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Childhood & Early Life Abraham, also known as "Abram", "Avraham", "Avram", and "Ibrahim," was born to Terah, who was the ninth in descent from Noah. Terah fathered three children, Abram, Nahor, and Haran. He and his entire family, including his grandchildren, lived in . Jul 02, Very little is told in Chumash of Abraham 's early life. Except for a few hints, here and there, hardly anything is told in the Torah of the father of our nation until he was seventy five years.. Such an important event as Abraham's defiance of Nimrod, the king and leader of all the heathens and idol worshippers of his time, which led to Abraham's being thrown into a burning furnace, is only Author: Nissan Mindel.

A mashup is a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. If you aren't sure if it's a mashup, listen to it without video. If you can tell it's two or more songs together, then it's a mashup. Medleys, I. E strings of songs with 'transition periods', are not considered mashup content.

Mashup Artist and Comments are both optional. Omit the ' - ' in front when leaving out the mashup artist. The spaces are required. Click here to contact us. THIS is what mashups are all about.

GirlTalk quality. Quality edits, key and tone matching, not just some song with another song thrown on top of it at twice the speed. Kudos to Abrahammer. And having that so early in the mix made me turn it off. Wow, that's shitty.

Making you like his page or favorite a track before you download it? That's cheap. Get fans legitimately. I just posted a really long-winded response to this, but it somehow disappeared. I get the wanting to be famous bit, as I have definitely felt the same childhkod. But I think things like this actually hurt you. It's better to get more fans early on by making it free and easy to download. People don't like inconvenience, now more than ever. There are plenty of other choices that aren't liking the page on Facebook if you take a closer look.

I just deleted my Facebook post and unliked after. Fuck I just wanted the download I don't want my Facebook to be raped by this crap. I read this as "I really liked this guy's music so much that Kike wanted to download it for free but I didn't want anyone cildhood to know I liked it. I was at work and I had to temporarily suspend the Facebook block on our routers to do it. Luckily the CEO was out for the day. Yeah that's so shitty that you have to click a button to get something for free.

What an asshole. I emailed the guy a few months ago, he was pretty chill. Nor do I, looking at it now, but I think it's mainly the fact that he got in touch with me so quickly, it just shows that he cares. This is the first mashup album since last year's Girl Talk release to make me totally eargasm Haha love the last.

All i had to do was go in and delete the tracks from my playlist once the download started. I'll scrobble you when I listen to you fucker. Oldie but a goodie. I love this, and the person is really nice too, I emailed him and he responded within 30 minutes thanking me for downloading. You just want to be famous? You should what color shirt with dark brown pants in it for the music not the fame.

Answer: No. Abranammer 14 people are "talking about you. Go look at 3lau's page. Plus your little gimmick isn't getting you much. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Share a Mashup. Start a Discussion. Get childhopd ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Do not chilchood a request thread Your how to draw a ballet dancer post will be removed and you'll be banned for 30 days minimum.

Any more and they will all abraahmmer removed. If you make fake accounts, all accounts and posts will be permabanned. Fun Stuff Get your Flair If you make mashups by a different name, set your flair to it. So people can recognize you. Special events If you want to do something special contact the mods before doing it.

We recommend giving mods at least 48 hours advanced notice. Otherwise you and your friends may get banned over a misunderstanding. The last special event Cadfad's Best Of collection! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Childhodo a comment! Create an account. The visual really makes it that much better. It has a few How to boot from cd in windows 8 Talk albums on it too.

It was nice to put a mix on autopilot and take a break. But I guess that's the Internet at work. Your other option is don't download it. I dunno. I'm starting to wear thin my Wait-What and Mash up Germany. Like Girl Talk, but better. Dubstep didn't ruin your life, your ego did.

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Stream How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life, a playlist by The Abrahammer from desktop or your mobile device. "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you" (Genesis ). As we can see, this section opens with the imperative, "leave" (or as the NIV paraphrases it "leave and go"). God commanded Abraham to do something: to go to the land of Canaan. Childhood & Early Life Abraham, also known as "Abram", "Avraham", "Avram", and "Ibrahim," was born to Terah, who was the ninth in descent from Noah. Terah fathered three children, Abram, Nahor, and Haran. He and his entire family, including his grandchildren, lived in .

Friday, November 14, Podcast Number Two. Posted by Henry Adams at PM 1 comment:. Saturday, November 8, PodTastic. So here it is, the first ever Northern Aggression Radio Podcast. Subscribe to the right. It is a kinda rough edit of our most recent broadcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

As we see it, this show is not so very different from the road of life: it may be long, and it may be rough, but at least it's entertaining.

And at the end, on the far side banks of Jordan, June Carter Cash is there to take your hand. Wednesday, October 22, First Podcast. Neither show had a host this week. So being of a slight entrepreneurial way, Northern Aggression decided it was time to assert our dominance over another realm. As we say here at Northern Aggression: the result was pretty good. With few exceptions - like when the mics weren't picking up sound - the show was consistent and directed. We stayed within the limits of the two shows we were pirating.

After we got the show running, our dj left the studio in the able control of some very famous and talented guest hosts, Gene Kelly and Harrison Ford among them. The show ran approximately three and a half hours.

So, here's the list of what was played we'll start doing this for Northern Aggression, I think. It will be posted soon.

Prefuse 73 Last Light feat. Damu the Fudgemunk Work in Progress Intro 5. Big Star Oh Dana 8. Bill Doggett Honky Tonk Pt. Andrew Bird Imitosis Four Tet remix Johnny Cash I See a Darkness Stereolab Peng 33 Pontiak White Hands Sealab Happy Birthday, Bitch for Sethy Priscilla Ahn Living in a Tree blogotheque Priscilla Ahn Are We Different blogotheque Pnuma Trio Off Balance Priscilla Ahn The Moon blogotheque Seabear Seashell Telepath Dub in Light STS9 Native End Diplo Sarah Milosh Then It Happened UH-OH Modest Mouse Out of Gas Misophone The Sea has Spoken Mono A Heart has Asked for the Pleasure Dert Drip Drop Mojave 3 Yer Feet Slaraffenland - Polaroids So, like I said, there will be a podcast soon.

Posted by Cornelius Suttree at PM 3 comments:. Labels: northern aggression. Posted by Cornelius Suttree at PM 1 comment:. And here is T. Eliot reading "Burnt Norton," the first of the Four Quartets , as your reward.

Note his "I swear I'm not from St. Louis" English accent. Monday, October 6, Yard of Blonde Girls. What the hell, here's some more Micah P. Hinson for you. Labels: blonde girls , dreambrother , full time hobby , jeff buckley , micah p hinson. Tuesday, September 30, flying lotus. His hip hop beats are unique for their hazy, ambient sound, while his percussion is purposefully slightly off time, creating a messier, more organic atmosphere.

Because of this, he is often likened to producers such as Madlib, Jneiro Jarel, and J Dilla despite the fact that all the mentioned musicians have distinctly unique styles. See for yourself: furthermore, here is the demo version of Flying Lotus' first album , Demo ' download.

Its official. So its official. Monday, September 29, a place in the fire pt. BUT can any of you point out what is wrong with this image, in all its idyllic "marlboro" grandeur, all its ivory highhorseitude? Labels: bug , grass , hat , house , Marlboro College , moon , nate totushek , rocks , shoe , trees , waylon jennings. Saturday, September 27, I think we can all agree that popular music is always has been and always will be riddled with clones, cheap hooks, and a distinct lack of creativity.

Now don't get me wrong, there is a lot to be said for a well-crafted pop track, but this here is a post about less-than-popular music. I won't call it underground, because few talented musicians remain unknown for long. I've never understood the term "indie"--a genre title that is about as useful as "alternative," which supposedly groups artists like Pavement, Nirvana, and They Might Be Giants under the same heading.

I'll just say that, despite their successes, I haven't heard these guys on the radio. This post highlights a few artists who have been reinventing traditional American music--bluegrass, country, folk, and twang--to create some pretty exciting new sounds. Andrew Bird first came on to the music scene as the fiddler for the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and his early solo albums follow their style of somewhat schizophrenic traditional music. With his album Weather Systems , he began to form a much more distinct sound; folk and jazz still form the base of his style, but his newer music is composed of a skillfully looped and layered sound.

Micah P. Hinson 's music is often stark, sometimes orchestrated, but always owes a debt to folk and country. I only just found out about the guy so this can hardly be a great blurb, but you oughta check out "I Keep Having These Dreams" from the brand new not yet available in the US "Micah P.

Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra. Posted by Henry Adams at PM 2 comments:. Labels: american , andrew bird , bluegrass , bon iver , megafaun , micah p hinson , music , traditional. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. In addition to providing fine folks with fine music through this here blog, we also host an internet radio program on Thursday nights at 11 pm EST.

Check it out at Dead Tree Radio Though this blog is dedicated to bringing good music to people without it, all files listed herein are for educational and promotional purposes only. No files are hosted on this site. All users agree to delete files within two weeks of download and, if they're so inclined, share their hard-earned dollars with these dedicated musicians.

Furthermore, all artists represented on this blog are here for promotional purposes. Here at Northern Aggression Radio and Blog, we believe in earnest this time that there is a lot of great music out there that is under-represented. Most major and almost major artists out there records hundreds of tracks and only a few get the notice they deserve. I'm not saying we won't represent some of the well-known material out there, but what we do intend is show that there is more than meets the eye.

We're music snobs, we're the first to admit that. But we won't preach. And we don't sit around trying to burn the record industry or the RIAA. Hell, we don't consider ourselves music thieves or pirates. Really hear it, not just download it and add it to your perfectly organized external hard-drive digital music collection. Support these guys. We are at an interesting time where contemporary mainstream music is almost entirely devoid of record company tyranny.

Keep it alive. With no record giants to fork up tons of cash for music the giants want us to hear, these artists have to WORK- record, perform and advertise- for themselves. Radio Marlboro Radio Marlboro official unofficial wdtr site.

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