2pac what z ya phone number

2pac what z ya phone number

Tupac - What'z Ya Phone # Lyrics

Feb 13, What'z Ya Phone # Lyrics: What's your phone number? / Now, I could make miracles to tempos / It's instrumental, waitin' for the nymphos: that's the intro / . Nov 23, 2Pac - What'z Ya Phone # from All Eyez On datingfuckdating.com night I wanted to listen to the song and couldn't find the original on YouTube. So I decided to upload it fo.

Sign In Register. Album: Miscellaneous. What'z ya phone number Now I could make miracles with pimp hoes. It's instrumental. Waitin for the nimphoes. That's the intro. Shoot when ya rush me. Walked up and touched me. Do you want to fuck me? Just cuz I'm paid in the worst phoen Lookin kind a good in your birthday suit.

I wonder if your wild and ya act shy. Do you like to be on top or the back side? Watch me while you lick your lips, shake your hips. Goddamn, I bipolar how to deal with family member that shit. Yo, let's stop fakin and be real now. I got a room and a hard on. Still down? Met ya standin at a bar full of black dudes. Said ya wanna see my scars and my tatooes.

When we head for my whta, act right. Boss playa when I ride out, that's right. What'z ya phone number? If you really wanna fuck with me, I'm ready. Baby, let me give you a call. How long what does you wildin mean it take to break you off? Wanted this fine seat.

If I see ya right. Now she can get me. Hor didn't wanna talk to me till she see my car. Never had sez with a rich rap star Till I got her in the back of my homeboy's car. Tell me, why do we live this way? Money over bitches. Let me here you say: What'z your phone number?

Are you alone? Got a pocket full of rubbers, let's bone. Time for your girlfriend to take you home. I had fun, But baby, gotta leave me alone.

Picture in my rhyme. Take time to rewind these? If you open your mind, Bet in a minute you'll find it's time. Let the Outlaws play. What'z ya phone number. Who dis? How are you? What' whaat baby? I guess you don't recognize me when I'm talkin. Where I know you from? Talk up I can't barely hear you. I fucked it. Put me in. You came. You don't remember me yet? Why don't you help me out. What did I do to the pussy? What a nigga do to the pussy? Eh, so what cha doin right now, though?

But only one is workin. Do a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a rabbit. You gon rock it baby? You gon feel that Thug Passion for real. I'm about to fly over there in a It ain't gon take but a minute. Eh, light the candles.

Get the baby oil out. Turn all the lights out. Drink a little bit of that shit. I'm on my way babe. I'm gon knock numbed pussy to the next week. Whta gon put your legs on your head. I'm a tie you up, blindfold you. And we gon play which hole feel the best. Whst can't find the steering shift you got me so fucked up. I'm playin with myself and shit. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS. This is just a preview!

Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. All News Daily How to re cushion a sofa. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Syke 15 All Out" feat. Get the embed code 2Pac - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics 1.

Live Squad, Treach, Apache 9. Ain't Hard 2 Find" feat. All About U Live All About U" feat. All Eyes On Me All Eyez On Me" feat.

Syke All Out" feat. Outlawz Ambitions Az A Ridah Ambitionz Az A Ridah Live And Still I Love You

Missing lyrics by 2Pac?

Aug 14, [Verse 1: 2Pac] / What'z ya phone number? / Now, I could make miracles tempos / It's instrumental, written for the nymphos / That's the intro / Shook when you rushed me / Walked up. 2Pac "What'z Ya Phone #": What's your phone number? Now, I could make miracles to tempos It's instrumental, waiting for the n. 2Pac What'z Ya Phone Number Lyrics (feat. Candy hill) [Tupac] (what's ya phone numba?) Now I can make music for ya tempo It's just a mental written for the nymphos That's a intro Shook when you rush me Woke up and touched Why do you wanna f*ck me Just cause I'm paid in the worst way (true).

Mail these lyrics to a friend. Search for your song by title. Be warned, I'm like a storm with my own thunder, I make the room rumble In and out long stroke, hold ya breath now Close your eyes deep though - did you like it? Oooh I'm excited! Cause it's a party in my bedroom, you're invited - c'mon now Let me see ya shake your rump, tell me how long will it take to cum, havin fun Do it one on one and we can all get involved First y'all do me, then I'll fuck y'all When you call me the next day to get sexed by a nigga in the best way Yeah baby it's a price to pay, only play in the fast lane When you a hustler, motherfuck a cash came I gotcha goin wild, cause I'm lovin you Drugged out with this motherfuckin thug in you [Chorus] - 2x [2Pac] I don't wanna talk, I don't want no explanations I don't got no motherfuckin explanations, y'knahmsayin?

It's the thug in me Don't be askin why I'm pullin your hair and why I fuck so motherfuckin thuggish That thug passion, y'knahmean? Bitch, no mercy What you scared of? Didn't you come over here to get fucked? You ain't come over here for me to be strokin, and all that bullshit You came over here to get fucked Shit, if I ain't fuck you thug style Bitch you'd leave my house talkin bout, "Tupac can't serve me" Won't have me crossed up in that bullshit, hahaha Turn over!

Maybe it's the thug in me! That too baby.. Ohh yeah, ohh that's right..

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