How to bleach dark hair

how to bleach dark hair

How To: Bleach Dark Hair Safely and Effectively (Hair Bleach on Asian Hair)

First, section the hair into 4 large sections, by making a vertical line (splitting the right side from the left side) and by making a transversal line (from ear to ear). Tie up 3 sections using sectioning clips and leave 1 section down. Now, mix the bleach with 30 . Jun 01,  · Bleaching black hair can be a little more tricky than bleaching already light-colored hair. If you are worried about the repercussions of using a chemical bleach, and are looking at natural ways to bleach your hair, then we’ll tell you how to Lighten your Hair Naturally as well.

Do you also want to know if you can bleach dyed hair? She dyed and bleached her hair in the same day! Then, I remembered some breathing exercises that I did in my yoga class, and I got her to calm down.

But that if she came back in a month, we could correct the color. Sometimes, we cannot even fix the disasters that people do to their hair because they saw a video on YouTube or a photo on Instagram. It is also important to understand that certain processes are how to bleach dark hair. My advice is that if your hair is dyed a dark color, like black or dark brown, and you want to lighten it, almost platinum blondeyou should arm yourself with patience.

Thus, you should prepare your hair for bleaching during these two weeks by using deep hydration masks and even coconut oil. Apply a deep hydration mask 48 hours before bleaching your hair. In this way, you will give it a hydrating shock that will benefit your hair. If you prefer to use coconut oil, apply a few drops from roots to ends five hours before bleaching.

So your hair will be hydrated from the inside. Coconut oil is a great ally during bleaching as the hair fiber absorbs it quickly. You could try to change the color with another dye. Temporary dyes fade on their own, just with washing.

Before doing so, assess the health of your hair so as not to ruin it completely. Because permanent dyes also use chemicals, like peroxide and ammonia, that leaves the hair fragile. This is a fundamental step to prevent two things from occurring: That you lose your hair and leave it destroyed. If you apply coconut oil before bleaching your hair, your ends will be stronger and more hydrated. So you can carry out the process with peace of mind. But hold on! It is best to cut them afterward to get rid of the bad ends and leave only healthy hair.

Then perform the following test to confirm whether or not your hair can withstand the bleaching process. This happens when hair loses all hydration and burns. If this occurs on a strand, it means that you cannot bleach your hair. I advise you to hydrate it with coconut oil daily, deep hydration masks once a week, and trim your damaged hair.

So in a short time, you can bleach it without problems. This test is fundamental; even professional colorists do them to determine how long you should leave the bleaching mixture on your hair to get the results you want. Divide your hair into four sections: two in the front part and two at the back of the head, and hold them up with some clips. Start at the back of the head, applying the mixture with the help of a how to bleach dark hair, always from the ends to how to use stearic acid in soap roots.

After applying the bleaching mixture to the four sections of the hair, apply it to the roots, careful not to apply the product directly to the scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap or nylon bag. Remember that bleaching is a chemical process that needs heat to progress evenly. Leave the bleaching mixture to work for a maximum of 30 minutes. Check your color frequently to see if the bleaching is progressing. Once your hair has reached the color you are looking for or reach the exposure time limit, rinse your hair.

Rinse your hair without leaving any trace of the bleaching mixture. Keep in mind that the mixture continues acting in your hair if you leave any residue. Maybe you see that in your hair, there are some chicken yellow chunks. Use a what did the onion apologize for toner to neutralize them.

If your chunks are orange, use a blue toner. You have processed your hair. You have put it through some pretty toxic chemicals. Therefore, your hair lost natural oils and nutrients, which are very important to restore. Your hair is already fragile from the bleaching. The only way to avoid this is to take really good care of your hair after bleaching and avoid using heat tools. They think that the more products that they use and the more money they spend, the better.

Nothing farther from the truth. After, as a second product, I recommend that you use natural oil twice a day, for example, coconut oil. One of the two times, use the oil in your hair like any mask. Let it sit in your hair for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse it out. Of course, as your hair what causes sore back after sleep stronger, you can go back to using the products you are used to using.

Lastly, if you have any doubts, if you feel that you could damage your hair when you bleach itask a professional. Hair Color. Is your hair dyed a dark color, like black, or a lighter color? How long ago did you dye it? Two days, a week, a month? Are you careful with your hair, or do you not pay that much attention to it? Everything that you should know before bleaching your dyed hair and how to prepare your hair to bleach it How to bleach your dyed hair in 7 steps 5 tricks to prevent your hair from breaking after bleaching it.

Tabla de Contenidos Everything you should know before bleaching your dyed hair How to bleach your dyed hair with the least amount of risk possible Step by step 5 tricks to prevent your hair from breaking after bleaching.

Hair dyed dark, can you bleach it? Is it the same bleaching your dyed hair with a temporary dye and a permanent one? Before bleaching your dyed hair, look it over carefully. Do a strand test. Gloves Plastic bowl Dyeing brush Clips to section off or divide your hair Bleaching powder volume hydrogen peroxide Blue or purple toner depending on the bleaching results Coconut oil Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

STEP 1: Divide your hair. STEP 2: Prepare the bleaching mixture. In the plastic bowl, mix the bleaching powder and the peroxide in a proportion of 1 to two.

Add 20 drops of coconut oil to the mixture to protect your hair during the process. STEP 3: Apply the mixture. Now comes the hard part because you will have to work quickly, not to overprocess your hair. STEP 4: Apply the mixture to the roots. STEP 5: Cover your hair.

STEP 6: Rinse out the mixture. STEP 7: Tone your hair. Related Posts. Deja Tu Comentario Cancel reply.

Steps for Bleaching Dark Hair

Sep 07,  · Bleaching dark hair must follow certain procedures to achieve its purpose. Failure to follow these processes can cause damage to your hair. Before you bleach black hair, you must first put your hair in a perfect condition and wait for a minimum of one month after straightening it. Failure to wait will cause your hair to break and brittle. Asian Hair is typically very dark - its hair color level is around 3, in other words dark brown. It is also has a lot of color pigments and is very thick. As a result, bleaching Asian hair can be a real challenge. You can, however, bleach dark Asian hair safely and effectively provided you use a high quality bleach which will not damage your hair. Dark hair, in general, in one bleaching becomes orange. So, you’re going to have to bleach it again if you want to get to blonde. Anuncios. Anuncios. You should let at least two weeks pass between one bleaching session to the following one so that your hair doesn’t end up completely fried.

If you want to go from dark to blonde hair, you must understand the different stages of your bleaching process. Make sense? Would you like a medium blonde or a very light blonde?

In short, the stages of bleaching hair are an essential reference to get the exact color you want to achieve. Also, they are important to know what color you should apply later on your bleached hair. Bleaching is a chemical process that removes all color both natural and artificial from hair and in which two chemicals are used: 30 or volume developer and bleach. The different stages of bleaching hair take the hair color at the level achieved by this process. There are seven in total and each one contains a group of tones.

This is the first level reached in the first bleaching, starting from a black 1 or dark brown 3. After this stage, the dark pigments are completely removed. This is the most common color achieved in a bleaching process. Most women start from this color to move on to a lighter color.

Beware of this color because it is deceptive. This color is also very similar to light brown, but the difference is that its pigments are lighter yellow. To achieve this bleaching shade, a lot of experience is needed in the process since it is one of the most difficult colors because of the similarity with stages 2 and 3. Here begins what we, colorists, call intense bleaching. Being such a light color, if the bleach mixture is left longer , very high tones can be achieved.

To achieve this shade, you must go through at least 7 color degradations, especially if your hair is dark. How many bleaching stages will you have to go through? In stage 1, your hair will go from black to medium brown. If your hair is black and you want to get to a very light blonde , how many bleaching stages will you have to go through? They are: from black to medium brown, stage 1 medium to light brown, stage 2. Remember that bleaching is a very aggressive process, so you should always allow three weeks between each stage.

In the meantime, you should deeply moisturize your hair. To achieve that color you want, you only have to consider the number that identifies the hair dye and the bleaching stage you must reach.

To know how many bleaching stages your hair will go through, you must consider the color you are starting from and the color you want to achieve. However, remember, bleaching is a very aggressive process for your hair.

So, you must allow at least three weeks between stages to repair and moisturize your hair. Now tell me, how many bleaching stages will your hair have to go through to get the color you want? Hair Color. Knowing and differentiating the different stages of bleaching hair from dark to blonde will allow you to lighten your hair and schedule the different sessions with minimal damage to your hair.

Not all hair needs to go through all seven stages, though. The darker your hair, the more bleaching stages you need to get a blonde color. What the different bleaching stages are Which bleaching stage you have to reach to apply the color of dye you want. Tabla de Contenidos What are the different bleaching stages? Stage 1: Medium brown Stage 2: Light brown Stage 3 : dark blonde Stage 4: medium blonde Stage 5: light blonde Stage 6: very light blonde Stage 7: extra light blonde, white or silver Which bleaching stage should you reach to apply the color you want?

Stage 1 medium brown, apply: Stage 2 light brown: Stage 3 dark blonde: Stage 4 medium blonde: Stage 5 light blonde: Stage 6 very light blonde: Stage 7 extra light blonde: Conclusions. Stage 1: Medium brown.

Stage 2: Light brown. Stage 3 : dark blonde. Stage 4: medium blonde. Stage 5: light blonde. Stage 6: very light blonde. Stage 7: extra light blonde, white or silver. Chestnut 4 Light brown 5. Light brown 5 dark blonde 6. Dark blonde 6 Blonde 7. Blonde 7 Light blonde 8 Very light blonde 9.

Dark blonde 6. Very light blonde 9 Extra light blonde platinum 10 Fantasy colors. Extra light blonde 11 Extra lightening blonde Fantasy colors. If you want to apply a light blonde 8 , you must reach the fifth bleaching stage If you want to apply an extra light platinum blonde 10 , you must reach the sixth bleaching stage If you want to apply a dark blonde 6 , you must reach the third bleaching stage.

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