesgrove and talk to Dravynea, who can train you in Alteration at Expert level. Enchanting allows you to add powerful boosts to your weapons and gear. If you're a member of the College, Sergius Turrianus can train you at Expert level.

In Markarth, Hamal can train you at Master level. Tea lover and video game obsessed writing enthusiast with her very own Overwatch team, Anastasia writes about games that leave an impression on her and make her come back time and time again.

By Anastasia Maillot Published Jan 05, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Skyrim. Anastasia Maillot Articles Published Tea lover and video game obsessed writing enthusiast with her very own Overwatch team, Anastasia writes about games that leave an impression on her and make her come back time and time again.

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