How to get 50gb dropbox galaxy s4

how to get 50gb dropbox galaxy s4

50 GB space for 2 years for samsung Galaxy S4

Mar 31,  · Samsung Galaxy S4; How to claim 50GB dropbox for S4. AM. tools. Advanced Search; another doubt. if i unlink my account to dropbox on my s4 or factory reset it and then login by another account will i get 50 gb in that account as well? please reply asap! thanks in advance. AM. Like 0. Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is offering free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage for their Samsung smartphones for next 2 years. As per they announced user can get this value offer with Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2 devices. Their other Grand series and Core series phone are also eligible for it so they can also get benefit.

June 14, Tech. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is an excellent smartphone. In addition to its impeccable quality of manufacture and its amazing performance, Samsung has incorporated new features to its latest baby creating a monster in the world of mobile phones. One of the first things you should start with is to claim your free cloud storage space. Samsung signed an agreement with Dropboxyou get 50GB of free storage for two years. Preview information: Place your finger on emails to display a preview of the ger or thumbnails what is the best isp in my area your gallery to enlarge the image.

Quick glance: This allows users to get an overview of the information when the power is off. Hold your hand over the front camera and the screen will light up briefly with essential information such as battery life, missed calls and received messages.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is so smart that 500gb can also track your eyes to see exactly when and tp you look. You w4 also browse Web pages by simply tilting your head, and videos will pause when you turn your face away from the screen. Next point is brightness, which is one of the main factors affecting battery life. The S4 has an automatic adjustment setting using the light sensor to automatically adjust brightness. You can also choose a manual adjustment. It allows you to make an galzxy sound test, then it adjusts the sound balance to give you a customized listening experience.

Once you have made the test, the S4 will play audio to show you the difference with and without personalization. This feature has become famous by the Galaxy Note range. The multi-window mode allows you to run two applications dfopbox parallel, each taking a portion of the screen. In other words, you can watch video and surf on the Web at the same time, or write an email while keeping an eye on your Twitter feed. How to activate: Hold down the Back button, slide the menu on the left side of the screen.

Note that you can reduce or enlarge the space each window takes dropvox dragging the edge of the window. This means that you can share content from your S4 with a Sony TV for example.

There 50gbb many applications that claim to allow you to stream content. However, Skifta app available on Google Play Storeis the most gqlaxy for most testers. Once launched, select your Galaxy S4 as the media source, then select the device you want to stream content on. Select the file you want to broadcast, and your receiver what is guided reading powerpoint start playing the content.

Do you want to get in shape? Try the S Health built-in galax. It allows 50ggb to monitor how to hack an ecot computer food intake, assess your environment humidity and temperature and keep a history of your activity.

The walking companion is a good starting point. It gives you a daily goal to reach 10, steps for instance. The S4 is equipped with a built-in power galsxy mode, you can enable it manually from the quick settings menu.

When activated, the device automatically reduces the power sent to the CPU and display. However, if you are a demanding user, this may not be enough; you should download a dedicated application. The 2x Battery Saver app gives you a complete assessment of your energy and helps you extend battery life. The application can also enable a mobile data connection according to user-defined intervals. Opening and controlling apps with your voice are possible. You can choose a number of options: answer incoming calls, stop the alarm, take pictures, control the media player….

Download the free app Kingsoft allowing you to dropbxo and encrypt your files. Encryption works on multiple platforms. Even if you upload a document to a computer, you will always be prompted to enter a password in order to view it.

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May 09,  · The first Dropbox account that signs in to the app on the device will get 48 GB of free space (assuming the other conditions are met). Each account is only able to claim this promotion once. Complete the Get Started guide To claim your extra space, you need to complete at least five steps from our Get Started guide. Apr 17,  · Samsung Galaxy S4 might offer upto 50GB extra space on Dropbox. One of the key advantages of last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3 over other competing smartphones was the 48GB extra Dropbox space for 2 years. While Samsung has not made an official announcement on whether this would be enabled for the Galaxy S4 as well, Dropbox’s website states. Jan 17,  · I was setting up my new galaxy s4 phone today and got pop up notification during setup regarding 50 GB bonus storage for 2 years so I signed up and finished my set up but I still dont see the bonus data. I am new to rhe community. Thanks.

Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is offering free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage for their Samsung smartphones for next 2 years. Their other Grand series and Core series phone are also eligible for it so they can also get benefit. Online storage is beneficial in many ways, first is it is secure so you can store your all private data into it.

For the new user Dropbox provides 6GB free space , but for their promotion they offer more 44GB space with Samsung devices. If you also bought one new Samsung device then you can also get this benefit for next 2 years. Note that it is only for eligible devices, not for all Samsung devices. If your model is eligible for it only then you can get it. For this you just need to follow some basic rules. To get it first you need to login to Dropbox account, if you are not their user then first Sign Up to their account.

Go to the Dropbox website from app or from computer website and successfully login to it. Now to get remaining storage space you need to go to www. Once you visit the website then you need to complete some steps. The steps are below. These are the 7 steps which you will see on the website, in that you just need to complete any 5 steps. Just complete above steps and get your remaining free storage space.

Note that to complete these steps you need one computer. This offer is not available for Tizen smartphones or any other devices running on Tizen OS. Only selected Android smartphones will get free Dropbox Storage space.

This offer is for all the selected Samsung smartphones, but you must check it before downloading this app. Again Note that this offer is not for Tizen devices, not for single one. In his free time, he likes to read about new tech gadgets and watch movies.

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