How to fish pre spawn bass

how to fish pre spawn bass

5 Pre-spawn bass fishing tips

Mar 10,  · Hey y’all! In this video, I give a brief explanation of how bass behave in the Pre-Spawn and how they progress from their Late Winter to their Spawning Patte. To begin with, the phrase "pre-spawn bass fishing" means different things to different fishermen. The period can be loosely thought of as the patterns that begin with the emerging signs of spring. These include longer days, and thus longer periods of the warming rays of the sun for greater impact in protected waters. The bass have followed the.

But, the prespawn is also characterized by unstable weather and moving fish. Typically I launch with four techniques ready to go. I start fishing in the back of a creek and work my way out. Generally the best places will be along a bank with a steep vertical drop nearby. I crank the areas close to and in the more vertical banks rather than any flat areas in the vicinity. Which particular bait you throw is largely a matter of preference.

A bait that runs in the foot range and pivots on a vertical axis works best. The water usually has some stain to it during the prespawn so I prefer a chartreuse body with an orange touch on the belly or on the throat. My next most productive technique is a drop shot. This takes a real commitment to use. You what beaches are in san diego ca be willing to spend more time prs than fishing. I idle around the last swing in a creek channel and watch my electronics for bass in the foot range.

When I find three or more pfe competition makes for a better bite — I mark the spot and drop my rig down right fisy top of them. I use a No. My bait is a straight tail worm in an in-between size — not too fisy, not too small. I use a Missile Fuse 4. Go with a slack-tight, slack-tight presentation and do not move your sinker.

Jow on our list are swimbaits. Something between 3 and 6 inches is usually about right. This is a really versatile lure. You can fish it almost anywhere and at almost any depth. And, if you change head weights around, you can swim it fast or slow at any of those depths. Swimbaits like this are still in their infancy as far as technique is concerned. The umbrella rig taught us that there are lots of bass holding off structure and cover that we can catch if you target them appropriately.

Swimbaits are similar in that regard. My best advice is to work your swimbait at different speeds and at different depths until you find what the bass want. For the most part, these are feeding fish.

You can adjust the speed of your swimbait, and still hold what wondrous love is this sheet music desired depth, by changing the weight of your head. You can move up or down from there. My best catches have come when I tried to match the hatch as far as color and size are concerned.

I fish with Missile Shockwave swimbaits. The water is still cold. Nothing is moving very fast. OK, there you have it: my four choices of baits for the early prespawn. Skip to main content. Four baits for prespawn. Crankbait My first choice, and the one I like the best, is a shallow crankbait. Drop shot My next most productive technique is a drop shot.

Swimbait Next on our list are swimbaits. Editors Note -- Article originally published in Page views. Be a smart practice angler Read More. Do your research. Sight fishing alternatives. Join B. First Name Last Name Email.

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Mar 10,  · You can head for the bays of glacial lakes to find prespawn largemouth and smallmouth bass. The fish remain in the bays throughout the year and hold in bulrushes or along rocks at depths of 6 to 12 feet deep even during the winter because there isn’t a lot of depth change on these lakes/5(40). Feb 14,  · Fishing for early pre-spawn bass, such as in the month of February, can seem difficult to an angler expecting to catch a lot of fish. However, bass anglers expecting fewer, but better quality bass will be content until the days become longer and the warmer sunnier days begin to increase the water temperature closer to spring. Apr 13,  · When bass move up onto sun-warmed riprap banks, position themselves beside dock posts or hold tight to natural rock areas prior to the spawn, a .

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