How to ace the gre math

how to ace the gre math

Beat The GRE Math With These 7 Easy Tips

Feb 07,  · The quantitative section, unsurprisingly, tests your math skills. Most of the GRE math topics are things that you probably learned in high school. So the math itself isn’t that advanced. However, GRE quantitative focuses primarily on critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To ace the GRE quant you’re going to need to focus your GRE math preparation on all four different sections of the exam: arithmetic, algebra, data analysis, and geometry. You may also be agonizing over the different question forms you’ll experience on the exam. Some students love multiple choice, while others hate it.

These sentences often contain more context clues to help you predict the type of words needed. Moreover, when you fill in one blank correctly, that word is often a clue to the remaining word s. Remember that with multiple-blank Text Completions, you do not need to tackle the blanks in order; start with the blank that is easiest. Sentence Equivalence questions present you with one blank and ask you to choose two words from a list of six to fill in that blank.

The words need to meet two criteria: 1 They must make sense in the sentence. This means that process of elimination is a powerful tool. Even if two answer choices are synonyms, if they would not make sense in the sentence, eliminate those choices.

Also, if a word would make sense but no other choice would give the sentence the same meaning, eliminate that word from consideration. If the passage is about the behavior of molecules in hypertonic solutions, remember that you are not taking a chemistry test. If the passage is about the concept of chivalry in medieval romances, how to enlarge your nipples that you are not taking a literature or history test.

You are taking the GREand the GRE predictably asks the same types of questions no matter what the particular subject matter of the passage is. Taking these notes—making a Passage Map—will engage you in active reading, and the notes themselves will help you answer many test questions.

Quantitative Comparison how to ace the gre math present you with two quantities and ask whether Quantity A is greater, Quantity B is greater, the two quantities are the same, or the relationship cannot be determined. These four answer choices are always the same, so have them memorized by Test Day. Also, keep in mind that the question is not asking you for the value of the quantities, only for their relationship.

Instead, use your knowledge of number properties to deduce that x could be either positive or negative because either a positive or negative number raised to an even exponent results in a positive number: 2 2 equals 4, and —2 2 also equals 4. Problem Solving questions probably look a lot like math questions you solved in school. You are given some information and asked to use it to find a value or values. GRE Problem Solving questions may ask you to select one correct answer out of five choices.

Alternatively, they can be all-that-apply questions such that there may be one or more than one correct answers. They can also be numeric entry questions, providing you with a box in which how to crochet a hand muff type the answer.

Many questions will give you information in relatively abstract form. You might be given variables instead of numbers or how to smoke pork ribs on a gas grill of an unknown total, or you might be asked to how to ace the gre math number properties rules.

A great way to bring any question like this down to earth is to pick numbers and then work how to get your paypal money in cash the numbers instead of abstract unknowns. Note that the Quantitative Comparison tip above used picking numbers to illustrate how positive and negative bases work with even exponents; picking numbers is an efficient way to refresh your memory of number properties rules in the middle of the test.

Here is a useful set of steps for solving most linear equations or inequalities for a variable:. A proportion expresses the relative amounts of two or more quantities. On the GREproportions show up throughout the Quantitative section in problems involving arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It is usually most helpful to write proportions as fractions. Use labels so you remember which value you put on top and which one you put on the bottom.

For example, if a business owner knows that 2 workers can produce 9 wind chimes a day and wants to know how many wind chimes 6 workers would produce, set up this proportion:. Now there are three ways to solve for c. Which one is most efficient for a given problem depends on the numbers involved. When you have obvious numeric relationships to work with, this is often more efficient than cross multiplication. This is often the only option when the problem gives you variables instead of numbers.

Look for the answer choice that is a little less than This is often the most efficient option when the numbers are large or awkward to work with and answer choices are far apart. If you know two sides of a right triangle, you can find the third by using the Pythagorean theorem:. However, the following side ratios show up often enough on the GRE that memorizing them will save you vital time:.

Now if you see a right triangle with a leg of 12 and a hypotenuse of 13, you know the other side is 5 without having to do any calculations. And, any multiple of this ratio will follow the same pattern. Text Completions: Contrast vs. Need Help? Outside the U. How to use a silk screen press our International Programs.

GRE Quantitative Reasoning Overview

Today’s random math tip is similar to my tip to memorize common Pythagorean triples – it’s a way to skip calculations that really aren’t that difficult, and you certainly could just suck it up and do the calculations. But keep in mind, the GRE doesn’t test your ability to do computationally difficult math problems.

In short, it depends! GRE math may be an easy task for some and might not be for everyone. But the point is, you can score in GRE quant. GRE quant is not only easy but also interesting if you have a proper overview and practice about the subject or any chapter you deal with.

Working on numerical science math needs imagination but it does not regard aesthetic strategy. It is based on logic and calculation. The above statement means visualizing the flowchart of the problem first. This needs a good amount of knowledge about the subject.

Coming to calculation, of course every one calculates! But how fast do you calculate? Speed matters. But the presentation in GRE test is unique. These math concepts would transform into questions of different forms. Being aware of the GRE math question types would help you understand and plan the way you practice. Quantitative Comparison: if you are perfect with the math concepts, many problems can be solved by approximation and eyeballing. For instance, you will be provided with two quantities and your task is to recognize the greater quantity or if they are the same.

You have to choose one or more than one option. Numeric Entry: This is said to be the toughest question type in GRE quant as there are no options are given. Besides, there is no scope of approximation. You should enter the exact solved value. Data Interpretation: This deals with the pictorial representation of data through graphs, pie diagrams and tables etc. The candidate should interpret the data and answer the questions.

Your preparation strategy is the primary step to success through GRE math. Some of the most reliable list of sequential strategies are given below. We ensure better results by employing them in your GRE prep study plan. This always makes a serious difference every time we use it. If you start calculating a problem, then calculate time too.

Everyone does all the calculations. Think how you fit for an adaptive test like GRE. To fulfill that requirement, you need to calculate in time as fast as possible. This will accelerate your practice. Put a time limit for a set of problems and make it a standard set. Focus on how fast you are able to solve that set. One minute for one problem is your limit. Experience will teach you that the time taken for one problem is irrelevant the time taken for one set of questions.

While you are on practice, it is practical that some questions trouble you. Everyone is prone to this. Go to the next question. If you struggle with the question, you obviously will have no sufficient time for the other questions.

In the GRE examination, try not to leave any question unanswered. You are free to answer because the GRE will not penalize for wrong answers if any.

You are aware of this. But are you sure about the level of intensity needed? You should have a complete knowledge of the concepts and formulae as well. Understand the concept by reading it many times. Do you know what happens with this? This is the secret behind the words like mental math, eye balling and recognizing the distractions in the questions etc. Once you are perfect with the concept and formulae, you will instinctively visualize the solutions.

Be cautious, because you can use this knowledge effectively only when accompanied by regular practice. If you want to implement this, you should properly schedule your training program first. The practical motive of this element is not to get overwhelmed. Suppose you kept on hovering over all the chapters even in a planned time span.

This results in no complete knowledge about any chapter. This is why you should plan to choose one or a set of chapters a day. After you have completed the entire portion, repeat the process. Math is fairly a calculative subject.

If you want to crack this, first of all you should be thorough with multiplication tables, squares and square roots till In some questions, substituting will help you with a quick solution. Substitution generally comes in 3 different ways. It is not a conventional solving method.

Many of the times we go confused with some questions and the pen suddenly stops. At that instance, back solving is the most reliable solution. Simply start processing a problem, next start processing the answer also. They might or might not come to a common mathematical equation.

But you will understand the relevance. And see how simple the problem looks. Very rare times, we will be overwhelmed by the size of the question. Such a situation can be handled easily. After all, everything counts in a competitive test.

While working on co — ordinate geometry, be careful with the scales and units and values. Those things could be a trap to mislead from the solution. Slow down at word problems and read the question completely and carefully.

A comprehensive word problem can easily cheat you with data. So, slow down, read a sentence at a time and then proceed. We are in practice now! Try not to use calculator when practice. You will have a calculator at the GRE test. But if you try to calculate manually, it will help you save time in the examination by increasing your calculation ability.

So, you should know when to use a calculator judicially. Scoring is not a great deal in GRE quant if you understand this. First observe and study the question format from previous tests and work books. Then, study the GRE test format. Now it is time to start practice. The GRE quant syllabus is high school syllabus and we know that. Then, what made it so complicated?

Think about it. It is the format. So study and understand the format. Later you will be able to choose the right way to practice. Now, take mock tests in proper time intervals. Answer test papers regularly. Check your accuracy as well as speed. This is how you will get to know about yourself. This is the step next to the previous one.

Keep a proper record of your progress or you will not understand your own practice pace. All make mistakes, you also will for sure.

Now maintain a record and it will let you know your strengths and weaknesses. Gradually focus on your weaknesses and minimize them. This is about how motivated you are.

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