How to calculate steel in construction

how to calculate steel in construction

How to calculate the unit weight of steel?

Feb 26, Example of Calculate Steel in Rcc Slab. Let us understand it by taking one example of a one-way slab having 5m length and 2m main bars of 12mm diameter with a spacing of mm c/c.. The length of the distribution bars will be 8 mm in diameter and the spacing between the two bars is mm c/c. Mar 10, unit weight of steel = Density x Volume (Area x length) w = x ? /4 x h x d 2 (Volume of cylnder = ? /4 x h x d 2) w = x / 4 x x d 2. w= / 4 x x d 2. w= x x d 2. w= d2/ (Reciprocal =1/) This is the unit weight of steel formula = .

Estimation of steel quantity is an essential skill of any civil engineer. Every civil engineer must know the method of calculation steel quantity from drawing. How to Calculate Steel Quantity from Drawing.

See drawing in to in dimension without the wall of the slab is given 3 m x 4 m. For calculating Quantity of slab concrete we have to calculate out to out the dimension of the slab. Formwork Quantity is calculated in a square meter. There is one bottom portion and 4 side shuttering. For bottom we have in to in dimension of slab 3m x 4m. For Side formwork, there is 2 different dimensions, 2 with 4 m side and 2 with 3 m sides.

For the total length we have to add wall width of both sides to get the total length. Read More: Estimation of a Building with Pla n.

In case of bent up bars are provided on both sides, we have to add 0. Welcome to civiconcepts. He has work experience in bridge construction, Railway steel girder work, Under box culvert construction, Retaining wall what to use to clean the washing machine. He was a lecturer in a diploma engineering college for more than after b.

com degree what next years. Pingback: What Is Pavement? Skip to content Search for:. Post Contents hide. Free Download Excel Sheet:. Slab Section. Slab Reinforcement Details. X Value. Bar Bending Schedule Sheet.

Bhushan Mahajan. Share This Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The quality and strength of construction depend Read More.

Before Discussing what is difference between Brick masonry vs Stone masonry, we will discuss about what is brick and stone As we decide to build a new home, there are many question and queries comes in mind. House construction is M-Sand means Manufactured Sand. M- Sand is manufactured from a cubical shaped granite stone Cement Concrete for Slab Width of Slab at one end for bent up at Top.

When bent up bar bent to top at the end of the bar, there is also distribution steel is provided.

Unit weight of steel dia wise

Total 16 pcs. Amount of steel = cm + 9 cm + 9 cm = cm, cm * 8 *2*2 = cm = m (2 Layers, above and below) if pieces of rod = 12m, its means /12 = pcs = 4 pcs/footing. For calculate steel quantity for collum can use with slab method and footing method. Promoted by Hoover. Three steps to calculate the steel quantity in beam. It is quite simple to find out the steel quantity in beams if you take a step-by-step approach. You will need only the following three steps to find out the solution: Calculate the volume of steel in the beam. Calculate cutting length of the stirrups. Jan 23, For example, the standard method for specifying the dimensions of an American Wide Flange Beam is W 6 x 25, which is 6 inches deep with a weight of 25 pounds per foot. Prepare your takeoff by grouping the steel by its grade. Group your material per section or member type. Continue grouping by method of tied connection.

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This is calculated after the final estimation of total steel required for a construction project. In this article, the calculation of the unit weight of steel flat bars and steel rods is explained with examples.

Also Read: Estimation of Steel Reinforcement for slab,beam and column. A mild steel flat bar is specified by its width and thickness in millimeters. If so, the weight of the steel bar is given by:. Also Read: Reinforcement Quantity Estimation. A mild steel round bars are specified by their diameters in millimeters mm. There is no exact method to calculate the weight of steel. Determination of weight based on the cross-sectional area as explained above does not give accurate results.

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